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  1. I also think that a higher base price of the base game, will be a (albeit weak) hacker/cheater repellent. Take CS:GO for example, i have known some people who decided to buy a new copy of the game, just to try some aimbots. If the base price of the game is a bit higher, i think this sort of behavior would be less prevalent. Since there is a greater risk involved, or rather you lose more value when you get caught. Bringing me back to topic; I don't mind lootcrates, as long as you don't make them feel obligatory. I also don't mind paying "Full Price" for a game that has lootcrates. I'd compare it to overwatch. You pay full retailprice, and the content of the lootcrates don't really matter. You can buy them if you feel like it, but also you can just level up to get the crates. I especially love the currency system they have, so you can also just save for that one specific unlock you want.
  2. Battlion 1944 Clan List

    Love this initiative!!
  3. Diving Motion?

    I don't think this will be a good addition either. I foresee too many problems/bugs/glitches using this.
  4. Big Tuna is playing with our nerves

    I was really excited for a second. Then i was just disappointed haha. You're gonna kill someone with those kinds of messages
  5. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    I think that people trying to get into the game could benefit from certain places/locations being named for them. I remember when i tried to get into CS:GO, it was a pain to learn certain spots that everybody was calling, but seemingly had no connection to the name (the one that comes to mind right away is "Jungle" on Mirage for example). In the end, the community will develop their own location names anyways though, simply because the "need" arises. If people often are located in an area that is not named, a name will develop. So in short, i'd say give a couple of locations a name and let the community do the rest.
  6. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    I completely +1 this.
  7. Mortar Crew

    In some gamemodes, and large maps this maybe could work. I'm not a fan of the idea myself though. Personally, i don't find it enjoying sitting back somewhere, just firing "blindly" at a map, hoping to scoring some easy kills. For me, it's just not the experience i'm looking for. I also imagine it would not feel great getting killed by this, bordering on the feeling of being unfair. I respect your opinion though. Could you clarify how you would imagine this being operated by two people? Is one putting in the coordinates, and the other one just looking at the map? Or is one person doing that on his own, and the other person is just hauling ammo back and forth? I'm wondering if there is enough to it, for two people to operate, whilst also feeling as fun gameplay.
  8. Scores on the Doors

    I like the way you're thinking, but i'm not sure voting is the way to go. People would most likely just vote for their friends (if they are playing with them). And i think many people are too salty to vote for their opponent. I think that there are quite some people that cannot get over the fact that, that pesky sniper got the better of them each round with "lucky" shots.
  9. Will there be Ip Connect ?

    I would certainly imagine so. For me also, an absolute must
  10. Weapon inspect

    Would love to see this indeed! Kudos
  11. Caliber Damage?

    I feel the same as Datamursu. I really don't like the idea of less damage at close range for rifles etc. It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. I'm a big proponent of just basic damage fall-off. If you are close range with a rifle you are at a big enough disadvantage as-is.