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  1. Wilks

    The bomb

    Why would that infringe NDA? Comment about the big red arrow was my poor sense of humour
  2. Wilks

    The bomb

    One thing I noticed last night is the fact a lot of people completely ignore the bomb on attack. I hung back on nearly every round over about 30 rounds and people just run passed it. Could you add a big red arrow pointing to it at the start of each round?
  3. Hi, Firstly, let me congratulate the devs on a massive improvement they have made to the game so far. Played Alpha 0.1 but not had chance to play since due to work commitments. Played Alpha 0.8 last night and everything is pretty much nailed. Movement, hit detection, sound, all the mechanics in general are pretty much spot on. Had a blast last night playing and can't wait to play more. We'll done Bulkhead team. Question I have and I know the devs are trying to balance fps with graphics to ensure competitive play remains at the forefront. Will the textures/graphics be enhanced slightly for release? For me, they need to be improved a little to make the game perfection.. I agree that gameplay is more important than graphics but I feel it would increase longevity of the game for a lot of people. Super hyped to play this game fully unlocked. Congrats again on a fantastic game. Wilks.