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  1. Indeed and @[DEV] KingHoward did it.
  2. 1 more week for the video but not for the kickstarter text update !
  3. A mix of both solution. It is interesting.
  4. I m feeling less alone ! ... (That doesn't mean it is a good thing. ) +1 (be simple to prevent misinterpretation ! ) (1) For those who want it there is World War Toons (2) Same for me.
  5. same for me.
  6. It is more easy to downvote than to present arguments. +1 <----This is not an argument but my comment !
  7. For Devs, One year ago, after stopping to beleive in words of game studios, i had a new hope on game industry. An indie company decided to offer to the gamers a new WW2 in the spirit of old great FPS in the line of COD, MOH or ET under a modern engine. Devs stuck me with their idea to make an "old school" game on a WW2 environment where our skill is most important than to win crazy stuff, without vehicles, perks, killstreak, artillery, dogs or exosuits, and where all weapons are unlocked. Devs brought my attention by the fact they want to develop the game for all gamers with the intention, then, to extend to the (pro) competitive scene. Devs interested me by the fact we will "reward visual upgrades for our character, accessories and weapons within their realistic art style guidelines", under their "Battlerank competition system". without interfering the gameplay Devs enjoyed me by the idea to not include DLC and microtransaction. At least, Devs pleased me with the idea to support communities with mod/map tool and deliver dedicated server files. I convinced my partners to support the game from the start on these promises and because all features we are expecting since long time seems at the rendez-vous. On these promises, we backed one of these packs (x18 clan pack for us) as 10 000 others backers did. Today i m getting sad because i have the feeling (shared by others) that Devs are stepping back little to little on what they promised in the 1st contract. First break was when Devs decided to add microtranscation. After discussion, they convinced me saying it won't be compulsory to buy these lootcrate and everyone will be able to unlock same stuff in the time and because it is a question of survival for the long term. Ok, but it is a step back. Then Devs stepped back on the fact it won't be possible to stream or record Alpha Closed. Ok. It is a detail. Not essential. Not a big problem and it is understandable. But again it is a step back. Then Devs looked for to implement an original quake engine bug : strafejump. I guess they are not looking for to add too much glitchies or intentionnal bugs. Today Devs announce they are thinking to add "crazy skins". It is not what backers wanted when they decided to support the game massivly. Ok it is not WW2 reconstitution but neither CODMW5 or RB6-Siege. Again i have the feeling it is much more an economic reason than a real core game reason. Devs are starting to think profit insteed to make the game they promised first. Even if it is not fully decided, it is a new step back. In the same time, Devs are saying they are pending the development of "War Torn" System wich was a great feature announced after kickstarter but always in the spirit of customization of our characters. We didn't expect it and it had the approval of the majority. It is a step back. The most dangerous, today i have the feeling Devs become elitist and are talking much more with pro-gamers. I take @Farq-S words because it is better said than i could : "the development is struggling to strike the right balance between casual and competitive. If it goes too far down either path this game will lose alot of its audience on the opposite side." The game needs both worlds but one world haven't to dominate the other. What next ?? Killstreak ? Perks ? Locking weapons ? ..... I m here from the start, almost from day one, and i come everydays on the forum, I m following Devs on twitter and checking Steam discussions regulary (not a great deal, i have a lot of free time) but it is the first time in one year, near of 1st release, that i m really worried about what i read these last days/weeks on some members' and devs' comments. I m nobody. I m not coming from competitive scene. I m just a (old) gamer and my voice has the same value of all others. i always tried to be fair on my comments and open-mind, i m not using vote-down system (i did it 2 or 3 times only), i prefer to vote-up for good ideas/comments and shared opposite arguments when needed, even if sometimes i was a bit rude (it was for the good cause and to create electroshock) but Devs must not forget what made the success of the campaign (all started from this) which allow them to reach their goals and attract new players. Not sure that they would have meet the same success if they have said from the start there will be microtransaction, flashy/unrealistic skins, mainly oriented on competitive scene and above all if they said they will change the terms of the contract along the way. The game is not release yet and, because it is not too late, today i would like to be like "Jiminy Cricket" for Devs and give them one advice : Keep your new false good-ideas for the next game. Don't give up what can make the difference with others games. Keep the initial line and deliver the game you promised (on customization side and gameplay) and which is expected by the majority of gamers who backed the project before to think biggest profits and exclusive competitive scene. It seems, it is the path you are currently looking at. At least, don't think to grow up too fast. Devs asked us to trust them. I did but my faith is starting to break down. I really guess i m wrong and i won't give up but fear is not so far and knocking to the door. Thanks for reading. With all my best regards.
  8. Hi!

  9. Wow ! My bad txs for clearification ! ... So NO exception for humble !
  10. As nothing is linking kickstarter account and forum account, I bet they are using kickstarter E-mail. Nothing in the forum prove you really backed the game !! Exception for people who are buying the game from humblebundle.
  11. Shotguns are for close combat and/or inside fight. A shotgun front of a semi-automatic gun is "almost" (depend of range) losing each time Being in the game is a plus. IMHO. With my teammates, to ending our evening party on COD4 or COD5, we are doing regulary some rounds on small maps with "shotguns only" and it is really funny ! A real blood bath !
  12. CrazyZxZGhost
  13. COD 2 / 4 or 5.
  14. Well, doesn't matter because your poll is betteeeeeeeeeer done than Razor's one ! Proof : his pool doesn't appear in search bar and he had to change it !! loool
  15. Indeed, and it was made by yourself. But after a while the poll became a bit confused. .... A bit by my fault !!
  16. thank you @ToonBE
  17. Do you have the link ? plz
  18. Hooo god, i love you @DukeNukem. I though all the day yesterday to find a way to explain it better but you did it for me. txs. I would like to add that all points i mention have been talked in their own threads and were only here for the demonstration. Indeed most of things i mentionned are mostly aesthetic, (and the most crazy is i think i don't care a bit because i play for fun, not to create an avatar) but the project was a package including gameplay AND cosmetics. It is a question of principle (maybe a stupid behavior but i m old-school man). I have always thinking that words had a meaning (even if i badly translate them ! ) . When you have a "contract" with someone else you are expecting to get what was describe in the contract. About gameplay my concern is because at the begining the game should be a game made by gamers for gamers inside a competitive gameplay. Now i feel (and again i say it is a feeling) it is a game made by pro-gamers for pro-gamers for competitive pro-gaming. IMHO It is not the same objective. The joe's answer is upseting me a bit too, because he is suggesting that if i don't like the game, i will be able to mod it. Ok. I knew it. But (once more) before to mod the game i would like you deliver the game as it was in the description and play the game as it should. To resume the situation, I take a "stupid" example (i guess it will be understood correctly ) : You are going the the fast-food, you order a "BigMac and a coke" because you liked what you are seeing in the menu, and few minutes laters the waiter gives you a "Cheeseburger and a water". It is almost the same but not fully. You will be upset. Then the waiter is saying if you are not agree you can add ketchup or mayo to eat it as you like. A bit annoying no ? Amen !
  19. LMAO !! you make my day, mate. +1
  20. Thanks @Razor and @Farq-S, you got what i mean. Sorry for those who didn't understood me correctly. I learnt english in French school (loooong time ago) and everybody (here i m talking for the rest of the world ! ) knows French people are speaking really bad English. But i m doing the best i can to be understood correclty.
  21. It is just a fact, nothing more. The project reached 10000 backers on its description. If it was different how many backed were there ? More, less ? Again, i m not claiming to speak for everyone.