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  1. I wish you wouldn't argue about things that dont really help the conversation. Yes Dirtybomb, you have Classes, you can give ammo & health, you can get people up if they are down, engineers to repair things quicker, you can carry objectives, destroy objectives, repair objectives. For noobs without a tutorial its more complicated than battalion would be. It doesnt really matter, are you arguing about putting a tutorial in battalion? because why else would you make that comment? im confused. I personally dont see the need. lol
  2. Competitive League

    yeah, but I would say its down to the dev's to sort out the anticheat. It would be very hard for a 3rd party to create. But you are right, if there is lots of cheating going on then the ladder will just become inactive. On scrimbase one method they use is to force players to record a demo file, by typing a console command. and if requested the player has to send that demo file or they lose the match. Then anyone can playback the demo and see if there is cheating. But we will have to wait and see what we can do in Battalion.
  3. How many hours you play the game would work, I use that myself to check players, but im sure the devs can generate a better metric, ranks, elos etc. tutorials are good, but they work better for more complicated games. Like Dirty Bomb is another game I play, but still people are clueless, lol. in quakelive, they removed the tier system when it moved to steam and they allowed private servers. The community stepped in to fix the issue of balance caused by removing the tiers. They created a 3rd party website that calculated player elo scores, which they got by monitoring live server data. Then private servers introduced a max and min elo setting. So if a player joined who was below the required elo it would give error message and kick them from the server. This was a good solution but it could have been better. It didnt make it easy for a player to work out which server would better match their skill level. It was messy and unclear and I would hope for something better on battalion. Also keep in mind that some people enjoy trolling, so a skilled player might enjoy pwning the noobs really hard. If they can, then they will. So what I feel should be considered is, noobs can be protected, but at the same time able to play with their freinds who might be pro. At the same time pro's should be protected from noobs messing up their game, but able to play with their noobie freinds when they introduce them to the game. So that would require 3 sets of server types, Lower skill, Mixed skill and Higher skill... It wouldnt be needed at the start (release day), but eventually as players get better they will start to stop play the game if this type of tier isnt introduced. In my honest opinion.
  4. Yeah, if the match making algorithm is good for competitive then that wont be a problem. But public servers can be a problem though. E.g. a new player trying to learn to play for the first time and then a seasoned vetran showing up and raping them hard... it wont do the game any good. Serious consideration needs to be taken to make sure the player base grows as large as possible. Some examples, Have "beginner" servers that prevent higher ranks from joining. That way people can be left alone. But also consider that noobs might want to play with their freinds who are higher ranks, so give the noobs the option to play with higher ranks too. Also have "pro" servers, that prevent noobs from joining? And keep in mind that servers will apparently be hosted by the 3rd party server companies, paid for by the players, so this whole discussion interests me a lot, I hope they do it all properly
  5. Competitive League

    oh yea, Icey is an admin too. Thats good then. We managed to get Days of War active for a while, but it turned out to be a bit of a shit game. I have more faith in B44 But if there is a built-in ladder in the game then people might not want a 3rd party. So we'll see...
  6. First of all, I want to explain my intention for writing this. I have experineced in many games, popularity decreasing because of development failures. The failures I am talking about is the common situation of forcing experienced players to play against noobs. This is the worst thing that can happen and I will explain why. Now for any game I want to get good at, I want it to also grow in popularity and thats what I am worried about. Lets ignore the release date and go forwards 1 year from that point. In a year's time there will be a lot of good players, also there will still be new players joining the game. Now if you put a good player against noobs its going to annoy them to the point where they might feel like giving up the game. They might think "My team mates are idiots, only noobs play this game, there is nothing fun, Im gonna stop playing this dead-end game". lol The noobs will get beaten to shit and probably think "this game is too hard, I dont wanna play this anymore". So my quesiton is, what processes are going to be put in place to prevent this? I would hope an advanced balancing system, elo based rankings to use in the balancing. Another solution could be allow public servers the ability to set Rank\ELO thresholds? There needs to be tier systems, I've seen it in many games and its worked great. In APB you had bronze,silver,gold. In Quake you had Tier1,2,3 &4. The matches need to be atleast fair, balance is massively important imo... This system wont be needed on launch day, but you do need to think about balance & tiers early on, because it will be much easier to introduce later
  7. leaning system ?

    not like moh no. in moh you can run and lean. In cod4 i believe you need to be standing still?
  8. How will the ranking system work?

    might end up adding battalion to scrimbase too, so clan wars could be done through that also
  9. Competitive League

    Hello, my freind built a website which is very similar to what Clanbase was. For anyone who doesnt rememeber clanbase, it was an ELO based ladder system. I can get Battalion added if there are clans who would be interested. Post some support here and I will show him this thread if I get a few replies. His website is called Scrimbase if you want to check it out.
  10. Headshots (Idea)

    Did what?
  11. Headshots (Idea)

    yeah headshot notifier is also a useful feature, that is very true. something like one of these would be nice imo. I quite like number 6
  12. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    For a game I played called Dirty Bomb, you could modify the hud. By default all the items of the hud were around the edges and corners, this didnt seem to be the most useful. Since we needed to keep an eye on the clock so moving it elements towards the center (crosshair) turned out to be better. So people created a "centered hud". Here is a screenie.
  13. Headshots (Idea)

    Ok, I see what you mean guys, my idea was more about sounds and graphic effects than it was about bullet damage and player health. How about, if a bullet hits top half of head, play sound effect of bullet ricochet off metal, and a small spark, but it also kills the player... So nice splash of blood too. So that wouldnt change the game mechanic in any way, it would just look and sound cool as fuck.
  14. Leaning System

    Oh, and not to present this as an argument, but the leaning example video in this thread was probably someone just putting together a quick demonstration for the purposes of showing mohaa leaning. If you guys want to see it being used in real match situations then this video would probably be better
  15. Headshots (Idea)

    I just came up with a random idea and thought I would post it. I noticed the metal helmets and I was remembering scenes from world war movies where a guy would get hit on the helmet, then he would be stunned for a second, then the next bullet would come and hit his helmet again but this time going through into his head. That got me thinking about the H1Z1 mechanic, where the helmets would take 1 bullet, so 2 taps to the head would kill the player. So I was thinking maybe each player could get a metal sound the first time he is hit in the head with a spark? then the 2nd time instead of metal spark you would see blood and he be dead... Anybody like this idea? Please feel free to comment your own idea or suggestion on headshots