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  1. RLpacifist

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    @Zane, I'm afraid you're missing the point here. I'm not trying to explain why the game may be no fun to play for the general public. Again, I only tried figuring out, why it doesn't make me want to play it anymore after only about 20 hours played total. That's since Alpha 5. Mind you, my feedback on the game after the first time ever playing it was "not exactly blowing me away" and I couldn't play at all for the last 3 weeks and there's quite some stuff being changed in the meantime, like maps' layouts. Questioning my honesty here is pretty presumptuous, to put it mildly. Look, it is not like a conscious decision to make when you quit a game in disgust literally saying out loud "I don't need this". That's what happened, believe it or not. The big question I'm trying to answer myself is, what made it happen because I'm the last person who would have expected myself being put off like that. Besides, you singling out that one game mechanic and throwing COD4PROMOD!!! as the universal argument at me is why I don't see a ground for healthy discussing this kind of stuff at the moment. Considering a mechanic that always slows you down, that is, interrupting your movement, while reloading (not only when you wish to cancel a badly timed reload, which in most skilled based games is supposed to leave you fragged and rightfully so) to be 'fluid', is beyond me. Sorry, but we either talk about good game design as open-minded as possible or just take the cheap road and die trying to clone COD best possible. I'm not in for the latter one obviously. Though, just to give you an idea how things could be if people would allow themselves to look a little further than COD. In CS:GO you can cancel out reloads by changing the weapon back and forth and you don't have to mess with your movement. Great, isn't it.
  2. RLpacifist

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Finally, the latest patch fixed some major bug for me, which caused the game to crash on launch and after about 3 - 4 weeks of forced absence I got to play again. Unfortunately, it took no less than another 10 more hours playtime and I suddenly find myself understanding how the player count happened to drop that fast. Believe me, I hate to say, but it really is not much of a fun experience playing this game at the moment, to me anyway. To be honest, I'm certainly not a prime example of what might be described as their target audience. In fact, I knew from the get-go that there will be a bunch of features I'm not too fond of, like prone posture, long ranged grenades, quick melee, and leaning. However, I still have been able to enjoy fps games to a satifying extent, even when those didn't tick all the boxes and the basic framework here seemed to be about alright. I expected to at least find some niche somewhere in the game, like casual CTF, where it really would shine for me. This certainly is not the case at the moment and with all the flaws combined, there are simply way more attractive alternatives spending time on. I read throw a lot of the feedback and critics people have voiced and in regards to gameplay, I would agree that there's a major design flaw underlying, which causes several particular issues to be brought up again and again. At the moment Battalion seems to be stuck somewhere in between a fast-paced arcade-ish and a more modern styled tactical shooter. Look, if this was to be a real fast-paced game, why would you cancel reloads while sprinting, why would you limit sprinting to such a ridiculously low amount of time, or even limit it at all? How does mantling fit into the picture, when movement is supposed to be down to players' skill? Why would you allow such a low TTK, while you're able to jump for miles and land perfect shots mid-air? This doesn't add up in my book. Looking at things from the other perspective, playing tactical doesn't make much sense either, especially having Wartide on mind here. The maps, which used to be laid out just right in a pretty straightforward fashion (3 lane model), suddenly got all kinds of additional routes and cross connections added to them. Now there are tons of angles to keep an eye on all the time. There are weird spots to hide and peek from. Sure, eventually you got to learn them all, but it makes it pretty hard to establish a proper line of defense and therefore encourages aggressive playstyles even on the defending side, which ultimately renders it another frantic run-and-gun mode. Actually, there are quite a few other, mostly smaller things getting in the way, adding to the list of frustrating situations. Lots of those, I guess, are part of any EA game and sure will receive some attention sooner or later. Most prominently, of course, server/connection issues (lost connection to host). Anyhow, I'm not here to ask Bulkhead to change this game the way I want it to be, nor do I feel a need to get into another discussion with the community at this point. I guess, foremost, I really just needed to get this disappointment off of my chest and rather than just staying away, at least leave some reasons as to why I'm not going to add to the concurrent player count for the time being. CYA
  3. Just realized that OP has the same GPU as me (GTX 770) and about the same rig behind it, too. Maybe something's going wrong on GTX 700 series?
  4. So, I finally took some time and removed that old graphics driver using DDU and installing the latest version. Unfortunately, the issue remains the same, exactly as described above. I can't play the game. Quite a bummer considering it ran pretty damn stable before the update on Valentine's Day.
  5. Can't play anymore since the latest patch neither. I do get the splash screen and I can select the region. That screen disappears and Battalion.exe loads in the background. Eventually, I get a message box popping up telling me "Battalion has crashed". Despite, the game continues to load and I can even navigate in the menu. When trying to connect to a game or the training area, it eventually would pop that error message box again and this time the game would kind of freeze and turn into a black screen and I would kill the process via task manager. I also tied to change the texture streaming parameter in the default.conifg. Changed nothing. My GFX-drivers aren't up to date (v381.65), which is kept intentionally as later drivers caused issues with another game which is built on an older engine. Therefore, I wouldn't like to mess around with those just now. I'd love to get a little more information on the technical changes that came with the latest patch, so I could try tracking down the actual problem here. (Technical specifications to be found in my profile's 'about me' section.)
  6. RLpacifist

    Frustrating map limits

    Agreed, especially the map Battery suffers from such counter-intuitive map designs, which make one believe a place was reachable when it actually is not. I do hope those spots will receive some attention in the future.
  7. Well said. @Farq-S, considering your first reply I guess you really believe this video provides some deeper inside that needs to be shared, but it does not and here's why. Story-telling, regardless whether in games, books, flicks or whatever of course does reflect things that are relevant to society. Therefore this may include morals, relations, politics, religion, you name it on various levels and depths. The more sophisticated things become, the more parallels can be drawn between those plots and actual - future, present or past - ongoings IRL. So, regardless the reasons a storyline got 'politized' (that term is as awful as it gets btw.) in the first place, at some point, it necessarily will become more serious in order to rise out of the shallow waters of good vs. evil. Think about it, there's nothing new to learn here. On top of that, in contrary to the guy from the video I wouldn't expect video games to take such a prominent spot as 'subconscious educational platform' and I do believe books, cartoons, movies, religious education and the regular day-to-day-struggles to have a greater impact in this regard. Basically, all the video is about is a guy being unnecessarily surprised by the fact that some games' storylines aren't complete nonsense. The real motivation seems to boil down to him being angry about his situation. Being a video game reviewer, who rather wants to talk about politics, yet incapable of realizing a video game youtube channel isn't the most appropriate platform for doing so. Besides that. I'm kind of worried how you already adapted those infamous clickbait headlines from youtube. Look, if you really mean it, we all got to watch that video, that is, then at least put some lines above the video telling us as to why it is so important.
  8. RLpacifist

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    @Duncan, there's something wrong with that equation. If there are so many things wrong with the game, then you probably didn't exactly enjoy those 135 hours, did you? Maybe it even drove you mad at times and left you frustrated more often than not? If that was indeed the case, do you really consider some shitty anything wasting your time and ruining your evening is worth any money at all? How much is one willing to pay for having a bad time? I mean, if you were to go to a concert with terribly butchered sound, the guitarists failing to tune their devices, drummer constantly being three ticks ahead, bassist drunk and useless as usual and the singer abysmally rasp and off all the time and the band playing the same set twice due to a lack of songs and the two following bands being even worse... Would you consider getting your money's worth, standing there in the cold with warm beer, because at least the whole show lasted 4 hours? Guess not. Actually, I used to calculate it the same way, so please don't take it personally or anything. It just happened I chose to pick this occasion to vent off some anger. However, at some point, I came to realize that it's not hours played but hours enjoyed that count. And I'm talking actual joy here. I'm talking endorphin and dopamine flooding your bloodstream while rushing through round after round. You know, that silly smile running all over your face while playing fully immersed, not realizing you should have put something on your stomach and gone to bed 4 hours ago. Real JOY! Not some mindfucking I-need-to-unlock-the-next-thingy kind of junky-addiction bullshit, where playing the game happens to be nothing more than some tedious duty you have to work your way through in order to finally get rewarded with the next virtual item. My god, how much do I hate the AAA-scheme of today...
  9. RLpacifist

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA/Dice)

    At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that whole shit-show actually is EA's well-plotted campaign to promote the game and finding out how far they can get, both at the same. As everybody knows, bad publicity is publicity no less and as of now pretty much every youtuber doing game stuff is featuring the game on their channel and feeding the controversy. Considering this undying meme, EA being a bunch of greedy fucks (not my words!), has been floating around for years now, their consultants probably figured there's no image to take damage from whatever outrageous scam they'll come up with anyway. So, go for it! Big time. Like, if everyone believes you were eating little kitties for breakfast, then heck, why not try one for real? They might indeed taste delicious... I mean, seriously, I do not watch much TV, social media stuff and all that, but I haven't seen a single spot promoting the game so far. Did they cut back on those huge add campaigns suddenly, or is it really just me missing them all out successfully? - edit - Haha, typed that. Went over to youtube. Got the Battlefront trailer shoved right into my face. Alright...
  10. RLpacifist

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA/Dice)

    Gosh! Like a year ago I seriously thought we were at the very peak of this bullshit and things could only get better from there. Boy, how was I wrong! While looking at this tremendously false prediction of mine, I'm starting to worry what might have changed regarding Battalion's selling model behind the curtain. You know, back there, in the dark...
  11. RLpacifist

    Cod ww2 Beta

    You got to regard COD as what it wants to be, mainstream entertainment, that is. That's all you need to know really. It's no different from mainstream music/movies/events/whatever. A little shallow, easy to digest and designed to sell well, before anything else. You usually don't feel fully satisfied by the mainstream scheme? Well, alright, then better stay away from that game. You like to play a few rounds leaned back on the couch with some friends every now and then? You might indeed enjoy the game, depends on you whether it's worth the investment or not... I spent about 8 hours on the Beta and I think the game is doing OK and it surely has its audience. However, the explicit casual game design is what left me bored and I have absolutely no incentive to ever buy the game. Simply not my cup of tea and at this price tag nothing I'd get for shit and giggles only. Anyway, I wouldn't hold my breath for COD ever becoming a more serious shooter again. Their shit sells like hotcakes, so there's no need to change the scheme.
  12. RLpacifist

    When is the next beta?

    From the information given I don't see closed beta is going to happen neither. If that's indeed the case, I wished they would just have stated so explicitly - 'There will be no closed beta.' - in the latest Kickstarter update. That washy 'going dark' and 'see you all in January' leaves a little too much space for interpretation, as we can see in here. Personally, I don't really mind if the closed beta phase will be skipped and the game jumps right into early access, that is, open beta, if everything is going as well as being told. Though, I do expect them to go through sufficient testings across a wider range of hardware in the background nonetheless, so people won't have to go through hours of troubleshooting in January. You can't pull the early-access-isn't-ready-yet-card when omitting a basic testing phase and ending up with a stunt. Not in my book anyway. However, I won't blame any beta backer growing bad feelings over this as, like RAFF points out, the closed beta has been part of the deal, to begin with.
  13. RLpacifist

    Rifle Balance

    I'm not sure what exactly is supposed to be 'impossible' here and who said SMGs will kill with 3-4 shots and where you got the RPMs from in order to make such an equation. Not intending to pick on you particularly here, but it seems some people have that one game on their minds where things are done this or that way and they happen to be incapable of allowing themselves to look into other directions. There's a ton of different shooters out there, with a whole lot of varying approaches to weapon balance and even more possible ways around and in between. Yes, yes I know, Battalion is based on COD2/4 gameplay, so why even bother bringing up any other shooter, but still, people may have different backgrounds. Just keep that in mind. Anyway, I used the term 'generally spoken' because I didn't really mean to get into the discussion without ever playing the game and therefore simply shared what appears to be more established from the selection of games which I've been playing. To be honest, 'one hit kill to the torso' doesn't sound too appealing to me, but weapon balance is too complex of a field than this would be a maker or breaker all by its own. As of now, all I can possibly say is, yeah that could work out. Depends. I might come back to the discussion once Beta is running and I can tell first hand.
  14. RLpacifist

    Joe Brammer @ DDL

    Just loving it.
  15. RLpacifist

    Rifle Balance

    Generally spoken, body+chest 2 hits and head+neck 1 hit sounds more familiar to me. Agreed, that's why I think that spot shouldn't be any larger than the neck area.