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  1. Already present on forum:
  2. Personally I think that all come from us, players. I'll love maps with many differents approach. It give me more fun and I think that you need more skills/tactic on this type of maps than on a linear one. On linear maps you know faster where enemies would be, and than you must be "only faster/precise than other" to shot. On a complex map you have to be coordinate with the rest of the squad. The only important point, in my humble opinion, is that you have to balance the map... you can't have one side with 50 paths and the other with a single road, or one with an open field and the other with a city (but I'll love them in a 2 round match). To come back on thread, I think that the actual "competitive" vision is wrong, and yes, it decrease my personal fun. But it's just my own opinion
  3. Totally agree with you. I musted be more precise and admit that I was off topic 😅 I was more focused about the 'scoping' that about the scope it self. Personally I love to see my environement and have a 'zoomed area'. About the scope reticle I love was you have posted @DukeNukem
  4. Personally I love something like this one:
  5. This post is no more actual after the merge thread action
  6. Probably I've lost a post or it wasn't already say. Admins can disable the regen? Personally I love some hard fights without regen (just to know because I'm totally ok with regeneration too )
  7. report problem

    @[CM] BigTuna @[DEV] KingHoward Hi all, I come back here, into this hidden section, with the "merge option" Take this example: I've published two post in a short time and I see them as two differents post. What do you think? It can be nicer merge them together? If yes, you can easily and automatically manage this operation troughs your admin panel: - AdminCP --> System --> Posting Look for Merge concurrent posts You will be able to define a laps of time that will have this effect: If a user makes a post or comment, and then makes another post or comment on the same item within the specified timeframe before any other user, the posts will be merged. This bypasses any limit the user has on editing their posts.
  8. Can you put a "no block option" for server admins? I mean: even if a player choose to disable the VOIP and block players, it would be possible to disable the possibilty to "mute" players who are admin on server? And: a block would persist or it must be setted again on every log-in? Haha pretty right but as admin sometimes a VOIP option can be usefull
  9. And please, dont forget this idea:
  10. Personally I'm lost... What would be the thema here? How give admin commands or what admin can/must be able to do while playing? In each case you can't separate the 2 things. Personally, if I had to take out the scoreboard I'll prefere a config file: scoreboard 1 or 0 But if your idea is: "let start with scoreboard active and in game, if a cheater come, give me the way to take out the scoreboard trough a command like !serverset scoreboard 0" it can be discussed. In this case the question would be: Via chat line? Via RCon? Via a panel that give you the server config with on/off buttons? ... Naaaa, the real question would be: why you didn't kick the cheater??
  11. Mhhh not easy to put down a good list, but I agree that it would be interesting to see how they/we would manage this point. A sniper rifle can probably take out 100% of your life until a specific range, so as a shotgun or an other weapon. A SMG must be able to take off 100% 1too if you are at 2m, for example. Personally I don't like, as example, be shouted by a shotgun across a field. They make certainly huge damages on a short range but than they are fast useless. Now I've to work, but I would probably try to put down something later... even if I'm pretty sure that DEVs have already good ideas about this point (it's certainly a priority point about balance)
  12. Well, I'm back as writer on the forum (not to much time and nice threads actually ). Please, note that my answer will be no, thank you. But, my personal opinion is that games are games and all of us must be able to have fun (not easy, I know). Personally I hate to see sniper limitation, but I would love to see some heavy weapons -or run- limitation (others would limit the snipers amount, others grenades,...) Well, let say, as discussion, ok, why not test the economic system. Now, how we can use them? Unlock weapons? No, DEVs wouldn't have an unlock system for weapons, but they would perhaps put crates and unlocks for cosmeticals. Unlock "upgrades"? As far as I know, DEVs are against this point too... all will still about "cosmetic". Well, in this case let speak about some economical system for unlock cosmetics. Why not... each TOT points you can take a box? This can be, perhaps, an idea, but I think that a virtual economic system will reduce the real microtransactions Dev's plan. I'm not really sure that they will implement a double economic system for the same thing. At the end the idea is simple. Think about @Farq-S's chess as Battalion Game Idea and each "typologies/version" (Asterix VS Romains, Wood chess, Stone chess, Lord Of Rings,...) as the cosmetical factor. No unlock if not cosmetical, and here DEVs would perhaps set something based about real economy... it would be real hard to set up a virtual system too
  13. Oh, really not a problem I was already almost sure that it wouldn't be implemented, but I was just curious. Thank you for the answer Tuna.
  14. I've finally my new alienware (take just to be able to test battalion... ) and I've tested a little bit tobii eye tracking technology. Actually it still a little bit strange to see the displayed world move just with my glance, but it's interesting too. Well, the little question is: Battalion 1944 would be compatible with this technology or not? Eventual reference: https://tobiigaming.com
  15. Personally I love the idea of "let me take what I would". I've never understood why I can't put bomb as sniper for example. Each weapon, as said, have proper mechanics but weight too. If I took only a pistol I would be faster than one with an heavy gun, but if I take many grenades, explosives,... or some armor (now I speak in general, not necessarily for Bat44) perhaps he would be faster than me. All this aspects make a game balanced and fun... and because it's a game I think that a 100% personalisation can be good. And if after 2 weeks we will see just 1 configuration it would mean that, somewhere, something isn't properly good balanced. Have fun, this must be the first credo of a game and a gamer