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  1. Destiny 2 on PC

    I also played Destiny for a couple of years, from launch. It's not an excuse for the shallow content of Destiny 2, but Destiny 1 was also baron, broken, torn apart and sown back up again at launch and wasn't ever really "fixed" until TTK. I expect a similar path for Destiny 2, mainly focusing on the depth of their content. People complained about the grind in Destiny (forever 29). Destiny 2 has taken it all away and now people are complaining there is no grind. I'm sure it will be addressed. It's just how long it takes to do so. I played the beta on PC and the port was one of the best I've experienced and it ran so well and was full of options. At the end of the day Destiny 2 will be a casual game you drop in and out of, coming back when new content comes out.
  2. What games do you currently play?

    My ARPG addiction is mainly keeping me going atm. Path of Exile, Path of Diablo (Diablo 2 mod) & there's a Grim Dawn expansion in a couple of days. I'll play Destiny 2 as well at the end of the month for some casual shooty shooty space magic fun. Still playing some PUBG but waiting for features/content to be implemented on that mostly. It's wound down from playing that in all my spare time to maybe a game or two here & there.
  3. My not so brief FPS history

    Welcome aboard. We started gaming online around the same time and I played all the great games you listed, along with many others here. Here's hoping Battalion brings back some of those old school feelings .
  4. Rifle Balance

    OMG they're not all using bolt action rifles, this must be some extreme photoshop skillz. Above is a great example of why rifles didn't dominate and why not everyone used them. Shock, horror - most guns had their own strengths and weaknesses and shone in certain areas/within certain tactics.
  5. Hello I'm sLL

    Welcome, sLL
  6. Hi all ! :D

    Bienvenue, Clement :D.
  7. An interview with phantasy!

    Noice. Enjoying these in-depth interviews you're doing @DustMouret. Few little bits of info you managed to draw out as well, good stuff :D.
  8. Hey Hey

    Welcome, abracadabra
  9. Baker bundle adress

    Hey @WarDaddy. Send @[CM] BigTuna a private message here on the forum and I'm sure he'll sort it out for you. I don't think anything is due to be posted for quite a while yet so I don't think it'll be a big problem :).
  10. Hello, my name is Michael

  11. Lawbreakers Open PC Beta 30-Jun-17

    Depends, were you playing Wraith all the time? :D. So broken! Aside from that it was fun. The movement and mechanics do have a higher skill ceiling compared to OW, IMO. I do feel it's been quite hard to judge how fun it is until Wraith is sorted out. There's balance and there is that level of broken. What's the point of giving all other characters resource for their movement which requires forethought before you burn through all of it....then just allowing Wraith a huge lunging stab that does so much damage with zero cooldown + a short cooldown massive slide meaning he has a massive advantage when it comes to movement? It didn't ruin the game, as I assume he will get adjusted accordingly but it did get a tad boring seeing 3+of him on each team. Might buy it and put some out into it but it definitely won't be one of those games I sink 1,000 hours into, which is totally fine. Enjoyed Vanguard, Assassin and Battle medic the most.
  12. Greetings, I am phantasy, QA & jr CM on Battalion

    Welcome and congrats on the new role . Try not to make the rest of the team too salty on internal playtests by killing them too much.
  13. Leans

    I love that game but the days of wobbledodging are over and its for the best :P. It is exaggerated in sniper only servers like in that vid, though. Miss one shot in a match and there wouldn't be time to flap around like a turkey.
  14. E3 Battalion

    Nice find @sumacz
  15. E3 Battalion

    In what way? The reticle is always going to match that which was actually used with the gun. That's a standard Kar98k scope, with some slight adjustments for visibility. Is that not what you expected for a Kar98k? Just curious.