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  1. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Thanks, I'll look more closely!
  2. Kickstarter Pre-order upgrade

    I've just decided to support the game even more after seeing the footage and gave them some more cash
  3. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    I doubt it but I would love it and I hope it's going to be their main mode. It promotes teamplay and adrenaline rushes struggling against time.
  4. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    It is? I can't believe I missed that. Was that in the first trailer or this new video?
  5. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Leaning would be awesome indeed. I agree about the pacing as well, to be fair they can easily tweak these numbers based on feedback. The only thing that's tricky is the matching with animations but it shouldn't be a big deal I think. At the moment the game looks a lot faster because everyone is spawning randomly very close to each other. Once people need to walk through streets and cover more distance I think it's going to feel a lot different already. I kind of like this mode for aim training and I suppose it's good for testing the game. When it comes down to regular gameplay I prefer Search and Destroy way more. Covering points, setting up crossfires with your team etc. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory did a great job at that with the forward spawns but just 1 mission like Counter-strike is awesome as well. It slows down the game quite a bit, increases team-play and excitement etc. At the moment it's just running around like rambo killing everything which is enjoyable but only for a small amount of time for most I think. I'm convinced they'll find a good balance for all of these things. So far, they've been adding and tweaking so much based on the feedback of the community.
  6. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    I'm very happy with this video for one simple reason: it's smooth as f*ck. It looks like something I can enjoy right away. It looked a bit clinical still but that's to be expected. It's a great start in my opinion. Some minor things could use improvements as well such as the textures, animations and interface etc but that just requires time. I see a few things floating around on social media quite a bit. People are saying that the movement is not realistic. Well, if you want more realistic it's going to be more ArmA like, slow as fuck but most likely still amazing like ArmaA. The problem is that it has been clear from the beginning what they were aiming for and I think they've made amazing steps. I would just completely avoid the word realism for this all together to be honest. Extremely close to realism will be tedious and annoying. I honestly don't mind about the movement and jumping but I don't mind some tweaking either. The good thing about all of this is that the pase of the game can be easily changed and experimented with depending on the feedback. Keep it up, looking forward to this a lot!?
  7. Kickstarter Pre-order upgrade

    Awesome! For some reason I couldn't find it. I'm glad that you took the time to link it, I appreciate it. Too bad that it's not going to be possible but I appreciate the clear and honest answer, that's worth even more Take care and have a nice day!
  8. Kickstarter Pre-order upgrade

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if this information floating around somewhere but I couldn't find it within 10 minutes. I've pre-ordered the game on Kickstarter a very long time ago but I'm wondering if I'm able to upgrade my package? At the moment I can only just buy a new game but I'd like to get early alpha access. Hopefully someone can answer the question or point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance. Gr. Angst