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    Update on progress please

    I'm going to be 100% honest here. Hate it or love it. I believed in the idea. I believed that Bulkhead was going to do what they promised us in their first video on Kickstarter. I was hyped right away. This hype didn't end. The game went in Alpha and I was still believing in the developer team (although I thought Joe was an arrogant asshole sometimes), and I thought the horizon was looking good. The game was fun and the roadmap looked neat. I shared the idea/game with every gamer I knew and two of 'em bought the Early Access on release. The game went in Early Access. They left the forums, player numbers faded, and the frequent news and updates were gone. I hoped that this shit was temporary, but it's september and nothing much has changed. Like... What the fuck happened? I hope they turn things in a good way soon. But I have the itchy feeling they're just going to abandon the game after "release" and show a nice middlefinger to everyone who really believed in this game and in their team. I guess I'll take the L. The idea was perfect. The execution is/was pretty fucking shit. ?
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    How can i mod own maps ?

    Can't wait!
  3. That's awesome! Great to have you here! I hope you'll find some good chaps to frag with!