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  1. Personally, I'd use a website that can do all of that at once. A league website, occasional cups, pugs (for mixes and what not), forums, etc. There was a reason why COD4 moved from IRC channels (academy, preinvite, and invite), and moved to CG.
  2. It's a good idea, just not for Battalion. It's been suggested a year ago, and a huge majority of the community weren't in favour of this.
  3. This
  4. An argument on what promod is really called? Guys, seriously? Stick to the topic, or add each other on discord and argue privately. Because it's stupid stuff like this that drowns out any good ideas (none of which have happened on this thread yet) that will come.
  5. Was waiting for you to shut this down. I wish I could say this will be the last I hear about any of this, but unfortunately more shit will be said because apparently the search button isn't available for everyone (maybe we need to add a north sign on it to help them find it).
  6. Don't be teasing me you whore.
  7. But there is nothing new being said here. The devs have already said it will have improved by the time we get alpha access anyway. I don't mind new ideas being mentioned, but when people are raging about the same shit that has either already been discussed within the community, or confirmed by the developers, then it's annoying seeing the forums being filled with repetitive stuff, instead of focusing on genuine ideas that are new. Too much energy is being wasted on "omg what is this movement", "is this quake", "what is this recoil", which has already been confirmed to change. Put the energy into something more productive, if you really care about the game. Remember, there is a search function on the forums, nothing suggested in this thread is new.
  8. Sorry but what were you expecting pre-alpha? A completed game? C'mon.
  9. How many times do the devs need to explain themselves. The purpose of the video was to show what they've done so far, it was a present from them to us, for being so patient. Do any of you complaining, really think that the game is going to stay like how you've seen in the pre-alpha stage? Obviously the movement will be sorted. Obviously the weapons will be tweaked. Obviously the UI will change. This is the point in the alpha testing, to get all this shit sorted. Most of this shit will be changed before the alpha comes anyway, then there will be more tweaks depending on the feedback. What sort of idiots do you take the devs for? They're more than capable, just let them get on with it, and when alpha comes, make your suggestions, and they WILL listen to the community. The last thing the game needs is threads like this. Closed alpha and beta phases aren't for our entertainment, they're to fix the game.
  10. I completely agree, but it wouldn't help what the game is needing right now. And that is feedback on how the game feels, and what they can change with the model movement stats, and the general movement system in general. Not only that but how the current available guns are etc. There is a reason why they are limiting things in alpha. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to play S&D straight away, but it wouldn't be for the best.
  11. Yes perhaps in beta stages, or early access, but maybe not in an alpha. They want to focus mainly on the movement/feel of the game first, before they go into gamemodes, and have teams practising.
  12. This. The game hasn't even changed anyway, they've stuck with their original idea. No idea what people were expecting.
  13. Well just take my word for it, I've been around the forums for over one year now, I wouldn't lie. I'm sure you'll enjoy the game, it'll be a shame to lose out on the video game's version of the second coming of Jesus
  14. They've said it countless times, if you need proof just use the search function. I know what I've read (on more than one occasion).
  15. Please remember what the alpha stage is, the main reason is to test the game, report any issues to the devs to fix. Having a standard TDM allows you to properly play the game spot any bugs or other problems. In S&D, you could play 10 seconds, and get sniped down, then have to wait till the next round (so not much game play). As far as the public are aware the alpha will be TDM. If they add anything else, I'm sure they'll let us know when the time comes. Edit: Can I just ask why you want a refund? What did you read that made you think the game would be fully ready, and every gun and game mode would be available during Alpha? Again, remember what the main purpose of alpha and beta tests are please.