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  1. Hi and welcome to the Battalion forums mate, the keys will be sent out tomorrow Thursday at some time
  2. Keep up the good work @OllieJT Oh oh and welcome aboard the forums aswell
  3. Darn, did I really forget to welcome you back then??? Sorry mate, but long over due welcome
  4. Welcome aboard mate
  5. Welcome to the forums @[DEV] James and @[DEV] Tn6
  6. So guys and gals, today is the day where Bulkhead hopefully starts to send out the Battalion 1944 Steam keys, who gets it first? What region of the world do they start with, or is it sent out in alphabetical order? Report back when you got yours The hype is on
  7. Welcome aboard Tone and welcome back freak04
  8. We don't even have a release date for PC version yet
  9. Yea, just Wolfstyle as usual.....
  10. It's the 1600 dpi yes and it's old but working just fine. If you lived around here you could buy it, don't care to send it
  11. It's alright to be a Razor fanboy
  12. Yes there will be a totally separate build for consoles PS4 and Xbox, it's not a port from the PC and should be just as good as the PC version for those who like console. It will not have Alpha and Beta access so you have to wait until release before you can get your hands on a copy
  13. I'm a Kickstarter and still don't have access to that section, guess your working on it Will Humble alpha backers get access there in due time to?