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  1. SuperArmySoldiers

    Discord invite url is doesnt work on the website.

  2. SuperArmySoldiers

    Server issues (Admin, Slots)

    Ok the fix... Do not include the quote marks around the SteamID
  3. SuperArmySoldiers

    Server issues (Admin, Slots)

    Yeah doesn’t work
  4. SuperArmySoldiers

    Server issues (Admin, Slots)

    Hey all, Not getting any response on discord so ill make a post here. Lots of us having issues adding admins to our servers with Multiplay it seems. We can only edit the DefaultGame.ini file. Slots seem to be stuck at 10 even though I have paid for 24. Any ideas? And please Battalion get a search function for the server browser.
  5. SuperArmySoldiers

    Battalion 1944 EGX Interview - Caffeine Gaming

    Yeah the mic actually failed on us. In our other videos you see a different mic Bad time. But glad you liked the interview! We have other on our page.
  6. Hey all, EGX was awesome this year. At Caffeine Gaming we checked out Battalion 1944. Im also a Kickstarter backer! Check out our interview with them here. Can't wait to get it.