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  1. MrSandman

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Thought the fleas were supposed to have been calmed down since the last patch (not had a chance to play much lately so not tried it since update) Pity: ? I guess someone will be along soon to point out the "I wish people would stop calling it bunny hopping its strafe.....blah blah blah the difference is HUGE..... drone drone drone it takes immense skill to jab a button non stop......ZzzZZzzz. Then of course someone else will come along and say its not a problem and its MEGA MEGA MEGA easy to kill the fleas you simply need to use simple trigonometry algorithms to deduce angle to the power of bounce allowing for wind direction etc etc or they might just say "Git Gud as all the trendy kids say now.
  2. MrSandman

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel? less fleas hopefully. Will have another go and see when its released https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1673529613989051237
  3. MrSandman

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Yeah pretty much this. I was expecting Mohaa/Cod1-2 from the initial concept and got a re-skinned Quake game instead. I don't use reddit/twitter etc so rely on the so called official forums for info on the game, thankfully other members are more on the ball than the developers for sharing that info. I'll still keep dropping into the game. I used to make mohaa/cod maps using Radiant and look forward to the map tools being released. I just feel until the mod tools are released as well I'll still have to put up with the fleas bouncing around my screen.