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  1. They didn't take time to read as well... 😫😩 Edit: not surprised if they wouldn't see our friendly invite to use 'search'
  2. I'm always surprised about the amounts of same topics on forums. Go to http://forums.battaliongame.com/search, make the search, read and, potentially, find the answer would probably be faster than open a new topic, wait perhaps several minutes (or hours) to have an answer...
  3. Behind my house... but If I finally took them... Ah, not this one??? Well, I stay with an essential one: Corded Mouse M500 (logitech) Nothing impressive, but the important point for me is just have fun. 😉
  4. Personally I'm really happy with: https://www.avira.com/ @DukeNukem never try, sorry
  5. Yes, offline mode wouldn't be present. What I woulded say was: - if we had offline mode I woulded make my "solo test sessions" into this mode - but, because we haven't an offline mode, don't be surprised if you will see a character alone on the mapp (and... why not, don't take the opportunity to take me down when I'm looking a wall or just change weapon on the edge of the map 😂😎😘)
  6. I agree with you @Farq-S Personally I think that my first steps would be oriented into a "solo test" (even without an offline mode). Test movements, delay for weapon switch,... explore the map (I would surely be take down a few time 😂) and gradually engage some fights (perhaps with some friendly kick starter. Stay fixed on position, control the bullet drop...) Personally I think that a TDM would be a good start to test the basics game dynamics.
  7. Welcome from the south
  8. Personally I love an open (and friendly) discussion. For this reason I love up/down public vote. If is masked (And I understand why), I think that only up can be good (I still thinking that a vote system -when good used- help to understand to opinions).
  9. Guys, I haven't problems about downvotes but I like to know why. The weight idea was so stupid? If yes why? Perhaps you have good points of view against this idea and I'll really love to know them (perhaps you see something that I haven't see before as a potential problem). Personally (And actually) I still with my idea: - you can play as you would but keeping using particular skills that aren't, actually, very common - you, as player, have to be good to balance your weapon skills with your arsenal and the arsenal of others (perhaps it can be possible, a little bit as in Rainbow Six Siege, to see what your team mates takes... in this way you, player, can choose how you will balance your team for the match) But perhaps I haven't really understood the in topic focus... in this case sorry if I was OT Cheers 😎
  10. And why not just "play" with the weight? Each weapon (rifle, grenade,...) have a weight. If you have 1 grenade less than an other on a long distance you will be faster, but than you risk to see that it was perhaps better have more grenade,... Well, make your arsenal is, as I see, a tactical skill.
  11. I'm probably naive but each fight see a natural evolution. I was (and still) 200% against predefinite classes and the impossibility to change them during the match, so as I didn't like the "ranked matchmaking". You learn by fighting against who is better than you and if you are good you have to be able to prove it even if you are "really the only good player into the squad". And don't forget that sometimes you will perhaps play in team and you will got "Error: to many level difference" Really annoying thing (personal opinion). If I start playing as sniper because normally it works, suddenly I can enter in a match where I see that sniper is useless. Or vice versa. As you can see, personally I'm not really a fan of ideas like this one (but those are my personal 2 cents and I can understand yours 😘)
  12. Hi and welcome. It seems that some profile fields aren't public (meaby @[CM] BigTuna can check them 😉)
  13. 😥 I've choose the right answer than 🤣 My only objective? Have fun. If I'm the ---- doesn't matter.
  14. Well, as usual I'm really glad to see your messages. Personally I like the work of @[CM] BigTuna... surely not an easy one and I say them thank you. From my side I hope that I was able to transmit rightly what I was meaning, my English is so poor... 🤤😓 Anyway... don't be afraid, I stay here 😁
  15. OFF TOPIC No down vote from my side. Just a little feedback. I wouldn't make practice. I'm a Not Good But Crazy: I really didn't care about scores/... even if sometimes you will hear me say something like "Oh... 0-10! It's time to wake me up! I go make a coffee, or maybe a beer to survive". I like play on game for fun, without stress, but I like have a good game. For testing I would love to have a theatre camera too... If not I always need to find a teammate, make our own film, and see if my cover position is really a cover one or, like in some games, I think to have out just my head and than see into the kill cam that I was fast totally visible. This OFF topic was just to say that If I'm here is to test and help, not for others reasons. 😇 Have a nice day ☕