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  1. The scope boyss! Nice find @WeAsOne
  2. You don't even make sense, pls stop commenting
  3. A lot of the people in the Discord server aren't testers, we have a quite a few ex ANZ CoD players who are interested to see where this game is going and who will most likely jump on at the Early Access stage. There is also a link provided to the official Battalion Discord server in the #welcome page, so you can easily do both.
  4. We're over 100+ users now and growing every week, with Alpha coming up this weekend come join up and get ready for some Battalion! https://discord.gg/mv2DGu9
  5. I think he means that it's a separate database, and that they still need to be added
  6. Only potential problem I see is playermodel sizes from a competitive standpoint. If there is no advantage (smaller playermodel) for picking a female character, then it would be ok..
  7. I feel like you're the biggest troll in this thread..
  8. The reason i thought to look at cod4 maps is because they were made with sprint in mind so they tend to be a bit more spaced out than the vcod/cod2 maps.
  9. Tuna you legend! Great news. Thanks to all you guys @bulkhead for looking out, can't wait to get into it next week.
  10. I mean, just looking now it was only 1 downvote, and it seems you were on a bit of a hot streak..
  11. Not trying to be "toxic", just trying to explain what I see going on. I don't think it's a bandwagon thing, he simply just says things that a lot of people disagree with or that people view as poor quality posts, I've personally bit my tongue a few times. I don't think anyone has a vendetta against the guy. I think the current system works fine, as stated by others it encourages users to post constructive, on topic content. I think that most of the highly downvotes posts across the forum, are usually not good posts. One thing that could help the system is to remove the public view of a users total +/-, but keeping it public per post, to make people judge every post as it's own rather than who it's from.
  12. I'm gonna have to disagree with you here mate, people downvote you because tend to be confrontational and people commonly disagree with you. Then when you receive downvotes, you take it personally and complain about receiving downvotes, resulting in more downvotes (nobody likes a whinger).
  13. Hopefully it's around this time so I can get home from work and get online
  14. Haha yeah cars were stupid, thats also CoD4 in general. But yeah without cars and without exploding barrels for sure
  15. Hey guys I've been thinking about drafting up some maps inspired by some we already know. For this thread I'd like to look into CoD4 mp_citystreets (District). The reason I chose this map is that it is versatile, you can rush, you can split, and the standout for me is that you can smoke/nade execute each site. My question is, what would you do to improve this map? What would you do different? For example some quick thoughts. - Less clutter in mid market, change the roof style, break up the cover a bit by maybe using haystacks - Possibly level out mid market a bit, reduce the height difference - Change death alley and the entrance to B site - Change B arches, maybe use barnyard house open both ends