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  1. Welcome aboard
  2. Just find a server that serves you both the same ping, problem solved And stream this upcoming 1 v 1 event live The BIIIG showdown @ToonBE vs @xXclusiivE, live on Twitch
  3. Now this is starting to look like something me like!
  4. Why, it wouldn't change game play, its only a personal opinion on what ppl prefer, attached or not regardless of which fraction or rifle you choose...
  5. Right.... A pretty long stroll trough the Barents sea on to the Norwegian sea before its a short stroll over the North Sea and then I'll be there in a blink
  6. I guess @[DEV] KingHoward was a bit trigger happy with his last tweet about letting us have it today ehh??? Now it's deleted and @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON post a new tweet that we have to wait a week... Ohhh well, back to work then
  7. Another idea could be to difference between the scopes, I don't know how much a so called scope enhancer was used during WWII, but if it was, scope surroundings could be blacked out if a scope was equipped with that... That could actually be a attachment for the sniper class, then you get to choose for your self Could this be something to considerate @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON, @[DEV] KingHoward??
  8. He didn't need to say that!! Now my F5 key will wear out Just drop the bomb on us by surprise, don't drag it out man!!
  9. Thank you King for the clarification, still think it's REALLY sad that the "war-torn" deal is put on hold, hope to see that back in a flash Oh, and some inside info on the nades, scopes and sniperrifles would close a hole lot of discussions
  10. Welcome @sumacz, enjoy your stay
  11. Well hello there Oskar, welcome
  12. Welcome to these forums @deadjedi, hope you enjoy your stay
  13. That could work even though I would prefer to see the surroundings