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  1. Hi soldiers ! Veteran here...

    When i saw the name, first thing on my mind was: That guy must be a former Vietcong player... and see there Can't remember the clan you played for though? I played clan KillingBrothers {KB} amongst others and faced BEL/BRBR/DSF and such on regular basis. Anyway, late welcome from me here hehe
  2. It's early access so what to expect? one might ask...? Game is far from finished (afaik) so it should see a player boost once it hit full potential. However, as a long time backer i have to say i'm fairly disappointed about the state of the game in early access (sorry my dear devs and early backer comrades!).. Despite the low player numbers i feel the maps still lack any immersion nor have this "addictive! i need to play daily!" feel to it. Might have to do with (note: no offence nor meant to be cocky!) pretty average skill level of most players i have met from whom i strongly doubt they have played the game's role models in the form of COD2 and COD:MW. Probably most of them being players which simply tend to be far behind in terms of skills compared to the top teams i played and played against in the named COD's and who i expected to meet in here again... Anyways, besides that i simply expected to be flabbergasted by this game but maps simply look dull and don't have that great flow as mentioned COD maps did. Too many wide and empty areas and blocked way points which should not be there (example: bus wreck near church). Bad capture zones that are in the wide open (example: invasion map) and to few CQC areas to fight in and really measure skill levels. Weapons have clear favorites, such being the BAR with no doubt the easy mode gun in the game, outperforming the hailed tommy gun. Simply because there are too many long range area's in pretty much every map where tommy gun is kinda useless. The game runs smooth, though i have set everything to medium and play on 1280x1024 and capped fps to 90 to do so. Guessing the video / graphic part is far from optimized seeing the specs of my rig can cope with heavier settings with ease? Not that i care much about graphics however; i actually like these settings best since the come close to what COD2 looked like and i dont like useless smug/details that only work distracting when in the mid of a fight Last but not least i think the embedment of the game in Steam was a terrible decision and i would like to have seen this game to be a stand alone game with a user forum on ESL for example. If only to kind of revive the days of when this crappy (sorry) Steam platform did not exist yet and clans and players met and discussed the game on Clanbase. Anyways, I hold my breath for this game if full version wont see any major changes! So far, and i have to be fair and square with you guys in here, i'm really missing the addiction factor in Battalion:1944 which triggers me to play each day. And this is being said by one of the biggest early backer fanboys Wondering what my fellow old backers think (honestly). Greetings yinmastah p.s. sorry for being AFK for so long mates. Just been a very busy man and could not find the time to go online much!
  3. Your age?

    just turned 30 + 60 months here! Let's just say wisdom comes with the years
  4. Former NA CoD1/2/4 Player

  5. Hey I'm back

    *Bump* Cheers guys. Good to see you guys are still around
  6. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    Good post. @[CM] BigTuna I'd suggest it gets pinned at page 1 of the closed Alpha forum.
  7. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome Szymon and everyone else i forgot during my absence from this forum!
  8. How did you found your nickname?

    Back in the days when i started out FPS gaming (MOH and Vietcong era) i was a try hard and doing pretty well for the first time. However i used random nicks such as characters from the game Jagged Alliance (Shadow (see avatar) and Magic). Then when i really got the hang of FPS gaming (and as being an over-confident arse back then, i liked braggin about it <facepalm>) i felt like there was no one who could compete with me thus looked for a name that suggested i was "unmatched" or "unbalanced". Ergo the name "y!N" from yin & yang was born. During my COD2 days i met a player called '" Masta " (withouth the h) which i fould really neat too. So i tend to either nick myself y!N or y!NMastah these days. Note: since this forum did not accept the ! character after switching to different user group, @[CM] BigTuna turned it into an "i" for me )
  9. Hey I'm back

    Heya guys, i'm back. Hopefully gone but not forgotten. Been bit busy with second kid and all. See Battalion1944 is catching up speed now. For me Alpha comes to soon, but i'll definitely be around for Béta! /off: For those intending to raise or expand a clan, follow/pm me. Used to play med+ to high on both COD2 + COD MW. I've already seen some old COD mates around here.
  10. Hello Friends

    welcome mate