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  1. CoD2 Fragmovies

    the boyss
  2. Rifle Balance

    This thread makes no sense, why should a bolt action rifle have the same damage values as a semi automatic(M1 Garand)? I'm fairly sure it's been hinted that MP44/BAR will be 1 shot headshot too, why would anybody ever use the kar98k if it didn't have higher damage?
  3. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    I think you missed my point, example nowdays if you dont know a smoke or a molly for CSGO you can jump on youtube and acquire that knowledge within a minute. I've done this during games at the start of a round and can find out the smoke by the time we execute onto a site. The same could potentially be done with grenades in Battalion. There is no mechanical skill required for an easy, zero risk cheap kill. Additionally, there are grenades in CoD1/2/4 which you 100% cannot see coming, grenades that go through some gaps, explode in the air and can kill anyone in the area.
  4. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Yes they can they just need to know where to throw it.. Back when we played CoD1/2/4 most people knew a lot of nades, but if you wanted to learn more you either had to sift through demos, learn from a friend or spend hours perfecting your own. With the amount of media we have now (twitch, more people using youtube, reddit) more people will know more nades. There really isnt much skill at all in throwing a grenade at a skybox lineup at 1:43 that the receiving player can't react to.
  5. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    IMO grenades are the least skillful part of CoD4, but thats just me.
  6. E3 Battalion

    The scope boyss! Nice find @WeAsOne
  7. You don't even make sense, pls stop commenting
  8. A lot of the people in the Discord server aren't testers, we have a quite a few ex ANZ CoD players who are interested to see where this game is going and who will most likely jump on at the Early Access stage. There is also a link provided to the official Battalion Discord server in the #welcome page, so you can easily do both.
  9. We're over 100+ users now and growing every week, with Alpha coming up this weekend come join up and get ready for some Battalion! https://discord.gg/mv2DGu9
  10. Discord Invite

    I think he means that it's a separate database, and that they still need to be added
  11. How would you react?

    Only potential problem I see is playermodel sizes from a competitive standpoint. If there is no advantage (smaller playermodel) for picking a female character, then it would be ok..
  12. Forum Reputation System

    I feel like you're the biggest troll in this thread..
  13. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    The reason i thought to look at cod4 maps is because they were made with sprint in mind so they tend to be a bit more spaced out than the vcod/cod2 maps.
  14. Server locations

    Tuna you legend! Great news. Thanks to all you guys @bulkhead for looking out, can't wait to get into it next week.
  15. Forum Reputation System

    I mean, just looking now it was only 1 downvote, and it seems you were on a bit of a hot streak..