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  1. I personally never get why there are two versions of Manor at first place. The first one is pain to play, it's smaller than v2, optimization is far worse and playing 8v8 there is complete mess.
  2. Yeah, just restart the game.
  3. You just tried to help him with problem that he didn't have. Or not a problem at all, just an intended feature from devs. Instead of just donwvoting a lot of my older posts on the forum you should invest some time to properly reading people's problems before you try to help them.
  4. He had what he had to do. You just wasted some of his time because you can't read what he wrote in both title and OP.
  5. hitzoR


    I don't know what is so bad about jumping above something to kill an enemy. Sorry, but it requires more skill than casual players do have, if your enemy isn't just sitting in the same spot constantly, so the jumping guy know where exactly aim to kill him. Tbh it's pretty hard to kill someone like that even for experienced players because of the movement speeds combined with short timespan to actually spot the enemy, aim on him and shoot. So killing someone for example on Derailed B from behind the rubble is very hard given the fact the most experienced guys will move if they see enemy jumping behind it.
  6. hitzoR

    Competitive rank

    Maybe he played totally bad, so even if he won, he dropped a rank. From our observation with guys we play together most of the time, two of us are Silver 4 (and have been Silver 5 for a while) and others are Silver 3 or Silver 2. And the ranks corresponded with in-game performance of each player.
  7. hitzoR

    Constructive feedback from a casual POV

    What are you talking about? There is no such a limit. You just exit the game after it ends and you can find a new match afterwards.
  8. hitzoR

    Gun Balance fix please

    Seriously? M1 is totally beast and i never seen higher RoF of M1 in any game. Also the recoil is kinda low. But it definitelly is different weapon with totally different gameplay style than K98k. Imho there should be some new class for M1 and Rifleman should have non-scoped Springfield. Not sure which weapon coul be M1's axis counterpart tho. Maybe semi-auto FG42? I agree with Heavy class. That was mentioned many times, so I hope they'll buff BAR.
  9. So tell me one single thing which is same as in CS:GO other than 5v5 and bomb-based gamemode.
  10. I wouldn't say it ruined those games. I would say that it ruined competitive scene potential for those games. From casual standpoint it was much more fun to play for better attachments, ranks, visuals etc. I've actually spent a lot of time on MW3 because of that. Without leveling I would play like 10 hrs and get bored after that.
  11. This is simply competitive aimed game, where fairness is beyond enjoyability. If you can't accept that, go play some other game. You simply cannot have an advantage because your gear (monitor) is better than someone else's. You still can play at 16:9 or 4:3 on your monitor with black bars anyway. The way game is done is right, you would have big advantage if you see more horizontally, so they made it that closer your resolution is to square, the more you see vertically, which given current maps isn't much of an advantage (and if you wanted, you could set your resolution to 4:3). Simply the game tries to be as fair as possible for everyone. What you want is to gain advantage over almost all other players, cause they simply don't play at that aspect ratio. You can set 4:3 on your monitor, but they can't set 21:9.
  12. THIS! I've read multiple times in forums, reddit or twitter that they know about some bug and they are going to fix it. But they write that at like 1 out of 10 big problems and we, as a players, don't even know what is going on. I don't think they are in a position when they can let us just wait for next update to let us know what will get changed etc. Big games which are almost bug-free and which are just adding new content can do that, becuase their playerbase is so big and number of players won't go down in between updates even if they don't push an update for half a year, because their game is simply so good that players don't have reason to not play it. This is ofc not the case of B44 atm.
  13. hitzoR

    I want my money back!

    So acording to ur logic you would go to the shop and buy some food. A month later you will come to the shop again and tell them that you want refund, cause you didn't eat it all?
  14. hitzoR


    So you say that it's possible to slow down axis players on their way to B side at Derailed for example? I got around 10 years of experience with CoD2, while playing last 3 or 4 at highest level and I know that it isn't as easy as you say so, because every map has different layout and on some places there simply isn't option to throw anti-rush nades to one side, while other side can anti-rush nade you. You are writing that explaining to people with fixed mind is waste of time, but you have fixed mind too, as I see.
  15. hitzoR

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    So much OT here. But to the topic - it would be nice to remove sprint for custom servers, but you would also need either smaller maps or higher base movement speed. Current maps are so big to just walk around without sprint that you wouldn't have any chance to rotate once you are halfway through one side of the map at Wartide. And I think devs are focusing on core competitive gameplay at the moment and they'll bother with those optional tweaks after that. Or modders will take care of that.