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  1. Just picked up Day of Infamy based on all of your recommendations. I enjoyed Insurgency though I never got to play it enough.
  2. Long time coming, but looks to be worth the wait. Can't wait to get some game-play in!
  3. Eh, as long as it doesn't turn into bunnyhop madness, I'm okay with the sprinting and jumping. Considering the TTK is so low, I don't think it'll be an issue.
  4. Yeah, I have no issues with aim assist on consoles as the crutch has been there for too long. You would be putting your players (and your game) at a disadvantage by not having it. That being said, it has absolutely NO PLACE on PC versions of the game. I don't care if the player is using a console controller or not, aim assist shouldn't be an option. We're running into this on BF1 right now - Aim assist is available on PC for those who use a controller and there are plenty of people doing so just for aim assist. It's like dev endorsed hacking, and utterly ridiculous.
  5. Top Spot Suggestions - War Hero Medal Winner Army of One The Elite Uber Soldat
  6. Yep, still been lurking around and watching the updates.