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  1. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome aboard DeM
  2. Wallbang's

    This thread makes me giggle, what a word "wallbang"... Let's go bang a wall
  3. Hey! What's up?

    Hey, welcome aboard
  4. Battalion 1944 Bless you

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  5. -T1 Hello !

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  6. Greetings

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  7. HI ! I'm Florentde !

    Welcome Florentde
  8. Greetings from Hesper

    Welcome Hesper
  9. Battalion 1944 - Hungary

    Nice work mate !!
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hey there sAimen ||| assi
  11. Hey guys, DOOPZ here.

    Welcome aboard mate
  12. Hello I'm sLL

    Welcome mate
  13. Hi, I'm Spie / Neca

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  14. Hey there guys :)

    Welcome, see you in beta
  15. Hi all ! :D

    Hey, welcome aboard
  16. Hi All, I'm Simon

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  17. Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard mate
  18. Hi and welcome! We don't have any official dates when the game is released or what it will be priced yet...
  19. An interview with phantasy!

    Great snipp Dust
  20. What FPS are we expecting on low settings

    I had around ****CENSORED FOR NDA****
  21. Hey Hey

    Welcome aboard mate
  22. Estimate Release date?

    First, you have no backing option at this moment. Earliest chance to back this game is at Early Access where you will be able to buy in. 1) No official dates set yet on any stages of the game except start of closed alpha in may this year. 2) No official numbers of maps on release day 3) Yes, they have stated the game will be moddable and mappable, but we don't know when the tools for it will release.
  23. Battalion Early Access

    Welcome aboard @riio21, there are founders pack in Battalion but it's not possible to buy in anymore. You have to wait until EA
  24. Hello, my name is Michael

    Welcome aboard mate