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  1. Having seen the hate attached to recent games like ,Day of Infamy, Battalion1944 and Days of War i have become almost blazé about posting as most that frequent forums seem to mostly be millenial fuckwits who are only interested in the posts which they use to massage their perceived importance. Does what i post mean anything....absolutely not! so dont bother flaming me i wont be back to read your twaddle. But i have been a gamer since gaming started, i have seen keyboard warriors who sit and abuse anyone that does not agree with their point of view. The true purpose of forums should be to share ideas and help developers shape a game to suit the majority of the players. All players not just the select few I have seen posts that state the only players that count are pro gamers, utter bollocks!! for a game to go on and thrive its the community gamers that will keep it alive they will be the ones making maps and mods but that does not mean pro gamers should be excluded. Having been involved in one way shape or form with 5 dev teams recently joe here is one of the few i really admire i can tell you this, whilst i was biblically upset by the way we as a clan got treated and Enstein and i did personally, there is one person i trust to get the game right and that is Joe, his passion is clear i disagree with some of his decisions but thats a personal matter not anything to do with the game. Our version of Battalion is not what 99% of what most of the owners will play but once we get all the tools i know our server will be full just like our Day of Infamy server is, the only Custom server in that game that is full every night and is where those DOI devs play too. This is probably my last post here and i have met some great people, and i wanted to finish off by saying for those that have more patience than me, help the devs improve this game rather than just sit there and bitch and moan. To all the haters wait a couple of weeks and Hell Let loose will be out and you can attack that one and leave Battalion alone because say what you like about joe and his team, unlike the Days of War devteam who took the money and ran Joe and the guys address concerns when raised and dont run and hide, so be thankful. You could have been well and truly shafted, more so than us.
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    Please sort this nonsense out or get someone that can 300 bloody emails this morning this is getting ridiculous.
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    forum hacked?

    Be good to get it sorted getting totally bombarded with dodgy emails.