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  1. Thank you so much Oldboy.... most interesting thread i've read in ages,,, fascinating stuff, more of the same it would be amazing to get a truly accurate player model for just once!
  2. Lol duke nice try.... They ain't biting!
  3. Says the one who thinks his are!..... OT I guess it very much depends what divisions they decide to include but yup agreed it would be great to see a good degree of authenticity for those of us that are interested!
  4. Amen Oldboy... Unreal engine may be... but war wasn't pretty. Authentic looking environments or maps for some of us are just as important as having perfect visibility is for some. Surely bad weather would be just something else for EVERYONE to master! Otherwise why use engines capable of realistic world environments if you refuse to use half their abilities!
  5. Yup be great to see some pictures!
  6. Oh dear! I said before WWII is so inconvenient.... Nasty Germans.... Creme v brown would upset less people..... I'll get my coat!
  7. Its ok farq i understand why you did it like has been said a number of times no need for personal attacks. With regard to the day 1 backer card... i guess we all need to leave by that rationale because its changed from what was advertised!
  8. Wow... never expected that!
  9. We spent a lot of time and effort here I hope so!
  10. I would suggest you read the rest of the posts Pukiz I was responding to the previous comments .They were not standalone comments they were in reference to community gamers in particular and teamplay in general!
  11. Well this kind of mode would definitely suit the more community based gamers because it engenders teamplay I don't believe it would suit the more competitive because unless there was a perk/reward for repairing no competitive guy would risk a death to help it's been the same in every game...... But for teamplay it's a no brainier in my opinion Day of infamy got it right with the officer/radioman ethic so you had to stick together ... This could be Bat44's unique cooperative selling point.
  12. Yup Switz did this for Days of War it was a great initiative. ours is {WeB}*WolfEuroBrigade community clan New website is once signed up there you can join our steam/Facebook group.
  13. Trust me Walker he will...... Unless you can sell him some nylons etc huge congrats on the win bud having recently upgraded our pc's I can only imagine how cool your new one is,.. Enjoy your new games ninjabastard machine!
  14. I've waited to post as I wanted to gauge people's feelings to see if mine were unreasonable. I can remember the original tag-line to make the best classic WWII FPS and with the big V-log announcement the other day it did come across that Bat44 was not going to be tied to a WWII environment. That in itself is not a deal breaker but it is an indication that things have moved into different areas. All the points raised here have been very valid and it really serves no purpose in going over them all again but what I would say is after an experience with another game that moved the goalposts I believe some of us are a little worried that perhaps it could be happening again. Now after a bad experience it's very easy to get twitchy about things that we assumed were set In stone that now seem to be a bit more fluid and flexible. What i can say is this I know with my interactions with the devs here that they "without question want the best game they can make" my only concern now is that the game they want and the game they described are currently not completely the same and for some people that is the biggest cause for concern. In the end because of the length of time from inception to delivery there of course will be changes of thinking and that's to be expected, I believe after the V-log statement that the devs will be spending more time on here that could help solve these concerns. So now perhaps as questions get raised, before they have time to fester they could get answered. Some will see this as a negative post but it is just observations I have made by reading recently....more than posting, I have been less active of late because of a number of reasons! having been heavily involved in three games there has been a element of frustration that in lots of areas, in all games that discussions about cosmetics seem to get more traction and input than actual discussions on gameplay and design........... Just the random ramblings of an old hippy!!
  15. If you tick all the boxes for the competitive types... they can keep it as vanilla as they like. They would never play on custom servers anyhow... Why would you want to restrict players that would never play competitively? it wont diminish the game only enhance the player base. even if it creates distinct player groups.
  16. That's my point play the games you like and you will meet like minded people who will become friends... If you joins clan just to be in one chances are a) you'll join the wrong one or b) clan hop until you actually find one you like much better to wait and find the right one!
  17. Just as long as it's optional like all things... Server side tools that allow us old buggers to have more traditional looks.
  18. We also had a guy sign up at our website who make models Modtools I'm sure he will get in touch and find out what models you need.
  19. Indeed blue +1 from me too.... I always give the same advice on this one Jonas... I have been involved with clans for a long time. I would suggest that you don't rush to join a clan you will probably end up in one that does not suit you. Just play whatever game is of interest to you and find a server you like and guys you like playing with.... If you are spending a lot of time playing it's important you find a group you get on with. then You have two choices see if any of the regulars are in a clan, if so join them if not talk to them about making your own... It's seriously important you get on with the guys you play with.... Hope that helps...
  20. Yup sounds interesting lets wait to see whats announced!
  21. Amen to all you said Thunderwolf.... we are ET vets too pretty much from day 1.... its the only game i can think of that promoted that kind of game play,,, you needed all classes to complete most missions... the best maps required it... but then im preaching to the converted!
  22. The other aspect of this is it really will engender team play, because for instance if there are classes you will have to protect the engineer until tank is moving again... And if it's a team repair by a group if one dies the repair won't complete or could slow down. Depends very much what type of play you wish to encourage.
  23. Well i know for many the idea of a repair animation was not popular but i thought a class related repair with sound or even a group say 3-4 players standing by the tank would trigger the repair The tank would effectively be a capture point and the time it takes would be related to the repair level required and the engine noises would be the audio animation... lots of possibilities its just how and if its possible to implement in this engine!
  24. Well you could avoid the repair animation completely and use a sound, so in respect of a Tank silent when its broken... when enough people are around it or the right class is next to it you hear the tank trying to start its engine... if the engineer survives long enough the tank is repaired and the engine sound changes to a running engine! and the tank moves again until such time as its no longer escorted or its damaged again whatever you prefer...