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  1. I love that game but the days of wobbledodging are over and its for the best :P. It is exaggerated in sniper only servers like in that vid, though. Miss one shot in a match and there wouldn't be time to flap around like a turkey.
  2. Nice find @sumacz
  3. In what way? The reticle is always going to match that which was actually used with the gun. That's a standard Kar98k scope, with some slight adjustments for visibility. Is that not what you expected for a Kar98k? Just curious.
  4. Welcome Ryan
  5. Welcome
  6. Welcome Flaghe
  7. Welcome MkKoY. Download won't be activated until tomorrow. So it won't download anything atm except for maybe a directory for the game.
  8. Welcome guys
  9. Welcome, Tone .
  10. Good luck with your recruitment z1gzak and welcome to the Battalion community
  11. It will be what the devs need it to be in order to test the things they need testing.
  12. From the latest Kickstarter update: "This first Alpha weekend test will be familiar to those who were able to play the game at EGX Rezzed in London, albeit with a lot of balance changes and fixes since that point." So it shouldn't be worlds away from the last gameplay footage that we've seen .
  13. Roccat Ryos MK w/ Cherry MX Blacks. Nothing too flashy about it but the feel of the keys is just right for me and zero complaints with it. Had it for a good few years now. Excellent build quality from Roccat, as per usual with their stuff.
  14. It was a loophole in an old, no longer supported OS (Win XP) Rev. Hard to use that as a fair example. The best virus protection is common sense. Most semi-proficient PC users can recognise when something is dodgy and shouldn't be opened or when something looks suspicious. Not to mention modern day operating systems are generally way less vulnerable to attack in the first place.