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  1. Exactly. We need our fix! Like... NOW! :'(
  2. Fake Battalion 1944 demo

    Nice work! Reported the video.
  3. Gamescom 2017

    Looks good! It's weird he was allowed to stream it though.
  4. How Many Keys

    Your nickname fits you well, sir. Sorry for Off-Topic. Hence the signature.
  5. Gamescom 2017

    Damn right. Someone been streaming? Wtf?
  6. CoD2 Fragmovies

    Ha, was watching We Are Call of Duty 4 a few days ago myself. Still love these fragmovies! Thanks for the vids!
  7. How Many Keys

    What a thread... Look. With the beginning of the Kickstarter project, the forums were booming. There were multiple new threads being posted per hour and there were like dozens of people online at the same time. It was one big party with very nice people, booze, clowns and balloons. Everyone was posting ideas and hoping their ideas would help the developers shape the game they wanted. Now: The game is in a early alpha stage. The developers have an idea about what the players/potential buyers want, and the game has attracted a couple of ex-(semi)professional Call of Duty 2 and 4 players to the forum. Most of these fine gentlemen have received access to the Alpha via a free key or they've just bought the Alpha pack when people were able to. All these people talk on the private forums since the alpha is under NDA and we can't discuss this stage outside these boards. It's pretty normal that the rest of the forum is inactive in my opinion. And it's mostly the people who know what they're talking about who post in these forums, and the ultran00bz like myself just (dis)agree with them. The hidden forums aren't soopa doopa active themselves as you would expect with all those alpha backers, but the posts that are being made are very detailed and definitely useful for the developers. I like that. I'd rather have a few people who know what they're talking about than a few thousand kids who join the alpha and post 'omg diz game is so lame lulz im gonna tell my mommy' on the forums and twitter a few minutes later. And the beautiful tale is true. The number of people who play the Alpha weekends is decreasing since the most of us "have seen it all". But don't worry... The developments are going wonderful and i'm pretty sure the community will be here again as soon as Bulkhead releases new game modes and maps in the alpha. And please remember that Bulkhead isn't promoting this game with their alpha, so there aren't people joining. Only leaving. And that's completely normal. I'm pretty sure the bigger commercial stuff is for Early Access/release. And it's normal they aren't active on these forums since they're busy with developing the game, drinking beer and Gamescom. Sorry for my broke ass English. xoxo
  8. New Game - Black Squad

    I'm playing this while I type. EZ AF, but really addicting! PS: Ryan! <3
  9. Battalion's community health

    Okay. I'll check it out.
  10. Hi, I'm Spie / Neca

    Good luck with the aids and everything.
  11. Battalion's community health

    The guy I have send a link told me the link was expired. Did I use the wrong one?
  12. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    What's that? You mean a Battle Royal game mode? I don't really see something like that working in BAT44.
  13. Fan club / page

    What are your future plans with this page? I only see things which the developers post on twitter. You could advertise the public Battalion Discord server perhaps? Or make the forum a bit more known? A few ideas for when the NDA lifts/the game is released: Make your own short, simple videos about game updates Let people send you footage of fails/great plays and gather them in weekly or monthly videos Advertise LANS which host Battalion (partner up with some of the bigger names? Do a key giveaway once the game is in Early Access? I'll attract more people! Try to do some interviews with Bulkhead Interactive. That would be f*cking sweet. Don't advertise Days of War! (I lol'd) Anyway, I somehow unliked this page. I thumbed it up again. Good luck with your page.
  14. Battalion's community health

    PM @[CM] BigTuna and he'll work this out for you! I tried inviting someone last week, but the link was expired, so I guess he'll have to invite you manually.
  15. D - DAY MAP

    I've seen a question about this map on Twitter and Howard replied with "We are working on it". I don't really know why people are already asking about this since the game is in very early alpha stage. It'll come.. don't worry.