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  1. no release dates for console version. we just know it's coming sometime after PC but it will come 100%.
  2. all of what @Razor said plus devs are confident they can achieve 60fps on both standard consoles. don't know about resolution but we all know fps is the priority in a fast-paced shooter.
  3. there was lots of discussion on the forums about including female soldiers in the first few weeks after the kickstarter. either females from the french resistance or russian soldiers because both of those factions actually had female combatants in WW2. personally, i think it would be great as long as it was authentic to the time and location of WW2. can't see it fitting in with the german, british or american factions in the game as it currently stands.
  4. hey @jonnyboi22, i don't believe that there will be controller support but that situation may have changed since the devs answered this question back in March but expect the answer to be no.
  5. no names, no conflict. precisely what we need less of in the forums.
  6. retort? who? no-one's been named.
  7. i've never named names and i'm not starting now. don't care enough to bother anyway.
  8. doesn't surprise me. i know conversations go on on discord and DMs where a handful of people agree to target individuals. it's quite pitiful to be honest.
  9. completely agree with you there but we didn't know that some people can see who voted when most of us can't. all of us should see them or all of us should not.
  10. my guess is you probably shouldn't be able to see that screen but your account has been given it by accident. @[CM] BigTuna, what's the deal with this? turn this on for everyone
  11. Jeez! i've never seen that screen. would certainly change things if everyone could see this screen.
  12. clicking that icon does nothing for me either.
  13. there's no destructible environments in Bat44. no blowing holes in walls or kicking down doors. like i said, it'll be a dumbed down r6s with everyone in the building ads'ing the entry points with a shotgun. it'd get real boring real fast.