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  1. Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Mark this text: connect Copy it and open your game, when you are in game open console with the TILDE button and press ctrl-v to paste that in console, press enter - voila
  2. Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Cool, have to check it out
  3. 509th MikeD

    Welcome aboard
  4. Help me please!

    Steam support maybe....
  5. BattalionJump 1944

  6. Who is talking ?

    Our community manager seems to be to busy to handle the community so I guess this and a whole truck load of other questions will remain unanswered....
  7. Well, looked at the site and I'll not gonna use it, sorry... To much clutter....
  8. competitiv

    Yea ok.....
  9. competitiv

    Should be released but you need to level up to 10th to open it....

    Yea I would think so, I'm running 970 SLI and have great performance
  11. Little kid? There was no games when I was a little kid so my entry was with NES in my teens and PC with CoD series in my 30's
  12. Whatsup

    Welcome aboard John
  13. Hello!

    Welcome aboard
  14. Kickstarter Backer Not Received Key

    Tell him to tweet or DM @[CM] BigTuna, he'll sort your friend out
  15. Private match/ lobbies? For jump prac

    Find a empty server and jump your guts out, mine is empty atm: