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  1. i'll reserve judgement til i see mp gameplay
  2. OMG! kyle reece is the lead character. nice!
  3. you and me have had DMs in the past @xXclusiivE so you know i respect your opinions and will not take it personally when i say that the big reason all your comments get downvoted is because some people on these forums know that you get triggered when they do it and sit back and wait for your reaction. you're not alone in noticing this but like i've said to you before, the only way to counter this toxic behaviour is to completely ignore it. continue to make your comments constructively based on good reasoning and facts and people won't be able to touch you. for me, this is the only way to conduct yourself on the forums if you intend to continue to positively contribute to the development of the game. everything else on the forums is just radio static to me. are you really going to allow 4 or 5 people you've never met IRL on a public forum get under your skin? pull yourself together, man! stiff upper-lip, keep calm, and all that. we're british for god's sake....oh wait, you're canadian. close enough.
  4. i will always defend the devs if people post comments that are factually incorrect. people are perfectly within their rights to post negative comments just as much as positive comments because both encourage constructive discussion.
  5. personally, i think the devs (and Tuna) have been way more transparent than any of us should reasonably expect from a studio and this has opened them up to being micro-managed by the community. i wouldn't blame them for being more closed from now until the release of this game because all of these "dramas" on the forums are distracting them from making the game at what is probably the most crucial time in the project. i won't waste my breath and say leave them to it because some people in the forums (not you @DukeNukem) are never happy with an answer unless it comes directly from @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON or @[DEV] KingHoward.
  6. if you make claims of broken promises (which is a big thing in my book) you should be able to back them up with facts or don't make them in the first place. just saying.
  7. infinity ward cods never allowed you to move faster with a knife or pistol equipped. only treyarch cods allowed you to move faster. i think people maybe did this in cod4 out of habit because, as you said, it gave no advantage.
  8. offline mode was never promised. the devs were asked months ago if offline would be available and they said maybe. that doesn't amount to a promise.
  9. having played a few minutes with the M1 Garand in Bat44 i already know it'll be my goto gun. its that good. i'll be amazed if they don't eventually nerf it to some degree.
  10. i didn't buy one of the kickstarter pledges that included alpha testing but if i did i would be very p1ssed off with what now looks like an extremely limited testing phase. i honestly cannot tell how much of this decision is based on security concerns, the cost of renting dedicated servers or lack of trust in the kickstarter backers but whatever the reasons it's never going to come across well if you take people's money then give them less than what is reasonable to expect in return. when you boil it all down it's as simple as that. in the pre-alpha gameplay vid is a message from the devs which included......."from developers: TRANSPARENCY so that players know....that their voices are being heard". this is a situation where we need more transparency. saying sorry guys, plans have changed just doesn't cut it at this stage. Tuna's response - transparent enough for me. thanks.
  11. look at some of the camos that existed in WW2. not all of the camos available were necessarily used on the guns back then but can be stretched to guns in a video game. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ww2+camouflage&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWmI_n4r3TAhWWF8AKHboZAEsQ_AUIBygC&biw=1366&bih=638
  12. they did but later decided not to recreate any real world locations for various reasons. instead, the maps are inspired by real locations.
  13. i'm on console so the whole modding scene doesn't even apply to me so i have no agenda in what i've said. to me it's what i've seen in the devs approach to this game and it simply makes sense. and why is time a factor? we've not had a decent WW2 shooter for 10 years so 2 more years isn't much of a stretch. Day of Infamy is out now. isn't that closer to a realistic shooter? also, your argument is based on the behaviour of devs making other games, not bulkhead. until we get to that stage i prefer to take these devs at their word until they prove me otherwise and not judge them based on other devs in the past.
  14. the devs have actively encouraged the modding community from day one. they are building the game in UE4 and have consistently encouraged people to learn UE4 and promised to provide the modding tools in the game. there are 2 main reasons for this approach. (1) they are a small studio and do not have the resources to make versions of the game that cater to the different communities desperate for this game. (2) by giving access to modders it leaves the devs free to make the type of game they are passionate about without compromising their vision. i'm sure that when this game comes out we'll see every type of Bat44 under the sun once the modders get their hands on it. and the devs will be able to cherry pick the best mods and patch them into the vanilla game. this is why the devs are so focused on getting the movement and feel of the game right because that is the one thing that carries over into any version of the game. cod would have been even bigger than it is today had activision not pushed out modding in favour of lining their pockets with cash from yearly releases.