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  1. yeah, that's f&cked up!
  2. apologies for this if you speak german and actually understand what they're saying!
  3. as far as i know, no date has been given for release so i wouldn't even want to speculate because one person will say it somewhere else and all of a sudden the dates spreads to people not as close to the game as we are and don't know any better. wait until we get an official announcement.
  4. i'm not technical in any way. that's what i was told so who am i to argue. it's possible i mistook being told graphics and textures weren't worked on so they could optimize performance. either way, i was told it was a conscious decision to optimize performance over graphics and textures.
  5. colour intensity is not an issue. contrast and brightness is more important to gameplay. as DarkMortyr says technical issues come first. also the devs intentionally turned down the graphics and textures in the alpha in order to optimize performance. they've been saying that as far back as EGX.
  6. haha, if you think this is a dead forum then why did you post in the first place? from your response to my post i won't waste my time responding to your posts in future.
  7. 100% agree with you here, @Zane. although the recent CoD WWII gameplay has me interested in buying i'm still waiting until the game comes out and judge it then. if it's like CoD4 remastered with a tickrate of 10hz i know that would absolutely piss me off and i won't buy it.
  8. hey @HypeRNT, 2 things you should understand about your post. 1. you're points are 3 months out-of-date. every single one of your points was discussed and covered extensively in these forums so use the search tool. 2. don't expect a response anytime soon because anyone whose actually played in the closed alpha is under NDA so won't discuss it in the public forums and, until you've actually played it you can't judge the game just by watching gameplay. i know because i've played it.
  9. oh my! you are right. i see them now. thx.
  10. the 4 lines in the shape of a cross that appear on the screen when you are running around not firing your weapon.
  11. those are hit-markers, not cross-hairs.
  12. i just noticed there's no cross-hairs in this gameplay
  13. anyone expecting competitive elements in a CoD game these days are deluding themselves. CoD has been firmly in the casual bracket since CoD4. the CoD championships organised by MLG/Activision was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell more games. CoD = casual and i'm happy with that. why do you think Bat44 shifted more to the competitive? if the devs didn't do that they'd be head-to-head with CoD and would disappear without a trace. it's actually a good thing CoD and Bat44 don't compare, not a bad thing.
  14. honestly, to me, the gameplay looks pretty damn good. setting aside my instinctive impulse to bash CoD because it's what you do with CoD these days - with good reason i might add, the sounds, visuals and objective mission structure looks on point. based on what i've seen up to now, i'll be buying this game. i'm with you @WolfEnstein, what i've seen excites me to play CoD for the first time in years. the bridge building thing is not about the actual mechanics of building the bridge, it's about the gameplay that situation will create around it. why though is there a female US soldier? that's dumb. they go for immersion and authenticity and then go and do that. makes no sense.