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  1. Out From The Dark!

    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward@[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy now that you guys have emerged from the darkness, its pretty evident that you're happy with the core elements of the gameplay. i'd even go so far as to say you're probably slightly ahead of your own expectations in terms of test feedback you've received. i've not participated in any of the testing so have no clue about how gameplay has evolved. my question to you is how far along are you with the elements we've heard nothing about for a good while? namely, cosmetic rewards and microtransactions, weapon variety, Battlerank etc. these are elements i'm not expecting to be shown in the trailer releasing on 9th Jan. not looking for detailed answers. just a general idea of where you are with them.
  2. if you're on PC and tempted to find out what Destiny 2 is like let me save you the time and expense by saying don't buy it. Destiny 2 is like the christmas tree bauble. it's looks shiny and exciting and fun but inside it's hollow and empty. i played Destiny 1 for over 2 years and it had it faults and frustrations but Destiny 2 by comparison is a husk of a game. save your money and buy a better game.
  3. any of you guys heard of this one? what do you think?
  4. German vehicles were not grey in 44

    i'm sure they must have used a number of vehicle camos and colours not just one.
  5. like freakshow pointed out, they're probably going to skip beta and go straight to EA. no more teasing in a test announcement please. makes people like me too excitable.
  6. @[CM] BigTuna, @[CM] Phantasy, now that you guys have switched the lights back on can you confirm if Alpha 0.5 is open to Early Access backers? if so, i'll DM you my pledge details.
  7. again, this is why i want confirmation. it's a announcement for an alpha test. if EA backers can't play it why even mention EA players at all? especially in the first sentence of an announcement. but, i guess you're interpretation is correct.
  8. @[CM] BigTunai see bulkhead forgot to lock the thread again.
  9. i'm asking for confirmation on the basis of this email i got yesterday. if i'm reading it right, beta and EA backers will be able to access alpha 0.5 this weekend.
  10. all i can say is what the actual feck! well done guys. it's turning out to be better than i imagined. the community/backers supported but you guys put in the heart and soul of this game and you fully deserve all the credit and reward coming your way. again, well done.
  11. Destiny 2 on PC

    this is classic bungie nowadays. crucible through the whole of D1 was unbalanced by at least one OP weapon and they never fixed it for months despite the whole community screaming at them to do so. i don't think they'll leave it so long in D2 because they totally revamped the game engine to make it quicker to push through patches. plus, for PC they can patch the game much quicker anyway. this is where the shitty RNG/token system really shines because you can't even just go and buy the prometheus lens to counter other players but don't worry, if it's anything like D1 Xur will be selling it today. I would like CoD more if it was on a 3 year cycle tho. CoD devs have been on a 3 year cycle for a few years now. Treyarch - Infinity Ward - Sledgehammer. it's just the releases/copy-paste content is on a 1 year cycle not the development.
  12. Destiny 2 on PC

    by some uncanny coincidence this vid just came up after my last post....honest.
  13. Destiny 2 on PC

    i actually don't regret buying D2 (although i didn't buy the season pass) but i have stopped playing it and gone back to playing D1. you PC guys don't even realise how much bungie are shafting you because everything that's missing from D2 is in D1. they're even re-using some of the same exotics which are still better than the new exotics. bungie will eventually put everything in to D2 but only after people have paid for it again and again. as D2 is the first PC destiny, it's understandable PC players are not wise to being short-changed. also, if you don't already know this, bungie will hold back the best dlc for expansions 3 and 4 both of which are not covered by the season pass. they did all this crap with D1 but i guess PC players won't be aware of this cheeky little strategy. so, if you bought the season pass, you'll still be locked out of content you've already bought in the season pass unless you buy dlc 3 and 4. everybody gets to pay twice that way. destiny has now become exactly what Activision did to CoD only on a 3 year cycle instead of yearly.
  14. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    here's what i think of the card system https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4/posts/2059034
  15. Destiny 2 on PC

    microtransactions done right
  16. Destiny 2 on PC

    for me it's not the specific items (in this case bright engrams) that are the issue it's the act of deceit and manipulation of the players by the developer that is the issue. and yes, i for one hate being lied to. any reasonable person should.
  17. Destiny 2 on PC

    shady practices from activision/bungie - no surprise there!
  18. Ideas Batallion :)

    if this was a 3rd person shooter i'd agree with the importance of having a left-handed character model but it's a 1st person game. the only important view is the reticule in the centre of the screen which is the exact same regardless of where the gun model is positioned on the screen. Bat44 is also a fast-paced game. not many people will be peeking and holding corners so the disadvantage of peeking left-handed corners with a right-handed gun model is miniscule. if the lack of a left-handed view was a significant issue, the more effective solution would be to place the gun model in the bottom centre of the screen like the original doom games.