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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPMtTtbjvh8
  2. Price Strategy

    lawbreakers released yesterday for $29.99 and has a lot of similarities with Bat44. -FPS -multiplayer only -UE4 -dedi servers -competitive -new IP -loot boxes no complaining voices at that price but that game had no early access. maybe that needs to be factored into the price at EA.
  3. Are console versions neglected?

    i play on console too and backed the kickstarter. it was made crystal clear in the kickstarter that the PC version was the priority and that the console version would follow sometime after. i funded the kickstarter on that basis and so did you. you don't have to rely on memory what was sold to you, you just have to re-read the kickstarter page. it's still there. the console version will be a separate build and not a PC port. that fact alone suggests the console version won't be second-best.
  4. For consoles: aim assist

    is it possible to make aim-assist active only when you ADS/zoom in and inactive when in hip-fire mode or is it all or nothing? still trying to come up with ideas to reduce the reliance on aim-assist.
  5. Rifle Balance

    agreed. many of the gunfights in the fragmovie were not won just because a certain gun was used. what was far more important was the players positioning, map awareness and proficiency with the weapon. simply, he was a good player who used the right weapon in the right situation. as long as all weapons are viable i don't think there's much to argue about.
  6. Rifle Balance

    unless it's changed, the last i heard was every weapon within their optimal range will be a one shot kill to the head. and in my opinion, that damage model seems to be fairest. if its a kar98 v thompson, at close quarters, the thompson will normally win unless the kar98 player is an absolute god or gets lucky. if its a kar98 v thompson at mid to long range the kar98 will normally win as the thompsons damage should drop off beyond close to mid range. i don't know if its a one shot kill to torso with a rifle but, speaking personally, i think one shot to torso should do high damage, not a one shot kill, and the kar98 should switch to a pistol to finish the job. in a 1v1 at mid-range, the kar98 should have time to pull off 2 shots to the torso before the smg can hose enough bullets to kill at mid-range which should be outside its optimal range. if the smg is caught sprinting his accuracy will be lower so the kar98 should not have many bullets coming at him giving him time to pull off 2 shots. if the kar98 needs more than shots he doesn't deserve the kill. health regen is much slower than in CoD games so the tactic of running away to regen and peak will be less effective.
  7. Leaning side-to-side

    ok, got it.
  8. Leaning side-to-side

    @RedBone is asking about leaning while moving. currently, i think you can only lean when you are standing still or adjacent to an object or am i remembering it wrong.
  9. Price Strategy

    i understand that but it would have to be F2P from the outset or they'd have to refund many of the backers. a F2P game is way cheaper from the consumer's viewpoint than a full release. speaking personally, if Bat44 went F2P i'd ask for a refund of my kickstarter and take my chances paying for cosmetics when the game releases.
  10. Price Strategy

    how could a game that got kickstarter funding be F2P? makes no sense.
  11. Price Strategy

    i can't see it being as cheap as 18-20 euro. i wouldn't want to speculate on the price at this stage as i wouldn't want to set myself up for disappointment. remember, bulkhead is a UK company so operate in GBP so 20 euro is about £15. that is ridiculously cheap for a multiplayer game with dedicated servers and good quality anti-cheat.
  12. Lets talk Taunts

    hey @abracadabra (very cool name btw) taunts were discussed long ago and most people were in favour of them if i remember correctly. this is definitely something on the devs radar but i have no idea where they are with it.
  13. An interview with phantasy!

    i see your point @RAFF, so that leaves the question of why they haven't opened up the alpha to more players? they must have very good reasons otherwise they would've done it by now. i don't think they're worried about more people seeing the state of the game. it's an alpha after all. my guess is they don't have enough capacity to go through all the feedback from alpha 0.1 as quickly as they would like. the QA team they brought in obviously let them down so maybe they're going for quality over quantity. they've said more than once that their alphas are real alphas and not just a marketing tactic to sell more games.
  14. An interview with phantasy!

    i'm sure your time is probably better spent elsewhere.
  15. An interview with phantasy!

    i don't think this even needs to be said @Zero_1. just going by what was said in this interview we know Bulkhead had to replace the QA team because they weren't up to the job and change their original plan to have regular alpha weekend testing because they couldn't keep up with the updates required to fix the bugs and glitches thrown up from alpha 0.1. the last thing they'll want to do is open the alpha up to more players that will require more resource and more time that they already don't have. if they weren't getting good quality feedback from the alpha maybe it would be a different story and they'd increase the size of the alpha but it doesn't look like they need to do that. phantasy has unique qualities that he brings to Bat44 so i'm not surprised they got him on the team. his involvement will only make this game better.
  16. any of you guys heard of this one? what do you think?
  17. An interview with phantasy!

    Great. Thanks
  18. An interview with phantasy!

    link to vid?
  19. Dates for next Alpha testing?

    compare the vertical kick of the 870MCS in this BF3 vid with the Bat44 shotgun. there's not enough visual feedback from the firing animation.
  20. Dates for next Alpha testing?

    not to judge its performance without playing but the shotgun could do with a lot more kick to the animation based on what i've seen of it in the alpha vo.2 update vid.
  21. Estimate Release date?

    May 2017 was never the release date for the full game. it was the release date for the alpha.
  22. Days of War ?

    Days of War is a timely reminder of how NOT; to chase kickstarter funding just to get the cash to build a game from the past that should have stayed in the past to listen to the toxic elements of your community to the exclusion of all others to rush a game to early access just to hit deadlines
  23. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    are you not entertained!