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  1. I don't think the heavies are in a good place currently. The MP44 is closer to CoD:WW2 than any other CoD, which is disappointing considering the MP44 was such an iconic gun of CoD1/2 and offered such a versatile gameplay style. Some of you might think that the Battalion MP44 is OP, but this is because of the stupidly high fire rate, low recoil and close quarter/chokepoint heavy maps. I think the following changes would put the heavies in a really good place. MP44 - Reduce the fire rate, I think the MP44 fire rate should be significantly reduced, I don’t know why the fire rate is faster than the BAR, it’s part of the reason the two guns are so imbalanced MP44+BAR - Remove damage fall off , the reason this isn't really noticed right now is because the maps are so close quarters, the moment we have a map that remotely similar to Toujane or Strike where players are encouraged to take longer distance fights this gun will be exposed. - Increase the vertical recoil, "Recoil doesn't mean more skill, all you have to do is pull down", yes believe it or not pulling down while simultaneously tracking a running enemy, especially at a long distance is harder than tracking an enemy without having to worry about recoil, the comparison to quake having no recoil is completely invalid because players literally fly around the map 10 times the speed as Battalion, so tracking a moving target requires more skill in quake. Higher recoil also makes it harder to prefire a headshot angle, which some people are already complaining about with the example of the wooden window on Liberation at B site. High recoil mixed with high damage means each bullet has more impact, meaning players shooting at a longer distance will take their time to make every bullet count, so you will have people using a combination of tapping, bursting and full auto spray. Currently with the 5 bullets (1 shot HS) at long range/low recoil you have no reason not to full auto spray and hope for the lucky headshot. The Thompson has higher recoil than the MP44, how is this not really odd to everyone? Again, the recoil for the current MP44 is closer to CoDWW2 (a console game) than any other CoD. - Reduce the hipfire spread, the hipfire spread currently is just way too big and will become more of a problem when the fire rate is reduced to a sensible level.
  2. jcuz

    Server Browser Issue.

    I was looking to start up one of the public servers last night after the patch but now searching the server browser I can't see a large amount of the servers? I can only see 2 for Australia when I know that there are a lot more, including my own which I can connect to via IP address..
  3. jcuz

    Strafe jump poll

    bunny hopping does not exist in battalion
  4. jcuz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Would love to see the BAR at the very least similar to the CoD2 BAR, it was never overpowered in that game, why make a BAR weaker than the CoD2 version?
  5. jcuz

    Matchmaking is broken

    I'd also like to mention I was playing a 2v4 while we had 3 people in teamspeak waiting in queue, all solo queued
  6. jcuz

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    wait for the netcode update to see how big of an issue it really is, the current netcode with the peekers advantage plays a huge factor to how useful the sprint jump shooting is.
  7. Yes definitely, in addition the pickup radius on guns are a bit dodgy, sometimes if you're directly ontop of a gun you have to step away from it to pick it up
  8. jcuz


    Yeah, this part is the big issue with those guns. Peeking a sniper at long range before the heavy range nerf was dangerous, now its suicidal
  9. jcuz

    Kickstarter / Humble backer skins

    I think the only people to receive those skins are Kickstarter First Sergeant Founders and above. I got both a Kickstarter Sergeant Founder and a Humble Bundle alpha access and it was 3 War Chests with each.
  10. jcuz

    Oceanic servers?

    There have been australian servers throughout the whole alpha and into beta, its been great, I'd be thinking that they will continue into early access.
  11. Had a great time in the beta, clocked in a lot of hours with little downtime. General feedback - Movement felt jittery at times, I feel like this could be server desync or something, I also think that it might be cancelling sprint randomly - First sprint duration feels a bit short - Arm tags, I saw these with all guns, sniper/kar98k/shotgun. I think that the best approach to take would be the csgo approach where if an arm is in front of the chest the hit registers as a chest shot - Smokes seem to silhouette a bit, it’s unfortunate for people trying to plant the bomb in smoke Guns - Sniper I think should have the same change as promod for CoD4 by cancelling ADS after shooting, after that if people still think it is overpowered we could look into slowing down the ADS speed making quickscoping slightly more difficult. - The heavies were nerfed because people complained that they were a laser, I think that they're still a laser but now only effective at close/medium range and are outclassed by sniper/rifleman and default classes at long range. I think the heavy nerf has been too harsh, at the current stage I feel like they could be a default class as they currently feel like a slower moving, slightly worse SMG. Needing 5 bullets at range with an MP44 just feels like too much considering a pistol is 4 shots to kill.. Trying to fight a M1 Garand with an MP44 from connector to top apartments on Coastal is a very 1 sided fight. My suggestion to balance the heavies - - Keep current close range values, long range 3 shot chest and 2 shot head. - Reduce the fire rate - Increase the recoil for the heavies, to me it seems funny that the SMG has higher recoil than the heavies. With those changes you have heavies which are not as powerful as the CoD2 MP44, similar damage values to the CoD4 AK47 but slower fire rate and higher recoil. The idea behind recoil is that you can't as easily accurately full auto at long range forcing you to tap or burst fire . - I wouldn't mind trying out SMG 3 shot chest close range, I know it's tricky to balance the close range guns with the shotgun being 1 shot kill but the smg is more versatile, it could be worth seeing what it’s like. Maps - I'd like to see bombsites where you have different types of plants, eg safe plant, open plant similar to CoD1, CoD2 and Counter Strike, I think this encourages more dynamic gameplay. - I think the maps are missing control contest areas like in CoD4 where you have blue/lights on mp_crash to contest mid and mech, 3 door, garage, butcher and flower on mp_strike. Coastal has a little bit of it with aps, t hall and mid wall but the rest of the maps feel very chokepoint heavy. UI - It would be nice if the “5 Alive” was symmetrical making it easier to read quickly - I’d like a section to see round history on the buy menu to help analyse and manage economy - Team colours on the minimap would be awesome to quickly see who is where on your team Thanks for reading, feel free to agree/disagree and discuss. Looking forward to Early Access.