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  1. hope the new update is a success but can't help thinking you've missed a trick here. a tournament has been announced but wouldn't a free weekend to coincide with the update be good publicity?
  2. i've met james tatum (speaker in the vid). he's honest, sincere and cares intensely about his work. and all the other people i've met at bulkhead are no different. people like him are the reason i know that bulkhead would never take the money and run.
  3. Farq-S

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    ok, thanks for explaining to a simpleton like me.
  4. Farq-S

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    fair enough. so where does faceit fit in? clearly my lack of understanding of what faceit does is preventing me from grasping how matchmaking will be handled in future.
  5. Farq-S

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    tuna's post said battlerank is being "retired". i didn't interpret that as "for now" as you say. that reads more like its being cut permanently. i'm not familiar with how faceit works but i'm guessing it exists for the ultra competitive players. what about the thousands of players that would make up the bulk of any substantial player base? i'm not what i would call a competitive player but i want structured matchmaking that puts me in lobbies with other players close to my skill level to avoid one-sided games that players being repeatedly raped will leave and players that easily win become bored - and leave. only catering to a small group of players will not grow the player base. the average player is a potential competitive player but the competitive player is never going to be a potential average player so where's the gamemodes, gameplay and mechanisms that will grow the player base because i'm not seeing it in this update. like i said in my first post, tuna's update left much more unsaid than said.
  6. Farq-S

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    for update posts, the threads in that section of the forum should always be locked but bulkhead have usually forgotten to do it in the past so i can see why you think locking the thread is unusual. to the rest of your post, i was also surprised to see they're dropping battlerank as this was one of the biggest features pushed in selling the game so bulkhead should explain in much more detail why they're ditching it now. on the face of it the token system sounds too generic and open to abuse so i hope they've done alot of testing to shake out the flaws. if it comes out with bugs that's to be expected but if its systemically flawed that's inexcusable at this stage so where would they go from there? there was not a single mention of the excessive jumping and the weapon imbalances were downplayed. i'm concerned bulkhead still don't see these as glaring issues but if they haven't been changed significantly none of the other changes will matter. overall, i think the update was overly positive by not properly addressing many of the issues repeatedly raised to the point that it made me feel like it was abandoning its older player base in favour of new players that came in at EA. may not have been their intention but that's how i felt when reading it. however, my concerns won't be confirmed or allayed until the update drops in june. ultimately, what was most significant about this update to me was more about what they didn't say.
  7. any of you guys heard of this one? what do you think?
  8. Farq-S

    Battalion 1944 future.

    i'm responding to the OP which directly linked graphics to gameplay which is completely ludicrous.
  9. Farq-S

    Battalion 1944 future.

    WTF does a games graphics have to do with how it plays? animations yes, but graphics. if you want something great to watch go on netflix. a game like strafe looks like it was made in the 80s but it plays well. fortnite is 3rd person and looks like a cartoon but it plays well. overwatch looks like a cartoon but its one of the best playing fps games of recent years. the one thing that all these games have in common is first class animations. graphics is down to personal taste and has no bearing on how a game plays.
  10. Farq-S

    Kickstarter but no PS4 game key

    console version is coming sometime after full PC release. this was stated during the kickstarter. i know because i'm waiting for the console version too and checked before i backed the kickstarter.
  11. Farq-S

    Ironsight F2P

    its funny to me that this vid mentions cod black ops2 because i recently booted up the game and found 30,000 people still playing it on PS3. i'm still asking myself where's the catch with IronSight because, right now, its looking too good to be true.
  12. Farq-S

    Strafe jump poll

    not about casual vs competitive because the two should be kept separate. people don't play a game if they don't have fun and 15k players were clearly not having fun for various reasons. also, i don't ever recall a game starting as esport and growing. every single game has started as casual played for fun and enjoyment and growing into esport. sadly, i think bat44 is so far proving why this is the case.
  13. Farq-S

    Strafe jump poll

    this approach is how i imagined it would work when i realised there was going to be a competitive focus in the months immediately after the KS. the vanilla game (arcade) would be aimed at the casual/pub players and a competitive rule set for the "pros". on the face of it that's what we've got but there are too many elements of competitive in the arcade as well as a faulty spawn system and maps not primarily designed for TDM and CTF game modes. example, the flag runner not being able to sprint in CTF is a great idea if both sides are playing as a unit and helping each other but a nightmare for casual/random players who don't or won't communicate.
  14. thanks for sharing, RL. your philosophy of shooters sounds very similar to mine so i can relate to a lot of what you say. of all you've said the biggest comment that stands out to me is that the game is confused as to what it's trying to be. the combination of low ttk, fast movement and laser beam weapons sounds like the mix is too rich for all but those who play tournament matches. one, two or all of these 3 things has to give. it's just a matter of what and when. unfortunately, for some players who are disappointed by the latest update, the when is probably already too long.
  15. what would be more helpful is if you explained why you think the new lighting is a problem giving examples for your reasoning. just saying please change it back is essentially useless feedback. btw, i know the downvotes trigger some people so just letting you know that downvote wasn't me.
  16. my personal preference would be they introduce mantling and nerf jumping because jumping in Battalion is pretty much broken in my opinion.
  17. my guess is because there is no mantle mechanic in the game the jump distance has to be exaggerated otherwise players wouldn't be able to reach some of the jump spots designed into the maps. if they nerfed the jumping then some part of the maps would have to be redesigned. the voting system was disabled in the past at the request of the community because it was being abused by trollers. Bulkhead unwisely reintroduced it. most people who have been on the forums for a while just ignore the voting completely. i suggest you do the same as it seems to be abused by the recent newcomers to the forum who are unaware of the history.
  18. Farq-S

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    steady on there, Beasty. this is an EA/DICE game we're talking about. i would restrain the hype until we see it.
  19. what should be the priority? more maps or improving the ones we already have first? i would say the issues highlighted on the existing maps should be resolved before putting out more maps with similar issues. don't know how developed new maps would be but its been just one month since EA which i would guess isn't enough development time. i would say, in no particular order; - TTK - Matchmaking - netcode - Spawns in arcade mode - invisible walls - jump shooting - strafe jumping