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  1. There are good things to come but I m shocked by THIS : @[CM] BigTuna : "The fact that you're here right now reading this lengthy update during this rocky Early Access period, still playing the game and adding positive and constructive discussion on our Reddit/Discord community is a testament to the better half of Battalion 1944’s community as a whole. " It is a lack of respect for Forum's users here since the beginning or later, supporting your work, still playing the game and trying to keep constructive discussions and clean forum. You have totally given up the forum and you are neglecting the other half of Battalion1944's community (which is the worst if i understand well !) You should close this forum. Things will be clearest.
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    For this you have to DM your request to @[CM] BigTuna with a proof of your purchase. Other rewards (tee-shirt ....) you have to wait.
  3. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders - Source Hey Squaddies, On behalf of the entire Offworld team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the early founders and backers of the studio. Without the immense trust and faith the approximately fifteen THOUSAND of you showed us back before Steam launch, we wouldn't be here today. Your early support allowed us to bring on the team full-time, to begin growing the studio with the care that would later be needed to successfully fulfill the goals of the project. It has also allowed us to tackle quite a large body of work, ready to learn how to deal with challenges we could never have foreseen. They were exciting, intimidating, exhilarating days. As we move closer to a much more mature version of Squad, we want to show our appreciation to those founders by introducing them to our partner studio, Periscope Games, and their project Post Scriptum in one heck of a cool way. Thanks to your early support, we were able to help take this fledgling group of World War 2 enthusiasts and amateur game developers and plant the seeds of what will become one of the most realistic and largest World War II games on PC we've ever seen. To show our appreciation for the contributions all of you have made, we would like to offer all pre-Steam launch Founders and Backers the opportunity to redeem one Post Scriptum key per active Squad key for free beginning in mid to late April. This applies to all 15,000 dedicated supporters -- from the multipack Rangers and clans to the single key Backers. That means if you received two keys as part of your Squad backer tier, you will receive two Post Scriptum keys! In addition to full access to the final game release, recipients will also be invited to participate in pre-release weekend testing beginning in May. (Official date to be announced by Periscope Studios.) That's right... get a free game key and be one of the first soldiers on the ground! Not a bad return on investment! How do I request my keys? Coming soon, there will be a simple form provided. When it becomes available, fill it out with the same email you used to back Offworld. The application will verify your data and deliver the right amount of keys based on the donation tier to which you belong. Your key will unlock full access to the game, as well as provide access to pre-release weekend testing. (Please note: This will not include the current closed testing being done internally by Periscope Games.) What is Post Scriptum? Post Scriptum is a first-person historical shooter that builds an authentic World War II combat experience on the technological foundation of Offworld Core. Focusing on historical accuracy, large-scale battles, and the same intense need for cohesion, communication, and teamwork that you find in Squad. You'll find yourselves at home in another era with a whole new lineup of awesome weapons, vehicles, maps, and more. I'm not a Backer. Can I still get involved? Soon! The folks at Periscope Games will be offering pre-sales for Post Scriptum in the near future. Be sure to follow them on Steam to make sure you get the latest news and announcements!
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    Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    And take a looks at Hell let loose, it seems better of this one !
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    Server Browser Issue.

    It is solved but server still display 999 ping.
  6. All informations about our community are on this thread : Server's information : Server IP : Password (if server closed) : testngbc
  7. We are playing tomorow (05/04/2018) around 20h30/20h45 CET. Our server is not displayed on server browser ingame. To join us you have to use console game with this command : connect Cheers.
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    Server Browser Issue.

    I have the same problem now. Server is not displayed anymore on server browser (ingame). and it is displayed on https://www.btl44.com/servers but it is not displayed anymore on http://browser.battalionservers.com/ .......
  9. - PROBLEM SOLVED - NOT AN ISSUE : Check this post - What's wrong with new version ? Version : 11804 OS : windows Port open : 7777-7780 (TCP and UDP) - same result with firewall off. Server is displayed on server browser but with a 999 ping An other server is displaying the same ping. Ping on server is corretly displayed : Server is displayed on custom server browser : But it is dead on https://www.btl44.com or gametracker : worked correlty with previous version of server files (on windows).
  10. Hey @Hitman, We are playing less than we did. Personnaly, since 1/2 weeks i m a bit more busy and no time to play. For my partners it is no pleasant to play and enforce rules in the same time. But we played yesterday evening (we should be present each thursday with server locked - password still the same). There is a little chance to find us this week-end too. PS : If you own cod4, feel free to join us this evening. Take a look at our website for informations. (check my sig)
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    How to unpack the Battalion pak files??

    Take a look at this post - don't know if it works but can help (clic on grey zone) :
  12. Damn you right. Other problems about banners are solved but not the 999 ping. When i checked yesterday it was correct.
  13. Soldat Ryan

    Admin server messages

    not yet. I hope we will. you have to do it manually ingame with "server.announce YOURTEXT"
  14. Hummm, i solved my problem check my post linked above. i guess it helps. @Press2continue take a look too.
  15. I m dumb ! Problem solved For those with the same problem, check your firewall : You must allowed : C:\YOURPATHTOSERVERFILES\Windows\Battalion\Binaries\Win64\BattalionServer-Win64-Shipping.exe and not : C:\YOURPATHTOSERVERFILES\Windows\BattalionServer.exe
  16. Indeed, nothing on your hands @FeuerSturm - it is the same for my server. @Press2continue take a look at this thread (below). Problem occurs from V11804 and still present with recent files.
  17. Servers updated today (16/03/2018) but problem is still present.
  18. Soldat Ryan

    Ready Up Setting

    This is for dedicated server : in "defaultgame.ini" line 157 change StartType=Skip you can choose 3 settings : PlayerCount Skip or ReadyUp
  19. Soldat Ryan

    No key sent (kickstarter backer)

    send a DM to @[CM] BigTuna with the proof of your purchase.
  20. Be The First To Fight - Preparing For Early Access - ( source ) On February 1st, 17:00pm GMT we launch Battalion 1944 into Steam Early Access. This is a huge milestone for everyone who has supported us at events, through our Alpha tests and all the way into our recent Beta. Now is finally the time when the closed doors will open and everyone will be able to join us in creating the true successor to great shooters of the past. We’re expecting a large influx of new players and your opinions matter. If you’ve enjoyed the game throughout Alpha/Beta, positive Steam reviews will help us reach as many people as possible to ensure the largest impact on day one. We have listened to your feedback to get us to this point, and now the real fun begins. For those who want to jump on board with our ongoing development - here’s a few of the options we’ll have for you to get access to the game on day one. Announcing The ‘First To Fight’ Edition and Upgrade Pack For soldiers who want to really show their support of the development of the game, we are giving you guys the option to upgrade to the ‘First To Fight’ edition. This edition includes extra bonus content that will help you kickstart your weapon skin collection as well as the Battalion 1944 Original soundtrack in its entirety. The First To Fight Edition includes: Battalion 1944 Core Game 5x 'The Originial War Chests' Exclusive ‘First To Fight’ Trench Gun Weapon Skin Battalion 1944 Original Soundtrack The Battalion 1944 ‘First To Fight’ Edition will cost $24.99. If you already own Battalion 1944 - you will have the option to upgrade later via the ‘Upgrade Pack’ which will cost $12.99. This includes the exact same bonus content as the First To Fight edition, minus the base Battalion 1944 base game. All of the bonus content included in these editions are entirely optional and in no way affects the down the barrel gameplay of Battalion 1944! Battalion 1944 - 10% Launch Discount We decided to price Battalion 1944 at an insanely low price point to give you guys as much value for your money as we could afford. Our $14.99 price point reflects our ethos heading into Early Access, where you guys get access to the game early in return for helping us shape the game. On top of this we’re adding a small 10% launch discount for all the day one adopters as an extra thanks for checking out our game. We’re planning to be in early access for just one year - in which we shall be adding new features and content as well as regular spot fixes and patches. Once we’ve hit our year one milestone we shall release out of Early Access at a higher price along with even more new content. You can read our full Steam Early Access road map right here: www.battaliongame.com Kickstarter/Humble Early Access Steam Codes Have Been Sent! If you’re a Kickstarter backer or you pre-ordered via Humble Bundle last year, you should have received your Battalion 1944 Steam key via email. This is NOT the same as the Battalion 1944 Test Zone key. If you’re missing your key when you’re 100% sure you have not received your key, please make sure to contact our community manager @BigTuna via Twitter. All Kickstarter Backers and Humble Supporters will receive 3 free war chests as an extra thanks for your support! First Update! Ranked Competitive Matchmaking - Launches February 8th Now this one’s huge. Battalion 1944 Competitive Matchmaking will launch into Early Access February 8th, 2018. This will give you one entire week to practice on unranked, arcade and community hosted servers ready for the competitive matchmaking launch day. Ranked play will match players against each other of similar skill level with a hidden ELO system. Players will initially be put into placement matches with other players who are also completing their placements. Once all 10 placement matches are complete, you will then be put into a ranking division, either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. The goal of ranked play is for players to find others of a similar skill level and strive towards self improvement and teamplay. To partake in ranked play, you must first reach at least level 10 (which shouldn’t take too long for players who grind the game on launch!). Above is the full list of competitive ranks, all the way from Bronze Recruit to Diamond World Elite. Where do you think your road to becoming a professional player begin? Other features/fixes coming out with the week 1 patch include: VOIP will be added to the game Equipped weapon skins will be enabled on unofficial community servers. Distributed servers will show if they are not up to date via the server browser. Networking improvements. Other small tweaks and fixes. Week One Tournaments and Events! Bulkhead took the decision to not back any first week tournaments with prize money because we wanted to see which tournament providers would provide a good experience. However, we have worked with organizers to provide servers and some War Chest prize pools! Consider these first tournaments tests, have a good time and lets see who’s going to be THE FIRST winner of a Battalion tournament! Want to take your team to the next level or jump straight into competitive play before the release of ranked matchmaking? On February 3rd Battalion 1944’s first weekly community hosted tournament will begin with the “BLITZKRIEG BATTLE” series. BLITZKRIEG BATTLE (EU) The Blitzkrieg Battle, community hosted and ran by ‘The Plays’ will take place online and will be broadcast via Twitch. 64 teams will compete to be crowned the first winner of a community hosted Battalion 1944 tournament. We fully endorse this kind of community initiative and have helped hook these guys up with the right people from Multiplay to run community hosted competitive servers for their event. This a great first step in seeing this community evolve. WISEFRAG WEEKLY (NA) The team at Wisefrag have put together a cup in North America. Sign Up Here[www.toornament.com] Talks With ESL On the subject of Battalion 1944 and competitive tournaments, we tweeted a photo this week that showed we’d been visiting ESL’s UK Office. We had a lot of questions that obviously we’d love to answer, but we can’t do that just yet! It’s safe to say the future of Battalion’s esport scene is in great hands and we’re really excited to see which players rise to the top. We’ve had many meetings over the last 2 years with ESL who have been incredibly supportive of our efforts, but we just wanted to let you all know that the future looks bright but unfortunately, this is just a teaser of what’s to come! Announcing ‘The Original War Chest’ War chests are the cosmetic only unlock system in Battalion 1944. Warchests can be obtained entirely for free by leveling your account via experience points or purchasing them for $1.75 each. Every level progression will reward a player with one free War Chest, which can be opened for free without the need of any sort of ‘key’ to unlock the chest. Inside each Warchest is a guaranteed weapon skin unlock, which can be equipped in the inventory or traded/sold via the Steam Marketplace. You also have the entirely optional choice of purchasing extra War Chests. We see this as a way for people to further financially support the future of Battalion 1944 - where profits gained will be put straight back into development of post release content, and competitive tournament prize pools. To see the skins available in ‘The Original War Chest’ - take a look at this fan made website posted on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/7tj9xz/i_made_a_website_showing_off_battalion_1944/ The Turing Test - Bonus Weapon Skin! If you’ve played Bulkhead Interactive’s previous game, The Turing Test, you will be in for a nice surprise on February 1st inside your Steam inventory! Early Access Day 1 Map Layouts / Callouts You guys asked for map updated map overviews and call outs of every level which is being included in Early Access, so we’ve delivered. Click each thumbnail to expand! Coastal Derailed Manorhouse v1 Manorhouse v2 Liberation Battery Outpost AimMap_01 Linux Dedicated Servers Good news Linux fans! Linux distributed server files will be available February 1st for all your dedicated server hosting needs. If you’d like to pre-order a dedicated community server, head over to: Multiplay Battalion 1944 Server Wiki If you’re looking for help on how to set up your dedicated server, check out our newly hosted wiki.battaliongame.com It should help you guys out with server commands and tips on day 1! Alternatively you can also check out this guide in-game through Steam right here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287190221 Official Competitive Ruleset Want to set up a competitive Battalion 1944 tournament? Read the ruleset and get prepared right here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287213024 Some Interesting Programming Stats Our lead programmer, James Tatum, has released some cool stats for programmers interested in Battalion 1944’s ongoing development. These facts include infomation such as how Battalion 1944’s code base has over 100,000 lines of code, and the busiest month saw nearly 24,000 lines of code written! You can follow him on twitter if this is your kind of thing. Summary Big things are coming. Let your friends know the release date and get your squad online and be the first to fight on February 1st. Leave a Steam review to let us know your thoughts and spread the word about the true successor to the classic shooters of the past. This is Battalion 1944.
  21. New Client Update, Competitive Goes Live, and Server Plans ! ( source ) Competitive going live! So it’s nearly time! We know a lot of you have been waiting for our competitive game mode to launch officially and now we can announce that Thursday 15/02/18 our War Tide Game mode will go live. It will be at some time during the day. There will be around 10 mins of outage time whilst we restart and deploy server + matchmaker updates. This means all players will need to update their clients to play. The update is planned to go live on Thursday 15th February 2018. Players rank 10 and above will be eligible, please bare in mind that a user interface bug has meant that some players haven’t been shown their real rank and therefore don’t believe that they are at the rank 10 and eligible to play Competitive. However we are deploying potential fixes for these issues during this weeks update. New Competitive Ranks It is worth noting that we have updated our competitive ranks since we announced them. We have altered them based on community feedback to make them more appealing, eye catching, readable & consistent. Here’s the updated list of ranks we will be having when Competitive launches this Thursday. Changelog: Improvements We have added a new run animation. Previously the third person run animation was very flat/horizontal. You’ll now notice that the character kicks his feet up a lot higher now. This is to help improve visibility of players in fast/high intensity situations. It will also help slightly improve visibility when jumping. Future Server Plans & Intentions Over the past two weeks we’ve been learning how to manage our server locations. There has been a huge amount of requests for matchmaking support in South East Asia, as a result of your communication with us. We will be adding servers in the SEA region in March. We made a mistake of separating NA players between 3 regions, our server code does not choose the best location for the players. The server predetermines where to go. As a result, we will be removing Central/East and merging them together to servers in Chicago, again in March. This will also show a boost in player numbers. Bug Fixes: Potential fix for XP displaying correctly on the endgame UI. Potential fix for crash on startup. Numerous Spectator Improvements. Picking up a dead player’s weapon now correctly displays the dropped weapon skin of the dead player and not your own skin. General server stability fixes. Texture Streaming: To help combat load times on lower end PCs - We’ve set texture streaming to be default ON for players who own graphics cards with less than 3GB vram. If you have a 3GB+ card texture streaming will be set to OFF for a smoother gameplay experience whilst in-game. Our art team are actively optimising their work. Addressing Players Fears We wanted to address a recurring post from players. Recently, players have been given the ability to view concurrent players on SteamDB and SteamSpy. We regularly use these websites to get gauges of how other games are doing as well. However, if not used correctly they can be damaging to potential successful games. Players who feel they need to post ‘dead game’ on a game that hasn’t been in early access 2 weeks, are certainly jumping the gun. It is counterproductive and frustrating to see, especially in the face of so many updates from the dev team and when to game developers the concurrent players we do have are actually very high for an Early Access title 2 weeks out. Comparing day 1 concurrent players to day 14 is not representative of a games future. Battalion has lined up to announce: Multiple LAN tournaments with 5 figure prize pools (TBA VERY SOON) Free Weekend New Maps (Again very soon) New Gamemode (Requires this dedicated community to help balance) Clanwars (Now backed by a new partner) Full Release with more maps & content (2019) If you’re playing Battalion 1944 now in Early Access you should be playing for the following reasons: To practice and get a head start on the Battalion 1944 major competitive events To help design and balance Battalion 1944 To help the developers find and fix bugs or issues Early Access is a time where developers can release new content to players with a safety net. It is not a finished game. This is the reason we chose to make our game £10.39 at launch. A very modest price for a game with a lot of potential. After Early Access we intend to increase the price to suit that of a finished, fully functioning game with minimal issues.. And we think that's fair. At this time we'd like to link to one of our more popular comparisons CSGO, which started with 20,000 concurrent players and 10 years of a pre-existing game! With the work from their devs and the community pushing the game. CSGO grew into what it is today; http://steamcharts.com/app/730#All Battalion's player numbers were always going to go down after the first day, but by relieving the financial pressure from trying to hit targets after we smashed our expectations, we can now solely focus on turning Battalion into a long term success. Please also remember games like PUBG are an anomaly and are not examples of long term sustainable success! Let us know what you think in the comments! Thanks for your continued to support! We’ve got some huge announcements coming over the next two weeks but for now lets enjoy playing Competitive Battalion 1944 and enjoy the grind! Hatton's Highlights, check out some great frags from the last week!
  22. Video from @BattleNonSense