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  1. Cool clan name
  2. CoD2. Always happy to help with funds.
  3. " I am 15 years old, Been playing a lot of COD1, COD2, WAW, BF1943, Brothers in arms, MOH Allied Assault" *Hall of Fame* +1 For you, sir. Good luck finding a clan that suits you!
  4. They probably wear shirts with sarcastic quotes which are aimed at us all. Anyway. Give us the stuff already. Pretty please? I'm in a desperate need.
  5. Oh God, yes...
  6. I like that website of yours, dude. Very neat and easy on the eyes. But seriously, someone should rework that logo!
  7. 1. Numpad? I've seen a friend of mine playing with those. Quite sick to watch. I agree with what you have said, but i'm sure this was already planned. 2. I actually like wall banging, but i'm a Counter-Strike player, so... 3. I don't really care. I don't even participate in threads about med packs. 4. Agreed. 5. One of the developers told us that the Kar98 already behaves the same as in CoD2, so i'm pretty sure we're good here. *hype* 6. You'll never be able to ditch campers, bro. Admins can slap, slay, kick or ban 'em, but I guess that's the only thing that's possible. 7. Agreed. 8. Agreed. 9. Agreed. This is so important! I hope they'll manage to get it right. 10. The server needs something that many games had back in the day: a High-Ping kicker! Hooray!
  8. This is worth a share and a trillion likes. What do you guys think? Discuss!
  9. Thanks for this!
  10. I didn't play BF1 for the last 14 days either. I loved it in the beginning, but it was quite boring in the last couple of weeks I played it. The game still looks amazing in my opinion, but it's pretty empty gameplay-wise. I played it for 130 hours by now, but I guess I won't be playing again until the first DLC hits. Todays Winter Update doesn't add anything interesting, so that won't get me booting BF1 either. Anyway, BF4 was way better! Bummer.
  11. They're going back to their roots, they said. I want to see some CoD 1-4 gameplay then. #notgonnahappen
  12. DoW should be a fast-paced arcade FPS. Not a realistic D-Day simulator
  13. Wolf. Seriously. How do I get this mod? Their website is offline? This looks friggin' awesome!
  14. Hold on, mate. You're mistaking this with the DoW forums? LOL. (Not hating on DoW. I have fun with it and I believe the developers will improve that game!) But as Ryan said, this is Bulkhead, bro. We're good. Check out the forums and their Twitter and read what the developers have to say. It's quite promising, to be honest! This is their twitter account. Have fun scrollin':
  15. Oh noes!