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  1. Hitman

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    It is not a surprise that this forum is considered junk for them, just note that the only comments you see in this forum is a sarcastic response to a post about steamcharts and another to say that mod tools will be released "soon" I was aware of this post on reddit because I had already concluded that this forum was "dead" and I follow them on reddit but this post on reddit looks like a handful of .... nothing. If the next patch is only in July will there be someone to play at that time? Battalion was the first project that I supported in the Kickstarter ...... thanks to this "failure" there were two more projects that I did not support ... oh well .... / rant over
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PjDovs92yr-yK7tOuXRPKLfw0gYKH07EbSKJ_1OcHKw/edit
  3. Hey Ryan, do you guys still play? I've been to the server a few times lately and I've never seen anyone there.
  4. Hitman

    OTT Jumping

    https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2210285/video-631263-h264_high.mp4 I'm getting fed up with this excuse. This is the kickstarter video that was what led me to buy the game at the time. Nowhere does he mention Cod4 promod, he mentions Mohaa, Cod, Cod2, CS, Dod and ET. These are classic shooters. If you think that the little gameplay we see in the video has something to do with the current gameplay, I must have been wrong and I did not install Battalion 1944 and installed another game ...
  5. You can count me in for sure, preferably with you in my sights and not the other way around Regardless of changes in gameplay, i´m not seeing how to solve the XP problem on private servers.
  6. to be honest I do not think the devs will change much in the future regarding the gameplay, the jumps will continue in the same way or few changes will happen. I believe that the "problem" will be solved when the mods begin to appear. And why do I say that? Yesterday I was on the server of the clan NGBC and they impose some simple rules: You have to Aim up to shot. No Hipshot. No jump from high spot. No BunnyHop / StraffeJump. Although it is almost impossible to always respect the first rule, the difference in the gameplay is brutal. It's only sad that I do not win XP, but for now, it's my "solution" to continue playing.
  7. Thanks Comagnum exactly what I think, probably because my background is pretty much the same