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  1. I could only laugh when they said strafe jumping took a majority of the development to implement properly.
  2. Wait who said all kickstarter backers will get the Kar98k skins and the M1 Garand Skin?
  3. CryptiK

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    Jump shotting is way way over stated as an issue right now. No skilled based matchmaking means you are going to get a warped perspective of how the game plays. Devs shouldn't make any changes to it until its thoroughly tested in a somewhat even skilled environment. "Jump shooting, while skilful and difficult, is something that is un-rewarding to play against (particularly to lose again)" Its not meant to feel rewarding when you lose a fight, thats the dumbest thing I've ever read. Additionally it can be easily countered if you know how. " and does not appeal to spectators. " Says who? Evidence please? Because in older CoD's I remember mid air strafed rifle shots being one of the hypest things you would see.
  4. Absolutely pointless basing this of players that have had the game for a weekend. There are plenty of counters to strafe jumping around a corner. Especially when it involves sprint since if you have your sound turned on you can hear people coming. The prone button is also a great counter to anyone strafe jumping around a corner. Having accuracy while jumping doesn't turn this into Quake or Quake like engagements every time I hear this I just laugh my ass off because clearly they don't remember how Quake is played and it certainly isn't like this game at all with jump accuracy. Additionally @[DEV] KingHoward what you have said here contradicts what the Steam patch notes say. The patch notes say the place of the jump (basically on the fall and not the peak) determines the accuracy not the ADS time.
  5. I don't remember COD4 having unscoped bolt action rifles. But COD2 had complete jump and jump strafing accuracy. The frequency of jumping around corners in COD4 Promod was just as much as it was in this game if not more because of how good the AKS-74u was at doing so. This is the big one that most people would have complained about which the equivelents here would be the Thompson and the MP40 both of which are barely touched in this change. This isn't going to do what people want, and what people want is different from what this game is. People don't want jumping around corners or jump shooting have CS or Battlefield.
  6. Im sorry what? Did you even play COD2 or COD4?
  7. Straight up awful change. Why? - There is now a chance someone who would typically miss will now hit you when jump shooting. Additionally now aiming at the person will no longer reward you. - Jump shooting was an alternative peek to use instead of lean, because remember how terrible it is in this game. - Picks now almost entirely rely on who gets to the pick spot first. What could have been done first? -All other present changes should have been tested before the inaccuracy was introduced. Slower ADS, Slower Movement etc -Seperating the torso hitbox into upper and lower with different modifiers tags on the lower and kills on the upper chest neck and head. It bewilders me how this game has been in the works for 2 years in tough alpha testing for nearly as long and as soon as the whining from a bunch of players who probably played no more than 4 hours of the game get this change through. This doesnt seem like something that was nerfed with lots of thought but rather via community reaction to less than a week BETA. All thats happened here is a layer of depth and show of skill has been removed from the game and pushed into the hands of the RNG gods. Its not like jump shotting immediately removed the need to aim. Additionally SMG's are still going to wreck you jumping around corners and I guarrentee that is what most people were complaining about. Simple solution to that is use your prone button.