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  1. Freakshow

    Odd latency on EU servers

    Connecting usually in a 3-4 stack and playing in Europe from the UK. I'm not great with network stuff so I'm all out of my very limited amount of ideas as to what to do from my end. Just frustrating that I play every other FPS game with 40 or less ping in all of Western Europe, never even get a hint of lag....and then I get to the game I've been waiting for for years and I'm sitting on 120-150 ping for 85% of a game =D. If anyone has any ideas they are more than welcome.
  2. Freakshow

    Game's Dead guys..

    I see players from early CoD/MoH communities on both sides of the fence. However, the most disappointed ones are always the loudest, surely you know this? As I said I have no problem with people being disappointed in this game and there are problems with it that do need fixing. With the player numbers the one thing people seem to forget....This is an indie game, I'm not sure what kind of numbers some people expect. This game has SURPASSED Bulkhead's initial targets/predictions by a fair margin and they have stated that themselves several times. It also seems some people really don't give a crap any more about the Early Access disclaimer. This game is FAR from done.
  3. Freakshow

    Game's Dead guys..

    Be personally disappointed, that's fine. However, please don't speak on behalf of the old CoD and MoH communities. I was part of them and I'm perfectly happy with the direction of this game. These "jump shoots" (at least you didn't call it bunny hopping) have been in pretty much every gameplay demo since they started releasing vids of alpha gameplay and beyond (i'm not talking about their Kickstarter PROTOTYPE build). Did you do any research before spending your money or did you look at one or two comments from over 2 years ago and hang onto it?
  4. Freakshow

    Odd latency on EU servers

    Bumping this just to say I'm still getting 120-150 ping in nearly every game in EU. Battalion is the only game I get this in and it's quite frustrating. If I'm lucky I'll get about 5 minutes per game with a ping around 40. I've played on Multiplay.co.uk servers for years and can't recall getting this issue in other games. Even in the alphas and betas (I know there was a visual bug with the ping) I didn't get this lag. When you're used to playing with a low ping it feels so jarring to play. I know you guys have priorities right now but @[CM] BigTuna is there any information I can DM you or post here that would help with this issue?
  5. Freakshow

    Game's Dead guys..

    I liked CoD4 but it was no where near my love/hours played for CoD2 and MoH:AA. I am enjoying this game a lot because it just brings back a certain feeling. For me that takes precedence over it being more similar to one game or another out of the three I mention. I can see why hardcore CoD1/2 MoH:AA fans might not take to this game and that's fair enough. For me though, I think they are on the right path and hope that the game will continue to be tuned over time and improve at the same rate as I have seen it do some from Alpha 0.1 to now.
  6. Freakshow

    Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    Devs: "Added scope sway to snipers" A lot of players: "Added a macro to hold breath and scope at the same time, so it's essentially exactly the same as before"
  7. This is for sure an option, but I'm not averse to seeing people acting like a total moron being punished. You can never avoid angry players in a game like this but the earlier you put down a marker for this type of crap by punishing offenders, (short term bans increasing with # of offences) the bigger the chance of keeping the toxicity under control, imo. Edit: I know that Bulkhead won't really have the resources to dig through this stuff like say Blizz now does with OW - but seeing something done to repeat offenders would be nice.
  8. Freakshow

    OTT Jumping

    You and your squad sound like they would have more fun when mod tools are released. Then you can mod your own server and remove jump completely if you really want. Also, when has an FPS not favoured someone with fast reactions?! Not having a go, just it's kind of the point, isn't it? Jumping around corners or not, you are rewarded for your reaction time.
  9. Yep. It feels a bit sluggish and I think it could do with speeding up. With fake planting I agree as well. I faked a plant in a game the other day, knowing where my enemy was in a 1v1. It felt like an age to bring my gun back out. He had time to run around a corner and kill me before my gun was even ready to fire ha =[.
  10. Freakshow

    OTT Jumping

    Thank you. You near enough wrote exactly how I feel about this situation.
  11. Freakshow

    OTT Jumping

    Depends on your definition of classic. 2007 was already long time ago. Sure it wasn't 2003 when CoD1 release but that's a difference of only 4 years.....CoD4 with promod was the last of the CoDs to be considered classic by a lot of people because of many things, not just the way you moved around a map.
  12. Freakshow

    OTT Jumping

    Heretic! I played the crap out of MoH:AA then CoD2 and didn't really throw that many hours into promod (in comparison) and I love it too. Regarding the jumping, things like this are open to tuning but the premise won't drastically change. For the tac realism guys, there will also be mod tools so you can have your server and play it however you wish with the right mod.
  13. Freakshow


    Hi Dogz - It might do nothing but if you're on an SSD make sure Texture Streaming is off in your options. Also - self-speccing was even worse than clipping in the MoH:AA days!! 100% hidden round a corner!
  14. Yesterday, 4 of us got matchmade against 5. We had 4 the whole game until the very last round when 3 of us were dead, then a 5th came in. Poor guy just loaded in to a You've Lost! screen haha. In the 2 games before that, the team we were playing didn't have 5 several times through the match, yet the backfilling seemed to be working fine. Their spots were filled within a minute or two. I guess the backfilling system just didn't like us. Still kinks to be ironed out. They'll get it sorted.
  15. Freakshow

    Anticheat guys

    I Agree. As hard as devs will be working to prevent cheats, there is a team of cheat devs constantly trying to circumvent new anti-cheat measures. This is for the simple fact that there are enough morons out there who want to pay for them. If there was no money to be made, 99% of cheat devs wouldn't bother. Even with free simple cheats, they have to be hosted on a site somewhere. Whoever made them will just make money through advertisement instead of a direct sale.