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  1. Welcome shogel, great to have you aboard
  2. If you find any real videos/documentary from WWII that's worth sharing post it here I just found some really nice and rare color films from Battle of the Bulge! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  3. (as for the rest I'm not even gonna comment)
  4. I have no idea, sorry
  5. Welcome aboard mate, you may get in on Early Access late this year at the earliest point
  6. @jcStani remember the NDA, don't talk about the game outside the alpha section!
  7. Heyy welcome back Tuna, now get you butt back behind the desk and start hammering those keys Also, good work mate, so far so good!
  8. Welcome aboard Orphie
  9. My thoughts exactly
  10. Thx man, no a fellow gamer in my team did some years back
  11. Oh and did I hear a girls voice at around 1:20 ish, saying "cover me" or was that just a feminine guy???
  12. Welcome aboard mate
  13. Welcome aboard bashy! Bulkhead already said Battalion 1944 will come with server files so you will be able to run what ever server you want on your own box. Only restriction as I have noticed they will not be ranked. But the devs can confirm this better then me
  14. Welcome aboard Guys
  15. Gonna bump this one up!
  16. Welcome aboard bonde Bonde in my language means farmer
  17. Welcome aboard Nisty
  18. We see a lot of gamenames, forumnames, nicks and such but what'syour real name? I know, I'm bored.. Mine is Roger, try to get Razor in games and on forums, but often end up with Razor74, {UHS}Razor or something like that
  19. lmfaooo
  20. Backing options are closed, if you got a key send @[CM] BigTuna your proof in a DM and he will give you access to alpha forums and discord
  21. Seems like your laptop only lack some memory, check if you can upgrade that. gfx I think will hold if you run on mid to low settings. It's worth a try
  22. People these days don't use search or google anymore, they just jump on facebook or a forum and asks away.......
  23. The game isn't even close to release as of yet so you have plenty of time to do some minor upgrades, who know's maybe you still can play it if the minimum spec changes before release
  24. Welcome aboard Ryan, cya in EA