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  1. German vehicles were not grey in 44

    That's true, no harm in making it more accurate as long as it don't take to much resources of the main goal --> get the core and game ready! Textures can be adjusted at a later update
  2. German vehicles were not grey in 44

    Welcome to the forums @MB242, the aim of Bulkhead is not historical accuracy with Battalion 1944... It's more about finding the good old feeling of old time shooters like COD, ET, CSGO and the likes. With that bringing back the tight close quarter combats with a competitive twist This is the way I understand it
  3. Only thing I saw they let beta backers in on the last round, and I guess again this round in thursday and saturday. Edit, from last update: "Hey guys, This is for Alpha & Beta backers! But sooner than you think, early access backers will be able to play! "
  4. Think I need to fire up COD/COD2 tonight, warm up until thursday
  5. NickyHD Battalion 1944 Trailer

    Very nice indeed! Have seen this a few time already
  6. Hello all

    You're welcome
  7. next early access

    Happy to be of assistance
  8. Team Inferno [iF']

    Looks like I missed this one, welcome to the forums and good luck with your endavours
  9. next early access

    Just add it in favorites in Steam and you'll get a email when time is coming. We don't have any dates yet so just keep your eyes alert
  10. Hello all

    No no, it's still in alpha and in this last closed alpha a few beta backers also got access as a x-mas gift. Early Access will start Q1 2018 and you can buy access for that then So just keep your eyes on these forums
  11. It's in the forum rulse, I'm just quoting from there... Section I: Posting Guidelines #1.1 Language & Legibility Please post only in English. Non-English content (including non-legible content) may be removed. If you see someone posting in another language because s/he apparently does not speak English, please report their post - if you can, you may reply in their language to explain their question, but please do translate their and your message so it can be reviewed by the Moderation. ‘Hiding’ insults in non-English posts will be punished harshly. Posts written largely in ‘leetspeak’ or full of spelling / grammatical errors may be treated like non-English content. This rule does not extend to PMs.
  12. Hello all

    Welcome aboard Jim, just dig into the forums and read up
  13. Bug reporting for beta testers?

    It's his duty as a Community Manager
  14. Hello!

    Welcome abord @DarkOZ62