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  1. BlueSmiley

    How can i mod own maps ?

    Can't wait!
  2. That's awesome! Great to have you here! I hope you'll find some good chaps to frag with!
  3. BlueSmiley

    Never posted in a welcome desk before...

    Hey, welcome! The M1 is my favorite weapon too. ^^ Nice channel btw. I subscribed! Hope to see some B44 action soon!
  4. BlueSmiley

    Smiley Cod1 duder

    Welcome, Razor! I noticed it too. He's been replying in nearly all of the introduction posts. I guess he needed to get a decent postcount...
  5. Gij begint op elk spel een clan zeker? Welcome...
  6. BlueSmiley

    [EU] CaraPils looking for a team

    Worth noting: He's also a highly toxic player. It's a shame since i'm looking for Flemish players to play with.
  7. BlueSmiley

    Purchase 1944

    What tier did you back? Login on Kickstarter.com, click on Battalion 1944 and you can see your pledge there.
  8. Wow! They should hire your ass!
  9. Wasted cash? I don't think so. You can grind to lvl 10 on MM while having fun on your community server too. You can play competitive once you're lvl 10 and I think that's all what matters?
  10. BlueSmiley

    same old crap

    You're way too friendly to this type of trolls dude.
  11. BlueSmiley

    How can you see your actual FPS?

    In Steam (It shows your FPS in every game you play on this platform): Settings - Ingame - FPS Counter In Battalion 1944: Settings - Gameplay - Show FPS - Enable
  12. BlueSmiley

    Games Menu

    Great post! I like your idea very much, but I love the simplicity of the existing menu too. It has it's charm.
  13. BlueSmiley

    Early Steam Access Key

    I'm pretty sure the developers don't check the Kickstarter page anymore since it's releasing on Steam tomorrow. You should DM BigTuna. Make sure to tell him about your pledge and survey answers. Good luck!
  14. BlueSmiley

    Early Steam Access Key

    Go to the Kickstarter page and login. Do you see 'You're a backer' in top right? 'View pledge' is at the right. Click on it. Once you clicked on it you'll see 'Reward' 'Survey' and 'Messages'. Click on Survey.
  15. BlueSmiley

    Early Steam Access Key

    Did you fill in the Kickstarter survey? You don't have your forum tag either? Anyway... You should contact @[CM] BigTuna and i'm sure he'll sort it out for you. (Beware: Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day for him, so give him some time to respond)