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  1. Titanfall 1 had burn cards which buffed or reduced the cooldown of weapons, gadgets and abilities. not saying Bat44 will have a similar system but the inclusion of cards may indicate a variation of that system adapted to fit in with this game. sounds very interesting to me.
  2. i'm on PS4 but it is what it is. just have to be patient. it'll get there.
  3. just asked phantasy this question on his twitch stream..."what game does movement most closely relate to and did it feel different to your previous play session?" Answer - "feels almost identical to Promod.....strafing is slightly easier than Promod" he's fielding lots of questions right now https://www.twitch.tv/phantasyftw Ques - how was the recoil? Ans - normal. Ques - shooting mechanics? Ans - just like COD2/COD4 Ques - can you reload cancel? Ans - yes....all gunplay mechanics are like COD Phantasy - "they're planning an economy system......not like CS:GO.....can't talk about it anymore" Phantasy - "gameplay is fast-paced......has health regen.....wouldn't work well with no health regen.....would slow game down too much.....people would camp" (his words, not mine)
  4. KingHoward has said today that anims are a work-in-progress
  5. doesn't matter. it's not a first person shot.
  6. https://t.co/O7ECmeM2dv a short stroll over the Thames and i'll be there!
  7. look at those sweet patches!
  8. the King has spoken! long live the King.
  9. ola @efcprivado maps - similar size to CS:GO and COD. small to medium size no campaign mode. only multiplayer
  10. i have concerns about the direction this game is taking but after seeing some of the ingame footage in the latest update some of those concerns went away. what i saw looked like a WW2 game and had a minimal hud and ui as well as bright, crisp graphics all of which favour competitive play. i was disappointed to hear the war-torn system was shelved but that on its own is not a game changer. the only real concerns i have left is skins/camos not in keeping with a game set in WW2 and badly implemented micro-transactions. BF1 has an infinite selection of skins/camos that probably didn't exist in WW1 but have been designed in a way that is in keeping with the era. i can't see why Bat44 can't do the same. ultimately, as long as the gameplay feels tight along the lines of COD (there's a reason COD has been the best shooter of all time) that will trump everything else. even garish pink camos.
  11. me too
  12. not at all, @zabo. i don't like pointing fingers so am not in the name and shame game. i don't even take anything said to me personally. it's the internet for crying out loud. the only people in this world capable of offending me personally are the wife and kids. some people in this forum have an overrated opinion of their own importance to think i'd get upset by comments made about a video game. there are a million things living in my front doormat more important than a video game. it's a hobby i spend many hours enjoying. nothing more. and the only reason i deleted the thread was because 80% of the comments were toxic, pointless blatherings that contributed absolutely nothing to the betterment of Bat44 be it casual, competitive or community. i just want to see comments good or bad that contribute to making this game as good as it can be. that's it.
  13. i created the thread and noticed i had the option to delete it. some people in there were just being way too toxic and dragged the conversation down to schoolyard level. i did warn people to keep it civil but some people carried on so i thought phuk it and pulled the plug.