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  1. as far as i can tell, most armies around the world have a service number system. aussies called it a service number. canadians had a regimental number. nazis had a membership number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_number it's a tiny detail but how easy would it be to give each player a unique service number? maybe the first 100 numbers could be allocated to the dev team.
  2. having played a few minutes with the M1 Garand in Bat44 i already know it'll be my goto gun. its that good. i'll be amazed if they don't eventually nerf it to some degree.
  3. i didn't buy one of the kickstarter pledges that included alpha testing but if i did i would be very p1ssed off with what now looks like an extremely limited testing phase. i honestly cannot tell how much of this decision is based on security concerns, the cost of renting dedicated servers or lack of trust in the kickstarter backers but whatever the reasons it's never going to come across well if you take people's money then give them less than what is reasonable to expect in return. when you boil it all down it's as simple as that. in the pre-alpha gameplay vid is a message from the devs which included......."from developers: TRANSPARENCY so that players know....that their voices are being heard". this is a situation where we need more transparency. saying sorry guys, plans have changed just doesn't cut it at this stage. Tuna's response - transparent enough for me. thanks.
  4. look at some of the camos that existed in WW2. not all of the camos available were necessarily used on the guns back then but can be stretched to guns in a video game. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ww2+camouflage&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWmI_n4r3TAhWWF8AKHboZAEsQ_AUIBygC&biw=1366&bih=638
  5. they did but later decided not to recreate any real world locations for various reasons. instead, the maps are inspired by real locations.
  6. i'm on console so the whole modding scene doesn't even apply to me so i have no agenda in what i've said. to me it's what i've seen in the devs approach to this game and it simply makes sense. and why is time a factor? we've not had a decent WW2 shooter for 10 years so 2 more years isn't much of a stretch. Day of Infamy is out now. isn't that closer to a realistic shooter? also, your argument is based on the behaviour of devs making other games, not bulkhead. until we get to that stage i prefer to take these devs at their word until they prove me otherwise and not judge them based on other devs in the past.
  7. the devs have actively encouraged the modding community from day one. they are building the game in UE4 and have consistently encouraged people to learn UE4 and promised to provide the modding tools in the game. there are 2 main reasons for this approach. (1) they are a small studio and do not have the resources to make versions of the game that cater to the different communities desperate for this game. (2) by giving access to modders it leaves the devs free to make the type of game they are passionate about without compromising their vision. i'm sure that when this game comes out we'll see every type of Bat44 under the sun once the modders get their hands on it. and the devs will be able to cherry pick the best mods and patch them into the vanilla game. this is why the devs are so focused on getting the movement and feel of the game right because that is the one thing that carries over into any version of the game. cod would have been even bigger than it is today had activision not pushed out modding in favour of lining their pockets with cash from yearly releases.
  8. it can be a very short and simple sequence. example, a sequence structured like 4306-A-0001 has 2.6bn combinations if you use all 26 letters of the alphabet. more than you'd ever need.
  9. found this interesting pic which got me thinking about someone's suggestion of putting team logos on gloves for competitive matches.
  10. not cherry picking. earlier, you stated the mechanic was flawed without explaining why so i had no way to rationalize your statement and comment until now. if i thought your argument was valid i'd agree but it's not.
  11. calling a mechanic flawed because a player can 'accidently' throw a nade is a very weak argument for changing it. the mechanic isn't flawed, it's the player's action that's flawed and no mechanic should be created to mitigate accidents.
  12. how about these mittens. very distinctive
  13. hearing @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON describe the economy in Bat44 in the interview with @DustMouret got me thinking about how to minimize trolling when playing with randoms. maybe, each round, a different player gets first pick from the stack. so, if there's 5 players on a team player 1 gets first pick, then player 2, then 3 and so on. then, in round 2 player 2 gets first pick player 3 gets second pick and so on. a time limit could be applied to each pick so if player 1 doesn't pick within 10 seconds he misses his turn until the other players have picked so he has a smaller stack to pick from. it then becomes a game within a game but a game with very simple rules but requires all players to be constantly analysing the game and making quick decisions even in what is usually downtime between rounds. it also makes players mix up their playstyles more which keeps the game fresh.
  14. like this?
  15. i've come up with an idea for how i think the economy could work. i'll say again, my personal preference is to not have an economy at all but working on the assumption there's going to be one anyway, i can see the benefits of having one and the additional depth to gameplay it brings. Battalion 1944 Stack Screen.pdf
  16. there will be scoped snipers but no separate weapon attachments.
  17. my personal preference is no spawn advantage or economy but from what @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON said in his interview with @DustMouretit's likely that there will be an economy. so, rather than argue against it completely i've suggested a 2 second stamina advantage as a compromise. yes, i can see that it can be argued that it's a perk but it's no more of an advantage as having an additional sniper rifle or grenade. in previous cod games there were perks that allowed you to carry 2 primaries and additional grenades. everything in an economy system is basically a perk albeit temporary and situational. so, i don't see how people can be in favour of some form of economy but then say no 'perks'. either you're in favour of an economy or not. as long as everything within that economy isn't OP and has a counter i don't see a problem. i would argue that using an economy to your teams advantage does require a degree of skill in so much as good game sense, map knowledge and assessing your enemies strengths and weaknesses and exploiting that. your team may have an additional sniper or can sprint 2 seconds longer but you've still got to be able to use that sniper and know the map to maximize that extra sprint. spawn advantage to me is OP because it would be very difficult to counter. being able to sprint 2 seconds longer is counterable with a bullet to the face. yes i want an old school shooter but gaming has moved on since those days and that fact can't be ignored.
  18. i like the idea of each team having a stack and the tactical depth it gives to the game but i have to agree that any sort of spawn advantage is too powerful. so, maybe remove the spawn advantage and instead add a card to the stack that increases the teams stamina by 2 seconds. the team with the advantage still have to use it tactically. if they use it recklessly by running through the middle of the map, for example, the other team still have the opportunity to counter that advantage by picking them off with a sniper or cutting them off with a pre-nade.
  19. it's a max of 3 seconds (3 winning rounds) and then the streak resets. but i agree even 3 seconds sounds like way too much of and advantage. maybe 0.5 second increments to a max of 1.5 seconds would be better.
  20. I EFFING LOVE THE ECONOMY IDEA! and that's coming from someone who didn't care for it 6 weeks ago.
  21. good interview @DustMouret and @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  22. the console version of Bat44 is still a long way off but thought i'd share my thoughts on what controller configs would be nice to have as this is an area where some games have offered limited variety. the perfect setup would be to copy what Overwatch have done which is basically exactly the same as they've done for PC. i don't know if there are technical limitations that prevent console games from allowing binding buttons individually as the player wants. Anyway, i've attached my ideas. sorry, but i don't have an xbox so don't know what's best for those guys but feel free to use this file to put in your own ideas. Controller Configs.xlsx
  23. troller. ignore him. blocked.
  24. many people did complain about the graphics but the devs explained they removed graphical features in favour of optimizing performance which was the right decision because nearly everyone at EGX said how fluid the game felt.