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  1. I think this has been pretty much the same with every official game forum I've been a member off. More people more, opinions, as the saying goes "Opinions are like asshioles, everyone has one" The anonymity of the internet is the breeding ground for people to be aggressive, abusive with no fear of consequences. In real life most would probably never act this they'd get their teeth smashed down their neck. The worst on the internet is they get banned and are back 2 minutes later with a new account. With an added sense of smugness at how they beat the system with their amazing skilz Thankfully it's pretty much water off a ducks back to me, most forums have an ignore function and I use that. No point in arguing with idiots they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience as the saying goes.
  2. One of the few proper handed mice I could find that was good as well Razer Death Adder left handed version
  3. So casual I'll probably nod off during the odd game. Hopefully can find a like minded group of players that don't take themselves too seriously and actually like to joke about. Only 2 things care about in games are, don't cheat and don't be a dick.
  4. If you were talking about renting servers etc, be guessing it will be to companies like Multiplay(UK) or the equivalent in whatever country you would be in
  5. Always play games for fun and to unwind Used to be in a community that loved to have a laugh first and foremost. The one and only time we tried one of those ladder things in BF2 it was just full of people nade spamming, bunny hopping and dolphin diving all over the place. We were just an old fashioned group of gamers that just wanted a good dust up not a win at any cost type of gaming. Guess their tactics worked just wasn't for us. In the end we just used to play hide and seek to confuse the pro's. Guess we just needed to, I think the phrase is "git gud" Hopefully the game will have space for all types of players and game styles. We all get our kicks different ways
  6. Remember a few Rcon tools from Mohaa. I think I mainly used the one your talking about to change the gravity settings. Was like playing UT
  7. Happy New Year everyone
  8. Windows 10 i5 4670K 16gb GTX 970 Runs everything I play atm fine
  9. Last COD I brought and played was World at War. Stopped playing mainly due to cheats,lack of map and mod support, silly perks,streaks.ranks. COD 1 and 2 were the pinnacle of the game for me multiplayer wise. Never played the game competitively, never been in a clan. Was a member of a gaming community though for years playing all sorts of games. Rented our own servers and generally played the games for the laughs.
  10. Congratulations on winning
  11. Didn't they have some sort of Mortars in Battlefield 3 I think it was. Sure it got vilified by most players as a bit of a "noob" tactic. I used it a few times, it quite fun for a short while, found it didn't really suit my style of play (run and gun) and I never bothered again with it. Might be interesting to see it in a more realistic setting and would probably nullify campers. Certainly wouldn't be 100% against it
  12. Oh dear god I hope not . Who could forget the prone (dolphin) diving bugs/scripts from BF2 *shivers. Probably not really in keeping with the realism that is being aimed for with the game either.
  13. The British Lee- Enfield was always my favourite weapon from Call of Duty The Kar 98 and M1 Garand from Mohaa
  14. Anything by Johnny Cash at the moment Is that allowed or does it have to be some really really really cool obscure group?
  15. Like the idea as long as others have said it doesn't give an unfair advantage. Or there will be the obligatory pay to win comments. I play Elite Dangerous which offers paint schemes for ships and have quite happily purchased several myself. I see it as a way to freshen up my game and help the development and running with my purchases. I'm not sure I would like to pay for a mystery box though not knowing what was in it. Myself personally I prefer to know what I'm buying.