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  1. Except if they are abusing of cinematic things. It is so boring to wait front of your screen to be able to play. 2017 is not released yet than you are thinking about the next !! lool More serioulsy : I bet there will be map tool avalaible from the start AND dedicated servers. (keep this line in memory and "rendez-vous" next year !! )
  2. I fear there is no other way than to wait EA stage or ask on the forum if someone want to sell his key.
  3. it's advertisement ! Nothing more.
  4. .... tic tac tic tac .....
  5. @DukeNukem Should i be jealous ? ------------------ While discussion stay constructive and respectful. ------------------- DEVs don't need "sheeps" who say always "Amen" to all their words, that is what some members do not understand and the forum is open to share ALL point of views or ideas (in the respect of each). This is what it is asked by DEVs themselves. Last weeks i had more concerns but as said by Joe it is because "i care about the game", not "hate to hate".
  6. Sadly, it is not specific to modern gaming communities but it is hard to accept it for people who still have some values and know the sense of words like "respect", "courtesy" ... It is so easy, behind its computer, to be a "hater", instead to have a peacefull, clever and polite discussion. And others members do not make distinction between a "hater" and an other member who is expressing a legit concern. That's the world we live.
  7. It is better for them to say nothing. If they change the date later we will be angry !
  8. offline : yes. LAN : don't care for Alpha Stage. What i m looking for during ALPHA is "TESTING" the game (maps, movement, guns ...), not practice. (it is not the same thing)
  9. Fadida. As said for the kickstarter campaign, you are just 1 year late.
  10. Grizz
  11. I agree with duke, thinking you are still controling your things after sharing it on internet is naive. it only takes one "cheater/hacker" on all backers/humblestored to open the breach.
  12. Snipii to the forum No you can't anymore. You have to wait EA stage or ask to the forum if someone want to sell his key.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum Khalessi. There is no date yet for the EA stage. I invite you to use "search" to get more details. Cheers.
  14. to the forum Smiley
  15. I m too ! Keep my breath and count the points but nothing surprises me anymore !
  16. IMO It is without hope, because in this case they are evoking a security reasons.
  17. Will the NDA available in several languages ? Because i don't speak english and i wouldn't want to break the rules !
  18. Depend if the community is focused on competitive side or not. If you are looking for to be on the top 10 you are competitive. If you don't care about your rank you are casual player. This is how i see it. In our community we are not focused on the competitive side this is why i choosen the 2sd option.
  19. I guess you mean CODBO (black ops) and CODBO3 (Black Ops3 /// COD3 was only on console) : So for CODBO it was only possible to rent servers from "trust providers", CODBO3 have Dedicated servers but they deliver them after the game die. COD1, COD2, COD4, CODWaW, CODMW3, CODBO3 had/have dedicated servers - CODBO1 only from "trust providers" as said. CODMW2, CODBO2, COD GHOST and COD Advance Warfare never did dedicated servers.
  20. Saddly Alpha access have been closed march 31th, now you have to wait EA stage to be able to get the game.
  21. The video remind me when i started my military career (almost 30 years back ) and i had to learn the weapons mechanics while the only thing i would was to shot with them !! lool Great find @Farq-S
  22. Thanks for sharing @xXclusiivE Pictures looks good. I guess to find the same quality on Bat44
  23. Even if I like the @moose456 's idea, as said @RAFF the future of "tactical" style on Bat44 will be by modding the game, .... unless DEVs think/want to add some server commands to allow Tactical Communities to tweak their (our) servers to be able to play "tactical" style (realism or crouch or whatever). In fact there is no need for DEVs to create a full mod for this, because there just need some specifics Cvars but it is sure they have to add some code lines for it !