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  1. @Masser Well said
  2. Nothing to be afraid of, the new CoD will be garbage just like any of their new releases.
  3. I think you might be confusing ADS (Aim down sights) recoil from the recoil in CS:GO.. ADS recoil used in for example CoD1, your bullets still shot where you aimed them. Example: https://streamable.com/zzua5
  4. Wait so you prefer a completely random recoil over a learnable pattern because "patterns are sometimes luck"..?
  5. A cool idea I saw from the CSGO reddit, a defuse progress bar over the player model in spectator mode. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/60o1yx/devs_please_add_a_defuse_timer_above_players_head/ Example
  6. both CoD2 and CoD4 noscoping were RNG, what do these lines represent?
  7. Did you play competitive cod? There was no issues with bolt action rifle relevancy, however there were sniper limits per team..
  8. Seems fine for me
  9. Hey mate, your best way to be playing Battalion as soon as possible would be getting Alpha access, you can get that via their humble bundle page. Link below. https://www.humblebundle.com/g/battalion1944
  10. Grenades were OP in CoD4, if they're similar in BAT44 I don't think they need a buff..
  11. First of all, Days of War recoil is trash. Secondly CoD used to have a learnable ADS recoil pattern, CS:GO is just an example of a successful game which has it. When many of the vCoD pros moved across to CoD2/4 the general consensus was that the games were very easy, like playing on easy mode. With low, random recoil people will just hold down mouse 1 more often than tapping or bursting. vCoD recoil: https://streamable.com/zzua5 I made a detailed post about recoil in another thread.
  12. Played vCoD and CoD2 for some good Australian teams like fatality7 (winners of season 1 CoD2 CG), paradox and imbatech, eventually made the move to CoD4 and played online tournaments and LANs with some of the bigger teams like exile5, ivex, mindfreak, resistance gaming and then just started playing less seriously around 2012.. Now just play CS:GO and a few other games casually. Looking forward to getting into Battalion.
  13. Recoil and movement/positioning don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. Essentially having a recoil pattern is just creating an additional skill factor that players have to improve on to be elite at the game. Additionally with a recoil pattern tapping is often used at long distance even if a player is good at controlling it. CoD4 AK47 recoil control was just tapping as fast as you can.. You could argue that Battalion can be more about pinpoint aiming at times no? As it's ADS, and with ADS there is no bullet inaccuracy like there is in CS:GO
  14. I really hope devs don't shy away from recoil, by implementing legitimate recoil it encourages players to use all 3 styles of shooting an an MP44. Tapping, bursting, and spraying. Instead of just spraying every time, because if recoil is too low everyone would spray in 95% of engagements. I personally think it's 100% necessary in creating balanced weapons and I think of it as a formula, with those three variables you mentioned. Recoil (less is more) Damage Fire rate You can't have a gun which is great in all 3 aspects, or why would anyone use any other gun? For example.. Kar98k Recoil - medium/low Damage - very high Fire rate - very low MP44 Recoil - high Damage - high Fire rate - high Thompson Recoil - medium Damage - medium Fire rate - high/very high FG42 Recoil - very high Damage - very high Fire rate - very high These are very general stats for a gun and of course it takes a LOT of tweaking to make as many guns in the game viable, but I think the general concept is solid. There are of course a couple other factors like damage over distance, movement speed, clip size (7/20/30) and spread (shotgun) but I think the ones above are the main factors. Disclaimer: I don't mean recoil like DoW, that recoil is broken, and has a fundamental problem where the gun doesn't reset position over time. It goes up and it stays up after you stop shooting, imo that just feels clunky. I also don't think MP44 recoil would have to be as high as CoD1, moreso just higher than CoD2/4.