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    Have you not managed to find your Battalion Code?

    No ! and no date for console release.
  2. Soldat Ryan


    On COD4 you are able to rank up on all server, except if the server is modded. 😉
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    From the wiki : Use 'Arcade' for arcade game modes and 'Unranked' for Wartide. Arcade = if your server run game modes : TDM- CTF -DOM. Unranked = if you run only Wartide mode. Nothing more. Both system are UNRANKED (arcade and unranked) I doubt our servers are part of official Arcade servers because we are able to change settings (timelimit, gamescore ...). I m not a specialist but i don't know how they could use our servers for official ranking system if we set our own rules. .... and if they are using our server for official arcade servers, there would have been less issues with connexions at EA launch ! ???
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    Since when ? ?
  5. Soldat Ryan

    TDM Settings?

    My bad, ignore this EndOnMatchPointWin=false (wrong command) and change this : WinOnTeamEmpty=True by this WinOnTeamEmpty=false
  6. Soldat Ryan

    TDM Settings?

    To set 16 minutes : RoundTime=960 To prevent 30sec end match : Change this : EndOnMatchPointWin=true to this : EndOnMatchPointWin=false
  7. Soldat Ryan

    Update on progress please

    Update have been released few days ago and have been patched 2 times. Can't say if they are good or not, i haven't playedthe game since a while. (I may do it this evening with my partners) All is here : https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1720828192150261700 There are 2 others announcements about patches, i invite you to check them on their steam HUB.
  8. Soldat Ryan

    Vanguard 1944 - New Game

    ? ------------------- Saw this too. Their objective looks really low. ? The new thing is they are building the game under CryEngine instead of UnrealEngine. Curious to see the result ... and feedbacks ! ?
  9. Soldat Ryan

    Update on progress please

    Wow ! I didn't know this. Make me thinking about a French Fable i learned at school about the Frog who want to be as big as an Ox. At the end of ht estory, the Frog is so big that it burts. ? They want to go too faster and they are skipping steps, like they are doing on the development of the game when they want to introduce E-sport scene before to build a solid game with a solid community around it to keep the game alive.
  10. Soldat Ryan

    Update on progress please

    Yes, that's it.? My bad ! ☺️ The mistake is mine. (as i said my english is not perfect !! grrrr i hate my teacher today !! lool) Don't be sorry, all is fine and i understand your frustration. We just bet too much on Battalion1944. Life goes on, it is just a game? Between us, as nobody (except few people) is reading the forum anymore (even devs - picture below), if you don't do it yet, you should take a look at Post Scriptum. I wasn't really interested by the game at the begining because i didn't really liked Squad, but since i test it, more i play the game more i enjoy to play Post Scriptum.? Really interesting and a good surprise. I m sad to say it but captains left the boat not surprising that people left the forum and the game too :
  11. Soldat Ryan

    Update on progress please

    @Excel: You have your words to tell things, i have mine (which are limited in english). There are different ways to say that you like or dislike things. I never said i was not agree with you. We are on the same boat and I m also disappointed with how the game has become in regard of what they promised. I m one of the first people who warn Devs loooooong time ago about their decisions to change the direction in the development of the game but excepting few poeple, no one listen to me. Last thing, do not consider me as a fan boys, it hurts me !! ? Cheers ?
  12. Soldat Ryan

    Update on progress please

    Next update is scheduled 13/09/2018 ( source ) ....but who cares ? 500/800 Esport gamers ? Where are the tens of thousands of players who believed/expected a lot in the game ? I keep my server alive for now but for how long ? I m not as rude as Excel, but for sure hype and faith are gone.
  13. You made a copy/paste from an old post or you mean 2019 ! ?February 2018 is passed ! ?
  14. Soldat Ryan

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    This is the most funny thing i read here since long time. ? Yes it is more benefical but only for providers not for players/admins. Also, it depends : if you (player/admins) have aknowledge on dedicated server administration or not. If not, well renting a server game from a provider is the best way but certainly not the most benefical. what you want to do : -Renting only 1 server game is benefical ok (around 12€ for 12 slots for battalion on multiplay instead of around 40€ for soyoustart dedicated server ). -But if you want to build a community with a website, voice server (TS ...), several games servers, it is better to rent a dedicated server. That was a funny advertisement post.
  15. Soldat Ryan

    Server not right after update.

    The problem come from LGSM script. Better to use oldschool way (steamcmd command line).
  16. This is only for Arcade and/or Wartide. This is not for Server browser where ALL servers must been displaying. So yes, if you choose EU servers when you play Arcade, you join EU servers. There is no ping-lock in the settings, or i missed it. If i m right (must be confirmed by others .... or devs ?), you can see only servers with the same version of yours. So if your game is running the last version, you are able only to see servers updated too, not those with older version. The problem is not new and persist since long time. It has been reported yet.
  17. "COMMUNITY SERVERS" are not official servers. This is the default name use in config file (defaultserver.ini). Bulkhead do not managing these servers. The server is maybe simply locked ! Did you try other servers ?
  18. Soldat Ryan

    Windows Server

    My server is running on Windows Server and i m able to join. What is your server name/ip ? did you check your firewall rules ?
  19. Soldat Ryan

    Update is Live!

    And the changelog is here : https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/2699229596634463651
  20. Soldat Ryan

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Well, i didn't played the beta but the update (MU2) is released today to the public. We will see if more players are coming back to Battalion. Personnaly I just wait and see what happend really now since Devs have abandonned the forum and I m sad i didn't get wrong when last year we warned them they moved to the wrong direction. Saddly, my fear have been justified. The faith is gone. ?
  21. Soldat Ryan

    Holland calling.

    Hey Dundy, - nice to see you here ... i just guess it is not too late.
  22. Soldat Ryan

    OTT Jumping

    From news about next update
  23. Soldat Ryan

    How to tell version number

    damn, i have the same (didn't pay attention, my bad) so i doubt it shows the good information. Anyway, IMHO, your version seems correct. There is no new update since march. You can also check it here : https://steamdb.info/app/805140/depots/ - as you can see last public update have been made 2 monthes ago. (this source is reliable) In all case, if your server is not updated you should not be able to connect as it should not be listed on the server browser.
  24. Soldat Ryan

    How to tell version number

    look for your server in this list : http://b44tracker.com/servers seems it show release version. If you have access to the server files, check root folder you will find a file called "version.txt"
  25. Soldat Ryan

    Graphics and FPS improvements