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  1. dgeesio


    this is the problem with modern games.any bit of skill added and everyone cries a game is broke. jumping was part of cod games.people jump near walls to see people coming = map awaremess gameplay awareness. people just want this game dumbed down.then you end up with the stupid cod shit we already hate.bubbles my brain. you either cater for the masses or you cater for decent players. this game was aimed at being for oldskool fps players but all you get is players crying who never played oldskool cod.its mindnumbing.
  2. you miss its fun to play. battalion i play because i want a oldskool fps shooter like cod 1 / uo sorta cod 2 but battalion isnt like them.its too rough people are toxic it isnt as fun. you know when you go into a interview for a job or xfactor what do you have to do ? its simple you have to give your best dazzle show what you have got. battalion is like someone who is a not bad singer but looks like a boz eyed kid. hes never going to win but he can sing the odd song . thats it in a nutshell. ironsight is a better game just in beta. in every way. for free. how can a game like battalion which doesnt really know what it wants itself compete. it cant. doesnt matte how many lans or whatever. the only way this game works is one. someone else grab it do whats needed immediatly and get people playing. that simple. before you say i dont know nothing i have played all the games. i have played to highest fps standard my friends make the games you rave about.manage the teams you watch in esports finals. this game wont succeed without serious change.
  3. early access is such a mine field and part of battalions problem isnt even battalion but early access as a whole.many people have brought in early access games and been burned. so while many people really want battalion to succeed me included you just fear its another dayz sa waiting to rob your cash with no end product. cause it happens so often in early access games many will be on the negative if a game at early stages doesnt show some kind of following or glimpse of how good it can be. can people be really harsh on people from seeing how the game launched and how many issues followed it. yes there will be issues at launch of any game that is to be expected. the launch was mainly the issue of what the games facing now.anyone saying different is lying. imagine the game launched fine the servers didnt crash for that first full week. you would have quite a considerable amount more playing now than is.the problem aswell isnt just that . fortnite is free people play in groups and pubg has many playing then you have this week ironsight which is amazing ftp game which takes all the best of cod and gives it you for free and literally is as good as any recent cod better and does most of what we want in battalion now ! at launch in beta. battallion is going to have a hard time and that time really needs to be focused on what it needs to succeed.
  4. the real kicker is ironsight is out ftp and does all that old cod players wanted and really well. infact its amazing. and it is free ! it just shows you that while we wait for the normal of bad game design and not doing what you actually want in a game someone can get it right and when it does everyone loves it. infact the best part is its free because it will actually shake some of these lazy ass bad game designers. if people can ship a game this good for free and ftp is the future of gaming then all the big companies will have to stop farming out bad half finished games and actually put out big good games with original working ideas. i hope battalion does pull its socks up and get it right but i think how it launched and how its gone has already doomed itself. everyone i know doesnt want to play it now at all thats from literally a month ago with playing with loads to 0 interest ! thats coming from people who played all the cods medal of honors from the start of pc. shame.
  5. i want the game to work and be great but i do wonder if they have done a dayz on us. money is in. so either it works or not they still paid. i wish this could be governed.around the world this would mean that a game had to meet certain standard criteria before being released or be able to sold.
  6. dgeesio

    Kill cam

    kill kam should be standard.
  7. i helped run the >Mugs< for those that played cod 1/uo/cod2/cod4. battalion could still work but serious right ideas need to be put into action quick.basics are being missed which should of been in from day one.the oldskool here will probably stick around youngsters or new people who never played this type of game wont though .
  8. there is nothing wrong with most of the older cod games just there isnt much of a player base.that is the problem.doesnt matter how good your game is if there is no one to play it with !
  9. dgeesio


    just needs a clear look. so many games put in stupid aa methods or post process and bloom.in fps mp the thing people do is turn everything off ! most unreal 4 games look pretty bad visually. most games uses fxaa when i think msaa gives a better cleaner look.also people use fxaa for performance reasons.
  10. literally makes my eyes burn water. i dont get how anyone thinks its better.not only that germans on some maps are actually harder to see now.the previous look was cleaner in my opinion.when you got to mess with your monitor to try and get a game to look right you already know its not right. this is the problem with too many games.too much post process bad aa which unreal 4 engine is really bad at.add any aa it looks like you got vaseline on your monitor.the cleanest look is with nothing on.yet you get jaggies. go look at cod 2/4 look how clean it is.no jaggies and no artificial bad aa or post process.
  11. the thing is people when buying in are obviously looking at the numbers of players playing. it didnt used to be much of a issue but now it is so easy to access these figures that people check playerbase before buying. i believe they have £100,000 for marketing which is pretty low. tbh. as said previously basics need to be added in quickly to keep people playing and gradually build the game.this is why i said this game shouldnt of come to the public this early.its kinda been its own enemy especially with how it launched with a week of constant crashing and server issues.should of made it closed beta until most of what needed to be done was done. the thing is many companies want the money. so it goes out.this is also many people dont have faith in early access with many failed titles. people who want this game really bad will hang in.i played every ww2 game since they began ! been involved with many of them.i understand how things work and will take time.the thing is most wont , dont and will either just not buy or play. so all the esport stuff is great media but someone needs to get the normal public stuff above that and get people playing.keep the base playing off who will basically play this game.you dont need mega numbers but you need more than what is about now.regardless of if its early access or not. everytime someone starts up the game waits for a game cant get in is one step closer to another its dead post or its over.change that !
  12. most of us have the vision of what battalion could be.the difference is whether it will be even around in two months.nevermind years.the drop off has been scarely bad of players.basics still not implemented.like auto balance. its great the esports teams are gunna do cups and lans and events but if you dont get the pub side right the game will be over very quickly. to keep public happy.auto balance needs to be in instantly ! as soon as possible.you need people playing people wont play when most games are unbalanced.even hardcore fans. fix the start with only pistol even when selected a weapon at the start. if you get people to stay in a game they will play. nothing worse to finally get in a game then see something instantly wrong or unbalanced. usa spawn point on coastal makes for instant advantage to german side.open it up add more ways out.the carts dont help either its a nade trap off the wall.also a metal ramp is on usa spawn left side to tell germans they coming out of spawn.bad design all round and just a smoke and die trap for usa. those people who are not used to this kind of fps and stuggling anyway will be instantly turned off with things like this. from the gaming forums i goto the general posts and feedback is how this game is only catered for esports not public play.there is a big issue.this needs to be addressed.
  13. i instantly replied to devs on twitter about it.its almost unplayable now. some maps are so bright it literally burns your eyes. just give a nice clean look.no fancy effects . look at cod 2. look how its done.
  14. dgeesio

    Strafe jump poll

    so the 16000 dont play because of strafe jumping ? it just knit picking like this which is exactly the point. the truth of the matter is strafe jumping wont stop many playing.the real reason many arent playing is.the first week the game was literally unplayable.server issues crashing issues.the game shouldnt of came out like this. this is todays gaming though and everyone wants money first then proceed. so most people arent playing because its been either unplayable or a unenjoyable experience.now..honestly how many are not playing just cause of strafe jumping corners? dont bs be honest. hardly anyone. people are concentrating on small things and trying to make out they are the reason the game isnt doing well.when the truth is its out too early to the public play. the basics need to work to get people to play. to highlight this and show strafe jumping isnt a big effect on anything.go play arcade.its pretty much where everyone is.yet compside is pretty dead. there isnt players there because it takes too long to get a game. or something bugs out.people dont have patience.people want in a game and play instantly. if a game doesnt provide this then often its turned off and the players then jump on a different game that does give you instant play. the more hoops you jump through to get to just playing.the less you wanna play.its that simple. add in slow load times of joining and loading next map plus bugs and servers going down.thats why people are not playing.not strafe jumping. when a round ends can take 2-3 minutes for next map.then guess what it loads 8 people on one side and one person on the other ! look auto balance is such a simple thing to keep those numbers playing while things are fixed tweaked but its not in.its a basic thing.a very important thing. how many here for eg go in a game and its not balanced.i guarentee literally every one. most game.who is going to sit for even one round 8v1 and get slaughtered ? then after the minute of the 1 guy getting slaughtered he leaves and you win.so then that 1 minute of pointless slaughter is now another 3 minute wait and then it could be the exact same thing again or no one joining at all ! it needs to change quick.to help get players playing. so while everyone is ranting about small issues.why not talk about the big issues that really stop people from playing or simple things to get people playing.like getting auto balance in asap. speeding up load times to new maps. fixing loading in first spawn with only pistol. no the point is and there is no need for derogatory talk.if you camping like you said you were and the players were a team or decent.the first time you do it.person on voice coms calls out where you are you would be instantly shot or naded.that is the difference. joe xbox wont kill you but a decent player on voice coms will.you dont have to have the same opinion but be pleasant about it.
  15. dgeesio

    Strafe jump poll

    against bad players yes.play against decent players see where the camping gets you. the whole subject doesnt matter now anyways.its obvious whats next.avg joe wants a public game.not a comp game. this is the problem with trying to get a comp game made or a true oldskool feel. so many people are used to easy fps games that anything that challenges people no its shit ! its a shame that after this game i dont see another company doing anything like this again.which is sad.the game really should not of launched to public yet finished more content and got further along before releasing.the crashing and early issues aswell as the constant crying have almost killed off what could be a amazing game before its started. so get ready for more easy cod modes coming for button bashing baffoons on xbox pads squatting in every corner.its shame people just dont give a game a chance anymore.epecially oldskool fps games which only get made every 5 years or so.