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  1. @Masser, just to make this clear. I am not particularly concerned about 'crazy skins', even though I personally don't need them at all and I agree that switching them off client-side would probably kill the entire purpose for a lot of people who want that stuff. Therefore, yes sounds fair but no, it doesn't exactly sound like a viable solution to me. Anyway, what really grinds my gears here is how that consideration is reasoned in that one statement above. Basically, all we get there are some wishy-washy snippets of information on 'evaluations' which may or may not have taken place and that them old chaps from Ubisoft have been kind enough to share some great knowledge. Unfortunately without providing any further data and how they might have come to their conclusion and anything else which makes for a proper explanation. Sorry, but that's a lot of bollocks in my book and Bulkhead has proven their ability to approach such touchy topics a whole more delicately in the past. By the way, those folks over at Ubi are business competitors and maybe, just maybe asking your competitor for advice isn't the most impressive thing one could do in the first place. But let's not overrate this one... However, I honestly feel like there's something slipping through their hands silently bit by bit and they are about to sacrifice - at least some of - that inspiring spirit of the early days. That attitude that got me into my first - and for all I can tell now also my last - supported kickstarter-campaign. Even worse, I believe they would be doing so without actual need. Look, if they had stated back then, that they believe they will find a way to make 'crazy skins' fit nicely somehow and that they would enjoy those skins themselves the most, I wouldn't be that surprised today. But they have made me expect they didn't seem to be too fond of that stuff in general and that they also realized that such a feature most likely isn't implemented in order to enhance the gaming experience, but rather to gain some extra cash. I mean, competition (cheating, match fixing) and sideshow gimmicks (gambling sites) don't necessarily foster the best in mankind, do they? So, maybe put off those e-sports-blinkers that seem to have been dealt out lately and ask what truly is the best for the game. Just saying.
  2. OK, so who got questioned and what tests are you talking about? Seriously, I'd like to see some actual figures and to know how much of those 10,000 backers have agreed on 'crazy skins' and how on earth I could have missed that survey. I would rather see you coming up with something more authentic and unique than just going all cheap, heads first down into the mainstream suddenly. I mean, why even ask Ubisoft? You may as well ask Dice and EA how to empty the kids' wallets best, but wait, wasn't this game to be something different? I am irritated, to say the least. I do understand that you have to adapt to certain developments, that weren't to be foreseen a year ago and I also see that this game needs money to be maintained and all... But, please do not fall for the $$$-trap and now simply put down your very own vision from the kickstarter-campaign like that. If you ever wondered how Dice could have become what it is today, take a step back and just watch what road you are about to take yourself this instant. Maybe the game won't necessarily be crap if 'crazy stuff' will be implemented, but your reasoning sounds all like you are only afraid of missing out cash, and cash only. Does the game really need THAT money? Do you really think the majority will not play the game if they had to limit themselves to a reasonable set of weapon skins? Where is your own trust in making a difference? What I read up there is marketing speech and nothing I expect from a game developer. Sorry, but I have had more than enough from that shit, so excuse me when I say, fuck that and listen to your-1-year-ago-self. Thank you.
  3. Agreed, the forum's response and loading times are recognizably longer lately. Performance definitely used to be better.
  4. Well, this idea isn't exactly new. It's called 'crafting' and there is an entire genre revolving around exactly what you describe. One of those games you may have heard of already is Minecraft and there are plenty of other games. However, the actual aspects of a classic FPS game - in short - are shooting and movement. Not searching for stuff and building up characters and equipment. Wrong game for this idea, in my opinion. Anyway, welcome to the board Jamey.
  5. That publisher indeed looks like the perfect fit. Congratulations on the deal Bulkhead! I was quite curious, not to say worried, what you might come up with since we all know how a publisher can make or break a game. At some point, I was wondering whether staying DIY altogether might be the better choice. However, Square Enix seem to be as passioned and professional as you folks are and to have the right sense of quality and to understand what creates true value - not only for shareholders. *cough* Promising news really!
  6. Leaving a competitive match (matchmaking!) as well as excessive teamkilling - if friendly fire will be a thing - should always result in a penalty for the responsible player. It does work for other games and most of the worries explained above have been dealt with appropriately there. It really is no bummer and can be fully automated, therefore zero administration required. For example, CS:GO gives you plenty of time to reconnect if you crashed and in any case, will ban you from competitive matchmaking only. You can even vote for a timeout, which is usually utilized when people experience temporary lag spikes, so they can sort out their issues and then continue playing without impairments. Ban durations start at 30 minutes, ranging up to 7 days. You still can play casual matchmaking and community servers in the meantime. (see here: CS:GO docs) For me, it's a must really. You only got to connect to competitive matches, when you want to play more seriously. A halfway stable internet connection is one basic requirement for playing online! Self-explanatory. Despite all the compassion on the poor dial-up fellas, I don't see why we should let down the other 9 players, in order to allow that one lagger/crasher to get away with messing things up. In the end, it doesn't matter if it was his fault or not, because the outcome is the same either way. You're supposed to bring a working car to the race, aren't you? Replacing dropped out players with bots requires properly working AI, which isn't a trivial task to accomplish and therefore might not be implemented any time soon. Though, I think we haven't received an official statement on this yet. Who knows, maybe Bulkhead has something up their sleeve...
  7. OK, now I see why the other people gave it up already. Good luck with your ideas and this thread.
  8. Regarding the minimap discussion I'd like to point to this thread:
  9. Yeah, that's Privacy Protection with two capital Ps right there. Hope everything's going to turn out all right and he'll be back with both of his kidneys still in place.
  10. So, I suggest to tone it down a bit and you answer throwing some random Hegel quote at me? All right. Maybe it is this sort of ethos, which is giving people a hard time in here. Mind you, we are talking about server administration, a problem which technically has been resolved already and an activity which won't affect the majority of the players most of the time anyway. Worth giving it a thought I suppose. On topic. I also doubt removing the scoreboard would help much if any. From my experience, there are basically two kinds of cheaters. Those who just love to cause havoc out of boredom or just for the heck of it. This kind might even go and search for servers with removed boards, knowing the players there will be extra-pissed, because scoreboard or not, a cheater will still ruin their game and additionally render their measures useless. Double win for the punk. The other type is the more subtle cheat, who won't spend a single second in some random community server, but stay in competitive servers most of the time, because it is there where you can actually show off. Thing is, everybody in competitive servers will want to have the scoreboard visible, hence it's a competitive server. So, the blatant cheater will most likely still ruin your game and the subtle cheater wouldn't become an issue in the just-for-fun corner of the game anyway. Now adding that a great portion of the game will take place on official (match-making) servers, I don't see much use for this idea. Finally, the tool taking most/all of the hassle identifying cheaters from server administrators is called Anticheat. Therefore I firmly hope we won't need wonky workaround solutions and also, won't have to witness another great witch-hunt within this game.
  11. Maddog, you really got to shift down one gear or two. Of course everyone is free to ask for ideas, but there is absolutely no point in bashing people, when you aren't fully satisfied by what people come up with, or if they might not understand correctly. It's quite weird to see how this thread has gone this heated, when everybody in here actually is on the same page, trying to ease the job of server administration.
  12. I agree, being able to swim across the water would be a nice feature. Diving would be a thing too, though I see this would require quite a bunch of work (animations, underwater physics/sounds, ...) and might not be worth the efforts. In any case, I would be perfectly OK with it not making it into the initial release and being added somewhere further down the road, maybe even only as community mod, as this isn't that high on my personal priority list really. It's more like an additional feature for community made maps and of course, there won't be much water in maps designed around competitive play anyway. That said, I see no need for the competitive folks to worry. .
  13. Maybe he wanted to point out, that such an economy feature will not be left out because it might not fit the WWII theme, but because it would break with old-school (keyword arcade?) mechanics. Does that make sense?
  14. No, this isn't happening at all. Sorry, but at the moment it is only you who is fighting a CS:GO-vs-COD war. In fact, people usually give good reasons as to why they approve or disapprove certain ideas. The thing is, a lot of people in here have a wider range of gaming experience and COD is only one game on their list, if at all. Look, while you keep it all boiling down exclusively to CS:GO, there are a whole lot more games worth taking a look at. Just to name a few: Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Quake and the whole id-family (Wolfenstein:ET, True Combat:Elite, Urban Terror, ...), Assault Cube. The list goes on. Again, we all understand that CS:GO is a succesfull game and Valve obviously figured out how to keep a competitive scene running. However, the point is BAT1944 is going to be a more fast-paced game set into a historic environment, just like what COD2 used to be. That said, you've got to understand that certain features aren't going to work as well as they do for CS:GO simply because of the different pace and setting. They won't fit. Secondly, merely focusing on the competitive side of things will dry out your playerbase quickly, because most players will only stay as long as they enjoy the game. Try picturing the thousands of novices coming into FPS gaming every year. You got to give them the chance finding their way into the game without full competitive pressure, as the whole gaming thing usually is a sparetime activity and is supposed to be fun, right? This is one example where Valve - or Bulkhead for that matter - could do better. CS:GO has only one mode that is not round-based and therefore could be considered a real casual mode, namely team deathmatch. Unfortunately, even that mode only really works for warming up before entering competitive matches, because there is like no single map designed around TDM. The random spawn-points finally kill any chance of truely enjoying that mode as such. Anything else CS:GO is providing under the 'casual' label seems only to be there, in order to prepare for competitive play. I'm convinced having an explicit casual side of a game doesn't hurt the competitive side at all. Leaving out or belittleling casual play, on the other hand, will most likely cause a great deal of potential players to stay away completely. Finally, CS has been one of the first multiplayer FPS games around and probably does live a lot from that alone and there is a portion of their community that isn't fully happy with the ridgid competitve scope of the game. I guess if CS would have been released only a few years later, it woulnd't have become that huge success it is today. COD4 promod died because Activision wanted it to die in favor of upcoming iterations and sales, rather than people got bored. -- Edit -- I could have saved a lot of typing if only I saw this a little earlier.
  15. Wow. Mind getting off that high horse for once? In reality this has never been happening in these very forums. And no, you're not the only competitive guy around - not that I was talking about me here. Besides that, those folks at Bulkhead have been playing CS:GO a little as well and maybe even a few more other competitive shooters, so maybe, yeah maybe they don't need you to tell them how those games work. Seriously, if CS:GO was the #1-perfect-game-of-all-times for you, then why even bother with BAT1944?