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  1. powerbits

    Server crashes

    They open the servers for rent... so if you expect people to pay for servers that crash every 20 minutes then there is something def. wrong about that. Even so that multiplay will not be happy about it. Second, why is all this talk about competitions and gaming if the bloody game crashes all the time? Or does it not crash for the devs and competitions... I am not asking to polish the game, but wat i am saying that a game that crashes always needs more priority then filters on a server browser or the tuning of some guns! Wat i am saying is, please give the highest priority to this or the game will loose allot of people before its out of EA! If you dont understand that , then you dont understand much!
  2. powerbits

    Server crashes

    Why are there so many server crashes? Multiplay says its the game... Can we please work on this? WIthout good servers this game will fade down fast!
  3. If that is the case , they should not open the dedicated servers yet and wait for launch till at least this is stable...
  4. powerbits

    Custom servers need ranks

    ve Very true
  5. Hi Could you make a iframe , like gametracker does? Its to post on our website
  6. I agree, it needs top priority
  7. powerbits

    Hi I am Powerbits aka Frank

    I am the clanleader of the POWERBITS GAMETEAM ( http://www.pbsgameteam.com ) since as early as 2006. Yes the days when COD (COD1-2-4-5) was great and had good dedicated servers and customisations with mods and custom maps. In fact , feeling abit nostalgic, i like to share one of our fragmovies from these days in COD4 with the fantastic Xtreme mod: In those days i had a online shop where many of my customers where gamers, so one thing lead to another and a gameteam was formed! The team grew and more members came in, but because MW2 removed all servers (such a bad move) , we changed to Bad Company 2 and progressed through the battlefield series (BF3-BF4-BF1) Also we do Rising Storm 2 , wich is great thanks again to customisation. Watching this game develop (i am a backer) , i am convident this will also be a PBS game as we now do multiple games. I wish this game, its community all the best and hope you can give us, wat we once took for granted PS: We are recruiting here:
  8. powerbits

    Custom servers need ranks

    Guys i know its battalion 1944 , but clearly the game is based on the BEST COD days... So why not have a ranking system on a rented server? Clans build whole communities around a server and this would be even better
  9. powerbits

    [EU] CaraPils looking for a team

    Join PBS I am belgian Here is my clan:
  10. only the good ones buddy, thanks
  11. powerbits

    Server crashes

    Guys , I get that the game is not finished, but as somebodyy who rented a server and builds a community around it, the server crashes should be priority nr1 I hope this is the case?
  12. The Powerbits Gameteam is a highly experienced clan that has set its footprints in games since as early as 2006. Our members come from all corners in the world with the majority in Europe.As a mature institution in online gaming, our team has a refined ethos which guides us forward and keeps us grounded to our core values. This conditioning has set us apart as a clan and has allowed us to persevere through the years. Our success is directly linked to the willingness of our members to embrace this unique culture and advance it in their daily participation. The PBS Gameteam is a team that holds teamplay, fun, friendship and integrety high in its banner! Multiplayer games are made for teamplay and we can offer you a great teamplay experience with a reserved slot in a great server. PBS is organized and stable, with opportunities for any kind of player. We accept people from all walks of life and It does not matter if you are a novice or a pro gamer, you will enjoy yourself! We are respectful, determined, and proud to be [PBS] members. Our server: POWERBITS GAMETEAM MIXED 60HZ => Connect to Join us on: http://www.pbsgameteam.com/join-us Join our Discord: http://www.pbsgameteam.com/discord Facebook: http://facebook.com/PBSGAMETEAM Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PBSGAMETEAM