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  1. Problem

    Hi, @Dark is not a developer so he can't do much other the point you in the right direction. That said @[CM] BigTuna is the one to talk with! I know they had some issues with "false" bans all over the board,but shoot him a PM and ask..
  2. Welcome back yiNMastah! Me, as you are one of the old timers around here and I agree with what you say. I played trough alpha and beta in hope of this would pick up and turn out to something I like. It didn't.. So in EA I only clocked in 2-3 hours and I got tired and wanted to play PUBG instead. I'm not anything close to a pro, casual only all day long and for me this ended up as a bunny jumping strafe flying mid air kills with lazer accuracy. I used more time spawning and looking for games then actually playing it. I have pretty much made up my mind about Battalion 1944, it's not going where I hoped and will never go that way, so I have uninstalled it and are leaving this community pretty much. It still kinda bugs me and 9 of my friends that we backed this with a clan pack when we could spend 12-15 punds on it to test and leave, But that's Kickstarter and can't do much about that. I'm just disappointed that we didn't end up with a game from the early days of KS videos, this is nothing like that.
  3. I guess everyone saw this coming... Looking forward to it though https://venturebeat.com/2018/03/01/new-battlefield-2-follows-call-of-duty-back-to-world-war-ii-this-year/
  4. I did not get my steam key for BT1944

    DM to @[CM] BigTuna with proof of you purchase
  5. Performance Issues on Derailed

    I'm afraid sabes is totally right... I run 2x970 with mid performance, a 750 is just to weak...
  6. Battlefield V back to WWII

    Hope mine will do with 2x970 SLi....
  7. Early access key Problem

    To be honest no, I have no idea. But I suspect this forum does not get enough attention by any of the Bulkhead guys, including PMs....
  8. Early access key Problem

    You're welcome mate
  9. custom.config

    You're bored but made my day better lol
  10. Early access key Problem

    Hi and welcome to the forums! Send a DM to @[CM] BigTuna with proof of your purchase and he can sort you out
  11. forum hacked?

    Why? We have this for the game... Reddit is a mess I don't understand at all lol ^^
  12. Battlefield V back to WWII

    I'm a sworn IW fan myself, but nothing good has come from that bunch since COD4MW...
  13. Cheaters??

    Apparently there is
  14. Game's Dead guys..

    Yea I got the balls mate, no need to confront me with a DM on discord because you all of the sudden are able to see who trew you a vote! I disagree with your statement and lost most of my hopes for this game, that's why!
  15. forum hacked?

    Forum does not get enough attention by the team, it's insecure and flooded. And most questions from the community goes unanswered
  16. Welcome to the forums @ShaneKeizer
  17. Heya - Shibi

    Hello @Shibi, welcome
  18. Greetings from <82ndAB>

    Welcome aboard officer, I salute you!
  19. scythe AKA zwaardvis

    Welcome to the forums
  20. Game's Dead guys..

    Spot on mate!
  21. NICE! I have to check this out
  22. Hi from an old-school COD2 gamer

    Nice to have you on board
  23. iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Hello @iNKZ13, welcome aboard
  24. custom.config

    Yea that's pretty close to what I was to say!