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  1. Welcome, Tone .
  2. Good luck with your recruitment z1gzak and welcome to the Battalion community
  3. It will be what the devs need it to be in order to test the things they need testing.
  4. From the latest Kickstarter update: "This first Alpha weekend test will be familiar to those who were able to play the game at EGX Rezzed in London, albeit with a lot of balance changes and fixes since that point." So it shouldn't be worlds away from the last gameplay footage that we've seen .
  5. Roccat Ryos MK w/ Cherry MX Blacks. Nothing too flashy about it but the feel of the keys is just right for me and zero complaints with it. Had it for a good few years now. Excellent build quality from Roccat, as per usual with their stuff.
  6. It was a loophole in an old, no longer supported OS (Win XP) Rev. Hard to use that as a fair example. The best virus protection is common sense. Most semi-proficient PC users can recognise when something is dodgy and shouldn't be opened or when something looks suspicious. Not to mention modern day operating systems are generally way less vulnerable to attack in the first place.
  7. Didn't know there was a stats site like this so thanks @vozER Yeah I'm totally done with solo at least until the stats reset :P. K/Ds aren't impressive but I/the squad I roll with do tend to have a bit more of a cautious approach. I'm all about positioning haha. In a way that's one of the reasons I like this game, there are several ways of approaching it and all are viable.
  8. I was trying to be a bit kinder with a few subtle hints that it's just not as good as the older Quakes. You went ahead and took a gauntlet to Quake champions' jugular. Can't really argue with it, either .
  9. I've been in the beta for this for quite a while. I'm going to make the assumption one of the main similarities you see if the movement? Hard to describe but Quake champions movement does not feel like promod CoD4 (closest comparison for Bat44). In Quake you build up speed by strafe jumping and that's why you see a lot of bouncing. Battalion, whilst it has strafe jumping you won't be bouncing everywhere, spamming jump. You may jump around corners or strafe jump between ledges but you aren't constantly spamming jump to build speed like you would in Quake (even if that is heavily watered down in Champions) Time to kill will generally be a lot longer as well. There are no one shots in Quake unless you have the quad damage. Characters each have a special ability, have varying armour, health and speed. Positioning for armour/hp/cooldown/quad damage buffs to come off cooldown are also a core component of Quake. As I said hard to explain but if you've played this and CoD2/CoD4 to compare shooting and movement mechanics, they feel quite different. Champions isn't like an arena shooter of old but it's still in that genre at least. Edit - this guy is also admittedly a new player. Look up some quake pros/vets playing this and it looks quite different
  10. I also remember the VS-UK Abbey map from MoHAA <3. Good to see another familiar clan from way back.
  11. If you agree with something, there's not really as much need to explain and having upvotes removes the +1 spam. Disagreement/debate requires explanation to be healthy IMO. Tbh I personally wouldn't care either way whether the system is here or not. Just trying to think what's most useful and civil for the devs.
  12. You still get a fair representation of what's popular and what isn't with upvotes only because instead of someone giving an unpopular opinion and being downvoted into oblivion, it will simply score 0. Whereas someone who has an opinion people agree with it will still have a higher score and it also takes away the downvoting vendettas some have on here. Most importantly - If there are no downvotes someone may actually feel compelled to explain as to why they disagree instead of just hitting downvote and moving on, which IMO will provide better discussion.
  13. :(. The latest Hitman wasn't even that bad as a game. However, something was obviously wrong when instead of releasing a full game they had to release it in 'episodes'. Each one was like 20% of the game. A terrible system which I suspect was brought about by them being massively behind schedule.
  14. Waste of time bringing up legitimate points like yours because he totally ignores them 100% of the time. Anything that isn't in his line of thought doesn't even register in his brain. You could literally be the most decorated esports player of all time, if you don't think exactly like he does then you know nothing, even if you bring a bundle of proof showing otherwise.
  15. Ah fair enough. I think we missed each other and were there at different times. Still nice to see old familiar clan names and stuff from the good old days! . Also people mention clanbase but I havn't seen mention of CMoHL in over a decade !