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  1. Strafe jump poll

    not about casual vs competitive because the two should be kept separate. people don't play a game if they don't have fun and 15k players were clearly not having fun for various reasons. also, i don't ever recall a game starting as esport and growing. every single game has started as casual played for fun and enjoyment and growing into esport. sadly, i think bat44 is so far proving why this is the case.
  2. Strafe jump poll

    this approach is how i imagined it would work when i realised there was going to be a competitive focus in the months immediately after the KS. the vanilla game (arcade) would be aimed at the casual/pub players and a competitive rule set for the "pros". on the face of it that's what we've got but there are too many elements of competitive in the arcade as well as a faulty spawn system and maps not primarily designed for TDM and CTF game modes. example, the flag runner not being able to sprint in CTF is a great idea if both sides are playing as a unit and helping each other but a nightmare for casual/random players who don't or won't communicate.
  3. any of you guys heard of this one? what do you think?
  4. thanks for sharing, RL. your philosophy of shooters sounds very similar to mine so i can relate to a lot of what you say. of all you've said the biggest comment that stands out to me is that the game is confused as to what it's trying to be. the combination of low ttk, fast movement and laser beam weapons sounds like the mix is too rich for all but those who play tournament matches. one, two or all of these 3 things has to give. it's just a matter of what and when. unfortunately, for some players who are disappointed by the latest update, the when is probably already too long.
  5. what would be more helpful is if you explained why you think the new lighting is a problem giving examples for your reasoning. just saying please change it back is essentially useless feedback. btw, i know the downvotes trigger some people so just letting you know that downvote wasn't me.
  6. my personal preference would be they introduce mantling and nerf jumping because jumping in Battalion is pretty much broken in my opinion.
  7. my guess is because there is no mantle mechanic in the game the jump distance has to be exaggerated otherwise players wouldn't be able to reach some of the jump spots designed into the maps. if they nerfed the jumping then some part of the maps would have to be redesigned. the voting system was disabled in the past at the request of the community because it was being abused by trollers. Bulkhead unwisely reintroduced it. most people who have been on the forums for a while just ignore the voting completely. i suggest you do the same as it seems to be abused by the recent newcomers to the forum who are unaware of the history.
  8. Battlefield V back to WWII

    steady on there, Beasty. this is an EA/DICE game we're talking about. i would restrain the hype until we see it.
  9. what should be the priority? more maps or improving the ones we already have first? i would say the issues highlighted on the existing maps should be resolved before putting out more maps with similar issues. don't know how developed new maps would be but its been just one month since EA which i would guess isn't enough development time. i would say, in no particular order; - TTK - Matchmaking - netcode - Spawns in arcade mode - invisible walls - jump shooting - strafe jumping
  10. missing the point - judging the game is one thing but judging a person's character is quite another thing.
  11. there's no denying that Brammertron has an arrogant streak but people need to look deeper than that. who shoulders all the shit from the community? who takes responsibility for all the issues? Brammertron? and why do you think that is? because it shields the rest of Bulkhead from all the shit and lets them just get on with their work. no-one throws shit at KingHoward, BigTuna, Kevin Chandler or Dave Jones or Alex Korakitis. most of the community don't even know who most of these guys are. Brammertron wears his heart on his sleeve and talks a bit too much which will always rub some people the wrong way but he does listen to rational arguments and only dismisses arguments by answering with reasoned facts. these actions make him a good leader. next time Brammertron does a twitch stream pay attention to how he and Alex Korakitis interact. there's a lot of mutual respect there. people are way too quick to judge people they've never even met. he acts like he knows everything because he knows 100x more about games than any of us. we just play games and there's people on this forum who think because they've played x number of games from the year dot that they know better than an entire dev team that makes games. sure they've got some things wrong. we all get things wrong. what's important is how they put things right.
  12. Ironsight F2P

    never heard of Aeria games so thanks for the tip. its F2P so as long as people aren't dumb enough to buy mtx they won't lose anything.
  13. Lil Joe

  14. Lil Joe

  15. i never saw it like that before your post and although it's probably not the whole truth there could be some truth in that. i think many folk on here did understand your point but they've just stopped listening. good point.
  16. Battlefield V back to WWII

    we know BFV will be top quality and many of us will jump on it just for the WW2 setting. myself included. their infantry combat game modes will be a direct threat to the success of Bat44 if it's not in a good state before BFV releases in October. BFV will swallow up the casual players potentially leaving Bat44 with an unsustainable competitive scene. the one saving grace will be the modding scene as we know DICE never allow modding.
  17. at this point, talk is cheap. actions speak louder than words so let's see what the next update brings. don't agree with fragmenting the forum users. if you've played the game you've paid for it. money is the same whoever it's from.
  18. i agree, if i think someone is posting toxic, unproductive comments i just block them from my threads and they're gone. if you don't like how people conduct themselves don't interact with them. ignore them and let them do their thing. most people are intelligent enough to do that. there are always people who get satisfaction out of making others miserable and hate as much as they are. by interacting with them you're simply feeding hate.
  19. Game's Dead guys..

    you could strafejump and shoot in cod4 (vanilla) but i believe strafejumping in that game was due to a bug so wasn't intentional. that said, it was bugs that made cod what it was. i don't think strafejumping should be removed from bat44 but in it's current state it's way too effective making it the only way to play the game. no FPS in history has been successful with one dominant playstyle. as obi-wan would say, the devs need to bring balance to the force. the combination of low ttk, laser beam weapons and extreme mobility is too rich a cocktail in one game. the netcode would have to be at Overwatch/CSGO level to cope with all that.
  20. Battalion1944 Netcode analyzed

    i'm not technical but i always watch Battle(non)sense vids and his analysis of this game looks positive. thanks for sharing.
  21. Game's Dead guys..

    ppl need to identify these guys and move on.