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    Player numbers back up?

    It only caused a short lived increase. But since BH announced that " what you see is what is here to stay" (e.g. the XP system, coin economy, skins, Steam avatar implementation) i doubt if any new update will crank up numbers for good because, according to many reactions, it's being regarded as completely unnecessary. It seems only a handful of teams and skin traders (that app. make up for the 250 players online simultaneously) decided to stick to and invest in this game. And can't really blame the rest of the 16K potential customers that tried this game after being hyped for a new COD2 type of game only to find out "it's pretty much CS:GO with a WW2 skin" (containing the not liked content as mentioned) and uninstalling again. To be honest, i've only clocked 10h in the game myself and am not really impressed either ?
  2. yiNMastah

    =.KoG.= is no longer recruiting.

    A shame but really understandable. There's a server lack of interest in this game due to many reasons. But BH seems to be focused mainly on Epen** side of the already small community.. and yes, those skins ?
  3. yiNMastah

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    That is indeed some dodgy stuff right there... Instead of using this official forum as a lead platform to get2gether, Bulkhead seems to have chosen a different path. This indeed means a big chunk of early backers are left in the cold A shame...
  4. yiNMastah

    A must have setting for me: "cg_weaponcycledelay"

    Agreed. In tend to overscroll too as it is now. Weapon cycle doesn't feel right for me.
  5. yiNMastah

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I second this. Hardcore/competitive gamers that come from the older cod games (like me f.e.) care little about high res quality graphics let alone destructible environments and fully furbished houses with high details. We will simply disable most of it anyways to get that little extra fps and have less details to get distracted by. The correct "art style", tile set, lighting and color palette chosen however does! That alone determines the atmosphere within a game, played in competitive scene. COD UO and 2 nailed it in WW2 settings (where COD WW2 utterly failed if you ask me) and COD MW nailed it in Iraqi settings. But for me personally Bat1944 missed the boat here. It's too..."saturated" and too..ermm... trying to look realistic? I can't really grasp the WW2 atmosphere. Perhaps due to not having a single player campaign with brilliant storyline to get "in the mood"? Also, once again, the maps need to be brought back to the drawing table and redesigned to fit competitive play (CQC in center with escapes to the map edges which in turn hold more long distance fighting and not to forget rooftop access and less houses being accessible). Its kinda like the IT movie remake; where the classic one (with Tim Curry) was frightening because of the psychological effect it had by not overdoing things and trying to hard, the remake simply emphasized on blood and gore which just not sorted the same effect. It left nothing to ones imagination. I know the comparison is kinda of a long shot but I'm trying to make a point there which i hope will deliver the message hehe(English is not my native language).
  6. yiNMastah


    Sorry to say this and perhaps this sounds kinda harsh but i noticed you for a while just talking plain nonsense and something tells me you actually never played Promod yourself. Or perhaps on some cracked servers while being to "cheap" to have payed full price for cod:mw or maybe confused with all other cod's with exo morph suits that came after and competitive PC community did not really care for? Since the game currently does not feel like cod:mw (or "cod4") in the slightest way dude. Not the guns, nor the sounds, nor the mechanics nor the game pace and let alone basic map design. Don't get me wrong, i will keep on supporting Bulkies and try to do whatever i can to make this game work (by putting down constructive feedback) but i cant stand people talking nonsense around here. Also i noticed a lot of pure offensive posts around here lately that simply have no place on this forum so I'm gonna see where my moderating privileges have gone to. @all Please stick to facts and discuss the game in a (semi) polite manner and stop downvoting good posts simply because someone tends to disagree. Cheers
  7. yiNMastah

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Game doesn't necessarily need new maps. Current maps need major overhauls and more in line concerning lay out as with older Cod games; cqc in center and longer range combat at map boundaries. Also more rooftops and simplified house interiors. More possibilities to jump from windows on roof edges and sorts to create more diversity rather than the straight forward maps they released now. Current maps are simply not exciting.
  8. yiNMastah

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Oh yes they did. Battalion would be a mixture between COD2:COD4 and a little W:ET. But i think exactly this hasn't really been reached. It lacks the right atmosphere and most of all maps are, in all honesty and sorry for sounding cruel, horrible. They do not follow COD map design "base plan" such as: CQC in the center, long range fighting on the outskirts with two story fighting. Basically all maps in COD2 and COD:MW have been layed out like that. And when maps " suck " gamers tend to quickly put a game back on the shelves. So much i know from having over 15 years of competitive gaming experience. Despite how good looking a game is. I have to admit. A good and catchy game will be picked up by Esport scene automatically (look again at COD2; they were not pushed TO Clanbase but adopted BY Clanbase due to many requests made by players that picked up this game in some local record shop and enjoyed it SO much whilst playing online that they wanted to go competitive. I kinda got the feeling that, even though i like the competitive approach of the devs, especially the no life (but relatively small) FPS Esport community is THE targeted audience pretty much not involving the casual gamers (relatively LARGE amount of players!) that might pick up this game and play it 24/7 eventually. This is plain trolling and very immature. Stop it. They deserve better. Trust me, they have and they keep on spending insane amount of time per day on this game. Also don't forget, Joe in particular, has had a very rough time during Battalion development (remember the tragedy with his unborn child?!) that he MIGHT just be burned out almost right now. And seeing all the work that still has to be done to get Battalion on it's track, it's to no surprise that he aint around that often here no.... So better give them some slack here. I DO agree though that having just ONE single forum would have helped creating a dedicated player base instead of separated one as now. I already proposes this long time ago: to have just ONE OFFICIAL forum as of where devs would come pay visits and answer questions and such. Not like "we" have now: Reddit, Steam, Bat, etc etc. It's simply to fragmented. Anyways, the general perception i got from reading all of the recent comments is that Battalion player base has not improved yet. That's a pity for sure because this game had (and perhaps has) high potential.
  9. yiNMastah

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Have to admit i'm partly due to that. Haven't touched it for a week now. Dunno, just cba'd to invest much time and efforts in a game that just isn't that catchy..
  10. yiNMastah

    Where do you see Battalion in two years from now?

    Saddens me to having to say this but i believe that in two years from now Bat1944 resided into being a small/ niche market game, played by a handful of clans, from which like 80% are old school no lifers and perhaps 20% newly formed clans. Why? Well firstly because it says enough that both cod2 and cod:mw (even Wolfenstein?) has better gameplay thus i don't see any reason as of why any cod fanboy would pick Bat1944 over those two. Clans might just as well keep on playing those games on private servers; those same clans that should form the backbone or targeted audience for Bat1944. I mean, it's not as if graphics blow you away to pick this game over older games and in all honesty it's not the graphics that is of much interest for competitive old school fps gamers anyways. Leaves little distinguishing factors no? Ergo: remaining potential customers are those interested simply in WW2 themed games and play the game casually. But they won't really find their place among the remaining old school gaming clans that play on locked servers in their own little world. This game does not cater to these casuals players; at least not yet as long as there is no catchy single player add on which might persuade new potential customers for going competitive. Thing is, i fear Bat1944 has lost it's momentum by presenting a game that is (still) very much different from the games it was always mirrored by and most of all the fact it was presented through this despicable platform called Steam where mostly graphic horny kids roam around that'll burn down any game that isn't all about perks, 4k graphics and console integration. I'll repeat myself by saying they would have had more changes to succeed from the start by having close collaboration /integration into ESL. Last but not least, gaming times have changed. Audience have changed. In the days one picked up an FPS game from the record store based on some freeware demo one played before that and was excited to go online and compete with other on that big exciting network called internet. One would posses and play just a few games at a time and spend hours and hours playing/practicing it. Those games were most of the times solid as a rock already. Most of them had something unique. Nowadays one can thoroughly analyse a game only based on online footage already, buy it in a split second but dump it just as fast again if it doesn't meet high standards. With Bulkies always stating they would not release content of which they believed was not yet ready /polished enough to reveal to the broader audience i seriously believed they were on the right track. I seriously believed the game would drop like a bomb in early access and blow me away (read: triggered my fps addiction genes ones more). But sadly it barely tickled me and kept me hooked for longer than a few hours in total. Mostly due to look& feel, weapons and especially very lacking map design
  11. yiNMastah

    Addicted? No. Dissapointed? Yeah pretty much :(

    Hey matey! Sorry to hear you, among many other long time backers, feel kinda disappointed. Guess we were just too hyped hearing of a "COD2 meets COD:MW" remake after having waited for so long for a company to pick up the WW2 competitive scene again. Wasn't part of alpha development but kept an eye on it through the alpha footage and reading here and there. Already at alpha the game wasn't really catchy for me.. Not that i mind fast paced shooters (in fact, i prefer them) but alpha mainly showed Quake style WW2 game play. Which is too much and not what was intended now was it? It seems it has been slowed down some though, but i just can't get used to these maps. It just doesn't feel right; the game pace doesn't fit any of the map layouts and if it wasn't for some props put here and there it might as well be a map setting in some cold war setting. I don't like the ambient settings; they do not come close to the kinda "damped and creepy" COD2/COD:MW atmosphere. Where the game was always intended to be a spin off from mostly cod2, it lacks all its basics for map design. COD2 map design was basically: CQC / narrow alleys in the middle and long range fighting from either around the edges of the maps or from higher levels/rooftops (examples: Toujane, MAtmata, Burgundy etc). Where are rooftops Bulkies??!! The weapons, both look and feel, still don't feel right and not close to any of it's games it tended to come close to. The BAR should be heavy, powerful and hard to wield but in fact they feel like a upgraded version of the in game Thompson. The latter which actually has no purpose to pick over the BAR, also when looking at map layout which has too many open places. The sounds are terrible to say the least but lets assume (or hope??) current gun sounds are not definite??? There is only few servers available to public and a lot of game types (new ones) that barely anyone plays, nor not even suitable to hold a classic game type such as domination (Invasion map is terrible, capture point locations don't make sense). Well i can go on like this but i think i made my point clear. It did not turn out to be the next "i need to be back at 8pm for my clan war" type of game i was hoping for. Instead i picked up Rising Storm Vietnam and, even when being a complete different type of game that has more "clunkiness" to it, it does have some sort of look&feel that makes me come back and bear all it shortcomings. Anyone else playing RS?
  12. It's early access so what to expect? one might ask...? Game is far from finished (afaik) so it should see a player boost once it hit full potential. However, as a long time backer i have to say i'm fairly disappointed about the state of the game in early access (sorry my dear devs and early backer comrades!).. Despite the low player numbers i feel the maps still lack any immersion nor have this "addictive! i need to play daily!" feel to it. Might have to do with (note: no offence nor meant to be cocky!) pretty average skill level of most players i have met from whom i strongly doubt they have played the game's role models in the form of COD2 and COD:MW. Probably most of them being players which simply tend to be far behind in terms of skills compared to the top teams i played and played against in the named COD's and who i expected to meet in here again... Anyways, besides that i simply expected to be flabbergasted by this game but maps simply look dull and don't have that great flow as mentioned COD maps did. Too many wide and empty areas and blocked way points which should not be there (example: bus wreck near church). Bad capture zones that are in the wide open (example: invasion map) and to few CQC areas to fight in and really measure skill levels. Weapons have clear favorites, such being the BAR with no doubt the easy mode gun in the game, outperforming the hailed tommy gun. Simply because there are too many long range area's in pretty much every map where tommy gun is kinda useless. The game runs smooth, though i have set everything to medium and play on 1280x1024 and capped fps to 90 to do so. Guessing the video / graphic part is far from optimized seeing the specs of my rig can cope with heavier settings with ease? Not that i care much about graphics however; i actually like these settings best since the come close to what COD2 looked like and i dont like useless smug/details that only work distracting when in the mid of a fight Last but not least i think the embedment of the game in Steam was a terrible decision and i would like to have seen this game to be a stand alone game with a user forum on ESL for example. If only to kind of revive the days of when this crappy (sorry) Steam platform did not exist yet and clans and players met and discussed the game on Clanbase. Anyways, I hold my breath for this game if full version wont see any major changes! So far, and i have to be fair and square with you guys in here, i'm really missing the addiction factor in Battalion:1944 which triggers me to play each day. And this is being said by one of the biggest early backer fanboys Wondering what my fellow old backers think (honestly). Greetings yinmastah p.s. sorry for being AFK for so long mates. Just been a very busy man and could not find the time to go online much!
  13. yiNMastah

    Hi soldiers ! Veteran here...

    When i saw the name, first thing on my mind was: That guy must be a former Vietcong player... and see there Can't remember the clan you played for though? I played clan KillingBrothers {KB} amongst others and faced BEL/BRBR/DSF and such on regular basis. Anyway, late welcome from me here hehe