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  1. Welcome to the forums joueflux
  2. Welcome qwertyedd
  3. So I've been playing this pretty solidly for the past 3/4days. For those of you that like Battle Royale type games, you've probably already heard of this. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but just thought I'd share the game for those that aren't aware and are twiddling their thumbs waiting for Battalion. I'd played H1Z1 KotK but the lack of development/depth kept me from going back. I'd also seen a few other Battle Royale type games over time (havn't ever played the original ArmA mod) and none of them ever really gripped me but I have to say this has been a blast so far. Highly recommend it. I've mainly played Duo's but a few more friends have picked this up over the weekend and have played a few squad games too. Managed to pick up back to back wins in duos on Saturday and it was probably the most fun I've had in a game in a long time, despite how incredibly tense these types of game are haha. There are a few bugs, mainly with the directional audio being a bit sketchy at times but it has only just released to Early Access and is fairly solid for being at that point in it's development. Website link for those that want to have a look -
  4. They knew this was coming, I can pretty much guarantee that.
  5. Great work. Loving those answers.
  6. Some first looks at some of the weaponry in there Looking great!
  7. Noice! Even if it slips to tomorrow it's so close. Hype.
  8. Welcome sumacz!
  9. With your "original belief" of the game, I have to say that people are different and interpret information differently. The second I saw Battalion I saw a chance to go back to the competitive days of MoH:AA/CoD2. Everything about the Kickstarter screamed that at me. I know that other people will see it differently, though. However the Devs have spoken about interaction with ESL dating back to the very early stages of this games development. From this it was clear to me that this game was going to have a competitive focus, whilst allowing other players to cater the game to their needs with custom server options. To me this hasn't changed but I guess it has in some people's eyes. Now some of my responses to your "What is happening now" points: 1. I understand and sort of see where you're coming from with your comments on nade cooking. However in MoH:AA/CoD2 & CoD4 competitive, nade cooking was either removed or it didn't exist in the first place. In CoD2 and 4 nade cooking was on by default but was modded out with the competitive mods because the competitive scenes felt it the most appropriate thing. A lot of people on here who played competitive in those 3 games are simply used to that being the way of things. Also iirc in CoD2 (and possibly 4? can't remember) you can walk and pull nades silently. This combined with cooking nades provides a scenario where there is no possible counter and in a lot of people's opinions doesn't make for interesting gameplay. I also think that when Tuna confirmed that the nades won't be cookable in the grenade thread, that is how it will be by default in the game and their competitive ruleset. If they are having a ranked matchmaking system, which they are, they need a standard set of rules that are universally abided by in this mode. Again...on your own custom server you will be able to mod nades to be cookable. Someone will make that mod if it's not in the game. On top of that there is also the possibility of Bulkhead making that a serverside option for your own private server which you can simply toggle with a console command. No guarantee on that one though, I guess. So if you want cookable nades on your server, I see nothing to suggest you won't be able to have them. 2. Quite simply the recoil is random. The game feels/plays like CoD2/4 according to Joe, not CS:GO. There is a post he made somewhere stating that. More specifically here is a snippet below from Joe about the recoil: So it's not a spray pattern. It's random. Hopefully that puts that fear to bed. 3. I'm not a fan of wildly out of place skins either. Something along the lines of what BF1 has done I would be perfectly happy with. However bright flashy skins that are totally out of place in a WW2 setting I am not for. It's not because I'm all about realism or immersion as I'm really not...simply that it will look ridiculous. Having said that they have confirmed you will be able to turn it off. People who want their neon cosmic alligator M1 garand skin will still be able to see it along with everyone elses. However, an option will allow us to turn everything to default, making it a total non-issue for me. 4. Quite simply I agree with this point and already stated my views in the grenade thread about the way in which some people can't handle differing opinions on top of the poor way some people interact with others, simply because it's on the internet.
  10. Westie getting the gameplay vid exclusive then? Pretty hyped about seeing this gameplay. 13 or so months since the Kickstarter, it's nice to see things coming together.
  11. Hi!

    Welcome to the forums twinx
  12. Or sniper rifle K/D top trumps. I PUT MY 1.43 K/D SNIPER CARD DOWN. YOUR 1.40 K/D SNIPER CARD IS PITIFUL.
  13. You sir, have piqued my interest.
  14. I agree. We're at that point now where the foundations are in place and the dev's have their basic formula locked down. The alpha will start soon and from there feedback can be used to tweak stuff. If something is universally hated they will change it...but let's actually get our hands on it and try it! BTW your English is good