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  1. Seems confirmed by "a trusted source" at PCGames
  2. I would be happy to see Flamethrower, but it won't be fit because BAT44 is a Competitive FPS. May be someone will add it in a "COD-WaW" mod.
  3. r3db4r0n
  4. Indeed and @[DEV] KingHoward did it.
  5. 1 more week for the video but not for the kickstarter text update !
  6. A mix of both solution. It is interesting.
  7. I m feeling less alone ! ... (That doesn't mean it is a good thing. ) +1 (be simple to prevent misinterpretation ! ) (1) For those who want it there is World War Toons (2) Same for me.
  8. same for me.
  9. It is more easy to downvote than to present arguments. +1 <----This is not an argument but my comment !
  10. Hi!

  11. Wow ! My bad txs for clearification ! ... So NO exception for humble !
  12. As nothing is linking kickstarter account and forum account, I bet they are using kickstarter E-mail. Nothing in the forum prove you really backed the game !! Exception for people who are buying the game from humblebundle.