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  1. The situation coming to mind first is whenever you are picking up dropped weapons from the ground in CS:GO: Splash! Suddenly, without a warning, all the colors of the world are exploding right on your HUD! Leaving you paralyzed by that thingy lying in your hands, staring right into your eyes. Yeah, it kind of looks like an AK, but a horde of kids must have vomited all over the thing. After eating three packs of crayons sticks, each. Poor kidos and poor me having to deal with this god awful mess now... But seriously. You got to accept that people are different and when it comes to personal taste, sense of beauty and style, well... There's no accounting for taste, right? I guess it's hardwired into our brains what we find appealing and what puts us off and what may not touch us at all. There are people who never experience the slightest glimpse of disturbance by most outstanding, or even completely out of place designs and arrangements. Yet, there are people whose brains seem to work the exact opposite way and even only minor changes to the base style of things happen to throw them off, giving them a hard time enjoying that thing. In my case, this is not only limited to games and particularly skins. It's the same with music, movies, clothing, furniture and anything else really. I once put stickers on one of my guitars - the cheap one I rarely ever play anyway - because I thought it was rather cool looking. However, it took like no more than a few days until I couldn't stand it anymore and found myself peeling them off neatly, restoring the vanilla look of the guitar. Phew! Ever watched that Monk TV-series? Well, I'm not that weird, but you get the idea. Actually, of course, it is hard to truly understand how someone else is experiencing a situation, especially if it seems to be so much differently from oneself, but again, we all got to accept that people are different and we all should refrain from valuing one against the other. It's just diversity. _________ Side note: With that in mind and looking at the dispute between seekax and me further up the thread, I'd like to try and put a final resume to that particular discussion. Of course, people with an e-sports background and years of experience will naturally read 'e-sports' where it was written 'competitive'. It's basically two different words for the same thing for them. Unfortunately, I couldn't get myself to realize that simple thing in that very evening. Maybe because I was kind of emotionally triggered by the overall tone, I don't know. However, after cooling down and having a second thought on it, sure it makes perfect sense. On the contrary, when I read 'competitive' and 'skill based' in the Kickstarter campaign I understood they want to separate themselves from the mainstream titles, which are heavily focused on casual audience and those wanna-be FPS games, which come with all that roleplay/character building/perks/gimmicks and whatnot stuff, which only serves to distract from the actual gameplay. I guess my background at that time was being all fed up with BF4's chaotic and random gameplay and that seemingly there are only Pay-To-Play-Bullshit alternatives on the market. By the end of the day, I'm happy where development is heading. My favorite FPS of all times is still Assault Cube and now seeing how Battalion 1944 is probably going to be a lot closer to that game than I would have expected a year ago makes me fairly excited.
  2. Couldn't agree more and that's where skill based match making comes into play. You can improve under competitive conditions without being stomped by high level players. One of the best additions to online gaming, in my opinion.
  3. Haha, OK only that last one because of your efforts. Read up that nicely compiled statements and figure out how often there it is spoken of third party e-sport events or even ESL and the likes. Yep, not once. It's always their ranking system and their global competition system. Get the idea? That system is all right and always has been for me, but I doubt it requires that much extra-cash - hopefully earned from crazy skins - for being maintained. Somehow I sense they are heading for something bigger now, than they had in mind back then. That's two quite different stories in my book.
  4. Seriously, one does not have to mention their supposed-to-be prime goal in a kickstarter campaign? Not at least once? Is this an official recommendation from Kickstarter? Does that make any sense to you, really? OK, I need a drink now and obviously need a break from this place. Anyway, I hope at least you'll refrain from that douchebag tone in the future, then all my writing wasn't completely in vain. Cheers.
  5. Oh come on! They accidently used the terms 'no micro transactions', 'authentic' and 'realistic art style' (that implicitly excludes crazy skins), but happend to forget mentioning 'e-sports' as such, despite it being the prime goal of Battalion 1944 from the start?
  6. Quotes from the kickstarter campaign: I do understand that this very horse is dead and buried. I'm not even trying to argue crazy shit, or shitty skins or even crazy skins will be in the game. They are going to be in the game. Yeah, I got it. However, I like to point out that nobody had reasons to expect micro transactions and crazy skins coming to the game, because Bulkhead have explicitly stated that those won't be in the game. See quotes above. Nobody is making this up. Nobody is misinterpreting anything here. It's been there. Black on white. Period. If they had said nothing at all about either of those subjects, then OK, we could have been expecting anything, even pay to play. So, please stop throwing shit at people who are not exactly satisfied by this development. They have all reasons to be irritated. You may try explaining to them how there is no alternative if you want to, or just leave it. At any rate, telling them to go away because they are not 'competitive enough' is just that toxic behavior which is killing communities. I do believe that is possible to cater to casual and competitive at the same time, especially because there will be dedicated areas for either playing style anyway. Why is it so hard to accept that? Why has it always to be competitive versus casual? I'm dead tired of that debate already and that awkward cocky attitude is as uninviting as can be. Give it a break. Personally, I also had the impression that Bulkhead consciously mentioned both of these aspects and meant to explicitly separate themselves from the major's way of doing things. And yes, this has been one of the key selling factors for me. I believed they had a plan how to not go down the cheap road and provide us with something different. Either they had no plan or, more likely, they are now afraid that the initial plan is not going to create enough revenue for the e-sports ambitions, which have gone up in the prior list somewhere during the curse of the last year. The term 'e-sport' hasn't been mentioned once in the kickstarter campaign, by the way. Well, fine this is reality, so you got to adapt all right. Though, keep in mind that they could have put the e-sports thingy on the back burner in favor of other target groups as well. I'd even say it had looked a lot like that about a year ago, as far as reading between the line goes. I'm pretty sure statistics will tell that there are more casual playing customers than competitive, semi-profession or even professional players and standing your ground in the e-sports circus is a great risk of its own, isn't it?
  7. Yes, indeed and I'm quite puzzled why this hasn't been stopped already. I mean, OP is only asking for a function switching back to the prior weapon used. A pretty common feature in FPS games and it won't do any harm to anyone whatsoever. So, why not? In fact, I'd be more surprised if it wasn't in the game already.
  8. First off, I have watched the entire interview and that's actually the reason I happened questioning some of the replies given further up the thread. I guess I should have been more specific, though. That switch-off option I'm talking about would have to be client side, of course. I'm actually here for playing ranked matchmaking and I guess so are most of the other folks who aren't quite amused by the perspective of having to deal with crazy skins. I mean, otherwise, I could just continue playing my favourite old-school shooter on unranked community servers. That back-end is actually what I'm looking for. That said, telling me that I can have my own server obviously isn't a satisfying solution in this regard. For the record, I personally have kind of made my peace with the idea that there will be crazy skins. Do I like them? Hell no! Will it be a game breaker? Not really. Am I disappointed? Yes, unfortunately. So, in hopes of finally receiving a definite statement to what I actually was trying to get across here's my last try on this subject. @[CM] BigTuna, please be so kind and provide us with an answer to this question: Will there be a client side option to turn off non-vanilla-skins completely, meaning everywhere, even in competitive matchmaking, or not? Thanks in advance!
  9. I must have missed some official statements because I as far as I know there is a) no official confirmation that there will be an option allowing to turn off non-vanilla-skins, except Joe kind of asking whether this might work as a compromise and b) neither did I see Bulkhead confirm that there won't be 'pink/crazy skins'. Concerning the latter one, I'd even say Joe actually did point out once again that in his opinion there's no way around 'outstanding' designs for skins because the regular/authentic ones are deemed collecting dust on the shelves. I sense this might not be the final consensus within the dev-team yet and at any rate, I do hope that they will start with decent designs first, as they originally planned and just give it some time monitoring how things will develop before going all ridiculous. Yeah, in my opinion, red flashy dragons painted on weapons are just ridiculous and an annoyingly silly sight. It is disturbing enough to break immersion, subconsciously stopping me from playing for a sec, leaving me shaking my head in disbelief about what people seem to consider 'cool'. Anyway, even if they actually would have painted their weapons like that back in WWII - just as today people like to paint M4s pink with hello kitty stickers put on it - I would find it ridiculous and out of place nonetheless and prefer sticking to the vanilla skins instead. Besides that, please remember they explicitly stated there won't be crazy skins in the kickstarter-campain. Therefore you can't really blame people for being irritated now and feeling the need of coming here asking what the hell is going on. Regarding the switch-off solution, I honestly doubt this will be approved by the majority of people who are actually willing to buy skins, because if potentially nobody is going to see them in-game, why even pay for those in the first place instead of just modding your HUD-skins client side - for free! - just like people used to do back in the day. However, maybe the switch-off alternative might indeed work out better than just trying to stick to somewhat authentic skins, but once the skins are there you won't be able to ever remove them again afterward. Keep that in mind, hence me suggesting to leave the crazier stuff out at the beginning and see where things are heading. Finally, if there definitely will be a switch-off option implemented, then yes, let's stop the complaining right here, once for all. However, as long as we do not have this irrevocable confirmation from Bulkhead I don't see why people shouldn't voice their concerns and question the implementation of crazy skins asking for an explanation.
  10. Thanks to the both of you for this insightful interview and special thanks to the dog taking up on the sidekick role. Good boy! The best thing for me personally is that I now feel a lot more relaxed on the skins and e-sports issue, which got me a little worried lately. All in all, I'm pretty excited about the development so far and the gameplay revealed actually put me in quite a calm state, knowing that there is like no chance that the game is not going to be fun. Keep up the good work and I'm happily looking forward to checking in the closed beta.
  11. @Kizmmit. All right, now I understand. It's all been a joke. Silly me... Though, I suggest you better stop trying to make jokes then, because you ain't funny.
  12. Oh well, I must have completely misunderstood this upper phrase then. Sorry, my bad. Guess I'm getting old... Again sorry, but I'm one of those old-fashioned folks that are not going to simply swallow superlatives and generalizations without any further explanations. This might get you into the white house, but it's not going to convince me whatsoever. Yeah, we're elderly people are a bunch of weirdos, I know. But please allow me this last request and please elaborate what that everything exactly is and be so kind and share your definitions of 'casuals' and 'old people' because this and this don't seem to apply here. Anyway, thanks for your brave quest against all those idiots coming by and voicing their opinions, because Battalion would inevitably go down the drain if we wouldn't have you offending random people on these forums. Thank you. If only there were more of your kind, this world would be a better place for sure. < Add your favorite meme here. >
  13. Maybe add an entry to press kit or put a redirect to some handy url like battalion.com/dropbox.
  14. OK,... I guess you've got to calm down mate. Most likely a lot of people would agree that those complaints aren't valid and merely surface how some folks seem to catch like no more than 10% of the information given to them. However, there is absolutely no need for anyone to play the mad guy now and starting to throw stereotypes around like those were bearing any truth at all. Seriously, this has nothing to do with 'casual vs pro', nor 'old vs young' or any of those constructs. Please, reality is more than that and offending great portions of any game's player base and even trying to chase them out of a game completely isn't going to help anyone and unnecessarily outrageous. Just hold on a minute and try to picture how populated a game would be when only explicitly competitive players were allowed to play it. That's not going to work ever and no, that 700,000 player count (!) in CS:GO does not consist of exclusively-competitive, unmarried and childless 15-to-25-year-olds. Believe me. Look, the game will have its focus on competitive gaming, there is no doubt about that, but there will also be a casual and a community layer to it, just like in CS:GO. Finally, by now we all know what the core of Battalion 1944 looks like and I guess we're safe to say Bulkhead is not going to shift direction because of some sort of anti-hype (probably too strong of a word, but I guess you get what I mean) going on currently. So, what's the deal? Stay nice and keep this place a worthwhile visit for everyone. Thanks!
  15. Well, true old school FPS mechanics are literally Quake to the core as most of the games of that era were built on the same engine. COD2 looks and feels a lot like a slowed down version of Quake, in my opinion. Actually, seeing how they put such a clean cut to the base mechanics - completely omitting the more realistic implementations of the younger titles - is a much greater surprise than anything I would have allowed myself hoping for. Besides pleasing my personal preference, I also do believe this is a smart decision, that is, not going for a compromise trying to marry the past and presence game styles, assuring no to end up with a game being neither fish nor fowl. Not to forget there most likely will be that half-assed-going-back-to-the-roots COD2 by Activision themselves this year.