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  1. No Shotguns please

    +1 - Pissed off that I missed the last few play tests. Hope everyone had fun finally playing the game. Wife and I went to Europe last month and I was hoping to wrap my site visit to the studio during that time, but the UK isn't covered by the Schengen visa for her home country. To make things worse, I'm leaving for China/Japan on the 7th for three weeks so I'll miss the 14/15 play test as well. I will get to play sooner or later, dammit! In the mean time, I'll be reading the play test reports and watching those videos.
  2. What games do you currently play?

    Just picked up Day of Infamy based on all of your recommendations. I enjoyed Insurgency though I never got to play it enough.
  3. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    Long time coming, but looks to be worth the wait. Can't wait to get some game-play in!
  4. What would you do differently?

    Eh, as long as it doesn't turn into bunnyhop madness, I'm okay with the sprinting and jumping. Considering the TTK is so low, I don't think it'll be an issue.
  5. For consoles: aim assist

    Yeah, I have no issues with aim assist on consoles as the crutch has been there for too long. You would be putting your players (and your game) at a disadvantage by not having it. That being said, it has absolutely NO PLACE on PC versions of the game. I don't care if the player is using a console controller or not, aim assist shouldn't be an option. We're running into this on BF1 right now - Aim assist is available on PC for those who use a controller and there are plenty of people doing so just for aim assist. It's like dev endorsed hacking, and utterly ridiculous.
  6. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    Top Spot Suggestions - War Hero Medal Winner Army of One The Elite Uber Soldat