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  1. Cyruz

    Modifying .json files?

    All old json files is removed.There is only 1 json file in new 2.0. To edit weapons the market0.json is to look thrue i think
  2. Cyruz

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Well seems reddit and twitter are their main channels and not their own forum
  3. Cyruz

    Server Browser Issue.

    Guess we have to wait for devs to sort this out
  4. Well u seems to spend more time to type to me than trying to help him. But it could be that u dont have a clue. Even if its in your opinin wrong i atleast tried to help the guy.. This is more like a flaming thing and im not partisipate in it
  5. I cant do much about ignorance So why not help the guy instead ?
  6. Think u have a very bad tone here. Try to help !! instead not mocking others .Teamchange works but its not good
  7. Cyruz

    Server Browser Issue.

    Well i asume u have a windows server 80% No server in browser Linux 20% no server in browser
  8. Then u dont have correct settings in u server.ini suggest u post u server.ini here so we can take a look
  9. Dosnt matter if u alone just push M when u enterd the server and the join team menu will pop up and u can shose what ever u like. And if u joind wrong team just push M agan and swap over
  10. Cyruz

    Server Browser Issue.

    Happend to alot of server after last update. Something went wrong in last patch
  11. Cyruz

    Server Browser Issue.

    windows fuckup linux seems to work
  12. This is a very anoying problem
  13. Cyruz

    Battalion 1944 batta access code

    Well all we can hope for is that he will reply you with an answer. Otherwise if you want to play the game buy it at greenmangaming.com
  14. Cyruz

    How to unpack the Battalion pak files??

    So where is all the mods?