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  1. Cyruz

    Beta Testing This Weekend!

    Still shame they not post here. Its like Excel say their official website 🤬
  2. Cyruz


    I have been with this game from day 1 and i still belive in the game and think it will be a greate one. The future will tell ?
  3. Cyruz


    Arcade TDM CTF DOM in ranked arcade system those gametypes shoild rotate. How come that i several occations got connected to server that have rotation CTF DOM CTF no tdm even got connected to servers running TDM CTF TDM I find it odd that bulkhead run Dedi servers with removed gametypes..If u get connected to a sever u should at least stay there thrue a game cycle (TDM CTF DOM) and not thrown to a new server after every gametype . Thats one reason i think its players servers in the Arcade system. But can also be a bug in the game or something i dont know
  4. Cyruz


    So then i dont get the point to put u server in Arcade mode ? What does that funkton do then if it not put u server in the Arcade network my opinion is that u server will be in the Arcade network and only way to rank is to go thrue arcade u never know witch server u will be alocated to and yes u cant rank on u own server if u not get connected to it thrue arcade system. witch is highly unlikely I realy appreciate this discussion because there is no manual to how to run u server u have to do u own conclusions. and am in no ways saying that mine are correct
  5. Cyruz


    Offcorse real players is the best . But if there is no real players ? . If u play Arcade u will at 2 of 3 times get linked to a server with bots the more real players that gets alocated to the server the bots will stand off FillEmptySlotsWithBots=True is to keep server alive in the Arcade system Real players overide the bots. If a real player leave server a bot will take its place
  6. Cyruz


    since the start. ? thats the point with Arcade system
  7. Cyruz


    if u set u server in Arcade mode players will be thrown to u serverand get ranking. FillEmptySlotsWithBots=True
  8. Cyruz

    Free For All

    Before the 2.0 FFA was playable if u turnd off the minimap. Now u get stucked in spec mode and after 20 sec the server crash
  9. Cyruz

    Modifying .json files?

    All old json files is removed.There is only 1 json file in new 2.0. To edit weapons the market0.json is to look thrue i think
  10. Cyruz

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Well seems reddit and twitter are their main channels and not their own forum
  11. Cyruz

    Server Browser Issue.

    Guess we have to wait for devs to sort this out
  12. Well u seems to spend more time to type to me than trying to help him. But it could be that u dont have a clue. Even if its in your opinin wrong i atleast tried to help the guy.. This is more like a flaming thing and im not partisipate in it
  13. I cant do much about ignorance So why not help the guy instead ?
  14. Think u have a very bad tone here. Try to help !! instead not mocking others .Teamchange works but its not good