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  1. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Update on progress please

    Ohhhh I am enjoying this.
  2. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I absolutely love it! It is soooooo sad it almost makes me laugh. No I lie! I do laugh loudly!!!!!
  3. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    @maddog-b yes. 500 member moh/cod clan back in the day. now only a few left sadly.
  4. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    Tried the game again. I like it better but still I really hate that people are able to aim down sight and land headshot after headshot as they jump for some reason. No ADS when jumping period. Also I am a bit irritated with the kar and the speed that gun shoots. My hunting rifle is a Kar and I can tell you that no way in hell can you shoot that fast consistently and on top of that land multiple headshots one after eachother. But I hey what do I know only played games for 30 years.
  5. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    This update needs to be amazing. I am still hoping for a good patch but track record is not good so far. My number one fix is the stafe jump and instant scoping.
  6. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I was just joining to give the game another go. And I was amazed to find a total of 26 players playing the game and all of them in locked private servers. WOW! Just WOW! Come on devs just refund everyone and put this entire project down as a very bad idea and promise never to make a game again. I remember the first post I ever put in here I was raging about how bad this game was and got my head taken off. Thanks for showing me that I was right in the first place.
  7. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Battalion 1944 future.

    It is also ludicrous to accept that a game looks like something that came out over 10 years ago. Oh except for better resolution I would go as far to say that old game looks better and plays better. And that is very very saaaaaaaaaad!
  8. [VS-UK]Gom3R


    Decent players like the style? I am calling noob players right here. There is no skill in jumpshooting and one tapping. Killing people fast where you have weapons with random recoil patterns is skill kid.
  9. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Where do you see Battalion in two years from now?

    I see this game as a small community game in 2 years time and I think esport will fail because... This game got way to much CS:Go in it. This game does not have anything that makes it unique. So the question is why play it when you can play CS:Go?
  10. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I have played Rainbow Six Siege since alpha and that is a great example of how peakers advantage gives aggresive players a big advantage. If you also add the ping advantage on top of it you will get a great advantage. You will be dead before you even see anyone. The result will be that everyone is calling cheats but in reality you only use the game mechanics against the game. The worst type of players in Siege I felt was the people that used ping altering tech to create latency on their connection and then they were able to abuse the peakers advantage/ping advantage to the fullest.
  11. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Strafe jump poll

    I think they should add big random gun sway or block ads while jumping. You should not be able to land headshots after headshot while jumping around nomatter what. Jumpshooting is only creating a very toxic community. I am amazed what people can say while playing a game.
  12. [VS-UK]Gom3R

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I agree with you Revvin. I have played this game a few hours now and I struggle to see the game they sold me in Kickstarter. I really wanted this to be the next game for me but sadly I do not think they can patch this back to what I was looking for. Crossing my fingers for a gamechanger on patchday.