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  1. Why is the Game so dark?

    I agree, posted this request sometime ago, good replies from the community, nothing back from the Devs as yet ! You are right about the maps, I have the game at Ultra, I suspect if you tone the graphics down to black and white it makes it easier to see the enemy. In MOHAA there was a cheat which allowed players to make the enemy orange ! used to ruin the game, I suspect some of the pro players do not max the game out, to allow maximum frame rates. I prefer to look at leaves and good scenery which does hamper play I am sure.

    Cheers dpolar, this setting is the least of the problems at the moment.
  3. Adjusting brightness?

  4. Mixed reviews on Steam

    The servers I can get into are usually hosted by a French gaming group ( I am based in the UK) game is enjoyable and takes me back to when I was young and could actually see who was shooting me I am sure the server side will be fixed, it is early access and even the big game publishers (CoD series) had issues with new releases. Stay with it ''without vision the people will perish''
  5. Spiffing old chaps tally ho!

    I guess I will find out for myself, at 1700 hrs GMT on Feb 1st
  7. Is the Game following the original Kickstarter Campaign ?

    It is a valid question I have asked Blue Smiley. It is nothing to do with why where or how I participate in the game. The answer I seek I will reiterate, is from the Dev's!
  8. Is the Game following the original Kickstarter Campaign ?

    Hello Freakshow how are you doing. No my opinion is not important but for the record the Game has evolved and could well be outstanding in the final version. I am only interested to see if the Dev's feel the game has followed the original Kickstarter campaign. PS, everyone is quite entitled to post a reply but the answer I seek is Dev's. opinion in print.
  9. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Reply to all the posters. Wait until the final finished game is released and form an opinion. In the words of Joseph Stalin "Time will tell"

    Is this going to be available in the game menu for the Early access on February 1st ? There was no slider control in place in the most recent Beta games, brightness is aligned to your desktop settings with no provision to allow you to change in the games settings. Is this by design ? Most games using the Unreal engine have a facility to allow screen brightness applied to an individual game using the in game video settings menu. This negates the need to resort to GPU menu settings such as Nvidia or AMD profiles, or the destop video settings in the operating system. Changing the game brightness can only currently be achieved by tabbing out of the game or using a third party piece of software in the current build.
  11. Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

    I remember DOGS and UKUF,I should say I remember being soundly beaten by DOGS and UKUF
  12. Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

    Clop, yeah Spearhead was superb played with MaB (Mad as Badgers ), welcome to the forums
  13. What antivirus

    I take on board what you say but look at the below links and quotes and make your own mind up, I am only trying to make users aware and help fellow Gamers just like you are. cheers Freakshow. But I am pointing out a fault in the code of Windows defender itself, this applies to Windows 8 and 10 although I appreciate old OS/'s like XP are not supported by Microsoft now. The vulnerability was in the Windows defender code itself which is the A/V that has been recommended as long as as it has now been updated by the user it should be ok to use. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3195434/security/microsoft-fixes-remote-hacking-flaw-in-windows-malware-protection-engine.html ''Microsoft has released an update for the malware scanning engine bundled with most of its Windows security products in order to fix a highly critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to hack computers http://techreport.com/news/31875/microsoft-patches-critical-security-bug-in-windows-defender '' Microsoft patches critical security bug in Windows Defender by Zak Killian — 4:30 PM on May 9, 2017 If you're running Windows Defender (quite a strong possibility if you're running Windows), make sure you've got all your updates. Microsoft issued a patch this past Monday for a vulnerability in its malware protection engine that could allow a remote attacker to gain control over any affected system simply by sending the victim a specially-crafted e-mail or instant message. The exploit can be activated when Windows Defender simply scans a piece of data, and doesn't require any action behalf of a local user to take effect. The vulnerability itself lies in NScript, a Defender component. NScript thoroughly checks in-flight data (whether on disk or network) that appears to contain JavaScript. The component runs completely un-sandboxed despite checking untrusted code. Given that Defender is one of Windows' most privileged processes, the vulnerability gives an attacker complete control over the system. To make matters worse, since it doesn't require user input, the flaw could be exploited programmatically. That means that someone could craft a self-replicating worm that uses the exploit to spread from system to system.''
  14. What antivirus

    The free Microsoft package is adequate, however after last weeks cyber attack which was using a loophole in the Windows O/S I would rather have a third party A/V Ensure your Windows firewall is on and that you have the hardware firewall on your router turned on, Some of you may only use your gaming computer for gaming and nothing else, if that is the case then Defender will suffice, if you check e-mails and use your gaming computer for anything else you may want to look at other products. The problem us Gamers have is that some A/V progs take over the computer and slow it up the only two I know which do not are Eset Nod32 and Windows Defender. I just prefer to waste my money on a third party product. No Antivirus is 100 % mainly it is down to how you use your computer. Most Gamers are near expert in computer management that includes most of us using these forums, but we can all get caught out and the better the safety net the best result will occur. To sum up Belts and braces, belts and braces lads.