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  1. Maybe or maybe not Anyways, the PC should run just fine with your specs even though it's not a high end system, more a mid end.. Add a fast SSD and a couple of 1080Ti cards and you have a high end system
  2. Well it's hard to tell if both ping and FPS (over 100) are good, and ping @ 30 is good enough! Yup, try out fraps
  3. Welcome to the forums RIT. You're looking at low res. early alpha images there, and I bet those where taken with most graphic setting adjusted to minimum to get the best performance for testing the game....
  4. What's you ingame ping?
  5. Really hope we don't have to see that in Battalion
  6. Based on the Kickstarter I counted ruffly 1800 alpha backers, 2700 beta backers and 6800 early access on PC platform. Does these numbers add up? Can you reveal how many bought the humble deal? Could it be around 4700 buyers based on what you said here?
  7. Why would anyone practice in a alpha game, so many things can change during alpha/beta and so on
  8. You're absolutely 110% right, we will be angry LOL
  9. Can you however give us a year and quartal or at least a year? My guess would be late 2018...
  10. Welcome aboard mate
  11. Welcome to the forums @HiTTi, Norwegian here but hope your search bring results
  12. Welcome @Fadida! The Kickstarter reached a total of £317,281 pledged of £100,000 goal in the time period it was running. That resulted that the initial goal was met and they reached a few of the later added stretch goals. To reach all stretch goals they would have need £ 1.200.000 in total during the time kickstarter campaign lasted. But as longs as they reached the initial goal of £ 100.000 the project got funded, the rest is just a bonus
  13. Easiest poll ever made! But you should have made both yes/no nothing more