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  1. Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

    On Windows = Yes On Linux = cross fingers !! .... and to the forum.
  2. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Quoted from Kickstater campaign. This have maybe changed since the campaign but as they didn't said the opposite (or i missed it), we can expect to be able to host ranked server too.
  3. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    to the forum Slawdawgz, never too late join the fight ! About servers, as we should be able to host our own sessions it will be easy for everyone who want to do it to host servers (ranked and/or custom) in Australia. As others said, nothing new will be announced before January 2018. You have time to read the forum and watch vidéos. Cheers.
  4. Cod ww2 Beta

    They said they come back to the roots. They never said they will be authentic ! EDIT : There were Russian conscripts in the Wehrmacht using PPSH in West front, renamed MP41(r)
  5. Cod ww2 Beta

    They are playing with words. For sledgehammer dedicated server is the ability to host themself sessions of the game. On these servers you (player) can't change settings/game rules. (no server browser) For players/gamers/all communities "dedicated server" is the ability for ourself to host our own servers games on our own machine/server and be able to set what we want on them. (with server browser) Reddit to read : CODBO3 did dedicated servers but only after game is dead.
  6. New map leaked?

    This is obsolete since long time. I m not refering to the kickstarter anymore as a lot of things changed since release of the campaign. I m simply wait and see what Devs provide us and speculate a bit (but not so much)
  7. When is the next beta?

    They are in the dark ....
  8. New map leaked?

    Looks like Sainte Mère Église because the architecture of the churches is mainly the same for all churches throughout Normandy. But i bet on the map influenced by Montebourg because it is what they worked (cf. THIS - map 3) but i may be wrong as a lot of things changed in regards of the beginning.
  9. CODWW2 beta public

    CODWW2 beta public is available this week-end (29 sept-02oct) http://store.steampowered.com/app/696790/Call_of_Duty_WWII__PC_Open_Beta/ I have to admit i had fun to play this morning. But the lack of dedi servers is a "no go" for me to buy it.
  10. CODWW2 beta public

    Thanks to @[CM] phantasy for this :
  11. Beta Release

    I have the same feeling than Zane about "scary" thing. January is the next phase : Beta, and nothing more between now and this. Wait and see.
  12. How Many Keys

    One of main reason is this game is made by independant studio with a little crew of devs to release it. Showing the game as it is at this stage will be a "disaster" because majority of people will only see a low res, outdated or a bugged game whithout thinkng the game is still under development and they will bash it quiclky and without mercy (internet is without mercy). This behavior will kill the game before its release and final stage. (recent ie : DoW) The hidden part of the forum allow us (alpha testers) to communicate freely with devs on what is good and what is wrong whitout the bashing side. If they show this part of the forum, the NDA as no more interest. ... and tactically this increase your interest for the game !
  13. Community Servers

    Hi and welcome to the forum Lo0Pse There is no reason for you and your friends to not be able to join the same server as long as there is enought free slots on this server. The dedicated servers should work like old COD servers.
  14. Greetings

  15. HI ! I'm Florentde !

    on board Florentde
  16. Battalion's community health

    Everything is ok The community is still here but with Alpha phase we have to talk in hidden part of the forum (reserved to the Alpha testers). For all others discussions we are using public zone.
  17. Hi, I'm Spie / Neca

  18. Hello I'm sLL

    sLL to the forum
  19. Hey guys, DOOPZ here.

    doopz to the forum
  20. Hello everyone!

    Dark to the forum
  21. Hi All, I'm Simon

    Evil Issac
  22. Hi all ! :D

    @Clem' et @KahBeii évitez de communiquer exclusivement en français sur le forum. Vous pouvez utiliser la messagerie privée pour cela. ---------- Translation : Do not speak french only on the forum or use DM.
  23. Hi all ! :D

    Clement !
  24. Cod1 vs Cod2 (textures) (example pictures)

    Rit's posts merged. Always talking about the same thing. No need to create severals threads for this.
  25. Battalion 1918!

    Before to think to the next Battalion (if there will be), let the devs ending Battalion1944 !