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  1. They definitely play a role which is larger than just being a bank account.
  2. I know I did it out of habit sometimes from playing vCoD/CoD2
  3. There's no point in running around with your knife out if loadouts have a set velocity and the only way to speed up is using sprint.
  4. The only locked in date is the First Alpha weekend May 26. The rest are dates from the Winter update in December last year, and are subject to change. Beta sometime June/July, Early Access I think they're aiming for around August.
  5. bind 1 weapnext; bind 3 weapnext; bind MWHEELUP weapnext; bind MWHEELDOWN weapnext; /thread
  6. Springfield like waw possibly?
  7. damn, USA 250/EU 350 ping it is
  8. I hope it's a time of day that works globally. *cough* start at NZ
  9. I think due to visibility issues, and the game looks "cleaner"
  10. What we know now is that sprint is in the game and how it looks in its first stage. Personally I think that the 74u in promod was overpowered, a good SMG could dominate the game, this I feel was a contributing factor to the 2 SMG limit per team. In Battalion so far we've seen that the devs actually show interest in creating a balanced game, I mean straight away from the feedback they've received they went and tried tweaking the numbers, playing the game with slower movement speeds. Looking forward to see how everything plays during alpha.
  11. PC will probably have the most tournaments bud, there might also be some online console leagues but LAN's would depend on popularity.
  12. Very much agree, fundamentally both "sports" and "esports" are just a game. The "Game inside a game" is the mind games against your opponents when you're competing at a high level, as the game goes on you learn your opponents game styles, tendencies and setups so you learn how to exploit them, the same can be said in a game like basketball.
  13. I can't really see a 2nd map in matchmaking kicking off, maybe if it was an opt in sorta thing.. But even then I can't see it being used often.
  14. It seems maybe a tad fast but the map we saw also seemed pretty small, we should take into account the gameplay that we saw was TDM and not a methodical S&D style. I also think we can't really judge the movement speed fully until we see what it looks like with an MP44/BAR, we saw a lot of SMG gameplay and SMG's are supposed to be fast.
  15. If you're talking about strafe jumping, heres a quote from the Winter Development update December last year Battalion 1944’s Movement System Some of you have started noticing murmurs throughout our forums and our developer twitter accounts that we’re heavily focused on nailing our movement system. Our aim is to make Battalion’s movement easy to pick up but hard to master We’re doing this to allow competitive players to be able to practice their ‘flow’ when moving around maps and enable ‘trick jumps’ to heighten the game’s skill ceiling for the top levels of play. For example we’re looking at the benefits and detriments of strafe jumping, bunny hopping, crouch jumping air movement to make our game feel better to play than any competition.