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  1. Holy smokes, is that Joe without his beard sitting there? Can barely recognize him. Tip: keep the beard, makes you look much cooler @Soldat Ryan LOL at that 3rd 'bad day' clip. Reminds me of that guy that could not get the copying machine to work at the office..eventually grabbing his monitor and throwing it upon the machine.
  2. You beat me too it. Used search but totally overlooked this (great) thread until i searched for it again just now. (i actually was some time inactive on forums around that time) But I arrest my case; deleted my post and merged these two togeher! note: Howard was referring to this exact thread, from a duplicate thread about the ranking/ ladder system. Therefor his link got disabled in here...
  3. @[CM] BigTuna @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward Despite the success of the KS campaign and broad media attention this game has already gotten, it might be an idea to introduce some sort of Recruitment / Sign Up 'bonus' for backers that bring in new players to the game thus boosting popularity / player base significantly. Of course i, among others, keep spreading the word about Battalion:1944 tirelessly but it would surely encourage backers to help the popularity reaching to new heights, thus stimulate finances, if there would be some sort of reward for bringing in new backers (paying ones). This 'bonus' could be anything; even an unique and limited in game 'recruitment officer' uniform badge or some special forum group badge. This would distinguish those backers that helped fueling the 'Battalion:1944 war machine' and act as a token of unity / gratitude I'm curious about your thoughts. All i know from real life business is, that these things are darn well working commercial tools
  4. Good question Ryan. I know of quite a bunch of players that i might be able to persuade to come over to Battalion:1944. Most, if not all, of them are TS / clan bound players. $$$
  5. Justice Bump. @[CM] BigTuna Any news on this request now that you have recently announced to adjust the pricing model? I'm sure a lot of your early backers in here would like to throw in a few extra bucks to upgrade their bundle(s). At least i do.
  6. I like what i have been reading lately. Idea behind health gen / damage system is one of them. Can't really think of any feature that is for certain going to be in the final game that i truly dislike. Also I appreciate the way certain choices for features are backed by legit explanations. That will surely make it understandable / acceptable for those customers that might not be instantly happy of certain features being implemented. I too have been waiting so long for a new fast paced WW2 FPS game and put my money on Battalion 1944 from the very first start. All i can blame myself for is for not having bought a more exclusive package
  7. I'd say jumping out of a two story building (supposing this will be the max. height to be reached in the maps) should do severe damage but not instant kill someone when he is on full health. At least not when getting out carefully. Jumping out from a window might be a different thing though... Currently i'm playing a game where you pretty much get insta killed when sliding from a 2 story building. And believe me, it really works frustrating when in the midst of an intensive firefight, picking of 2 or 3 around you but then get suicide killed because of a silly feature (the roof models not working properly and the insta kill combined). Basically getting p0wned by the game mechanics/limitations instead of by opponent's skills. I seriously believe it is for the better of game flow when players do not have to pay too much attention on 'how high' they are since for it being a competitive game (in basis) and aiming to be high paced, players have too much mechanics to handle and coordinate already.
  8. As long as maps have places / spots meant to be reachable by the use of 'boosting' and not giving an all to clear advantage but just some more diversity, i'm totally fine with it. In fact i'm pretty much against putting strait jackets on players ('nerfing' skills) and support open maps and fast paced game play
  9. Good to hear! Enjoy and do some Battalion 1944 promotion over there ey
  10. Valid arguments. Whether one agrees/disagrees and likes a certain feature or not, it is good to see there is a reasoning behind all of them.
  11. You mean strafe jumps and nade jumps? I would say to keep it realistic on this particular matter. Places that should not be reachable / not intended to be reachable for the sake of map balancing should not been made reachable by the use of these kind of tricks. Maps have been made with a certain idea behind them and trick jumps done with 'boosters' (talking about the player lift or nade lift) thus taking them to places outside the defined map limits should not be possible imho.
  12. Some say mastering the gun sway is a matter of raising the skill ceiling and some prefer no sway because it is a mechanic that can seriously slow down game play and working really frustrating when not implemented well. Matter of preference. I see adding plain gun sway as a nuisance unless a 'hold breath' function (and pretty quickly stabilize your sight) comes with it.
  13. Maybe i missed something here or did not quite understand the question too well, but what about the private v.s. public servers as we know them from other games? Private servers hosted by clans mostly run a defined rule set / mod, which matches that of the competition ladders (PAM f.e.). However when opened to public they can freely adjust their own server settings for fun play / scrims. Same goes for public servers run by either clans or Bulkhead, which can either all have the same settings matching the 'official competitive rule set' or have fun settings independently from each other. Server hosters are free to chose/set the settings to their likings. So again, maybe i missed out something here but i think we won't have to worry to much about this game solely resting on the competitive scene concerning the servers which are open to the "plebs" or "filthy casuals" as you call them Dedicated servers and private hosted servers can be open to both and each one of them having their own rule set / server settings. Basically what shOtyz said before me.
  14. I'd like to be able to play missions/campaign as a Wehrmacht soldier for a change.
  15. Can't really remember the BAR in COD2 having such a bad recoil? In fact, on medium range it was a beast and it had really nice iron sight.