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  1. When will we get the key for Steam?

    Sessions and download start always and only when the game is available. Check Razor's answer (above mine) to get servers up time.
  2. When will we get the key for Steam?

    Pre-order are over. You jhave to wait Early Access to buy the game. ...and to the forum
  3. When will the game release on steam?

    at Early Access : Q1 2018 (nothing more precise)
  4. When will we get the key for Steam?

    You should be able to play current test as they open last tests to Beta backers. Check your mails (specially "promotion" tab if you are using gmail) if you have nothing i invite you to contact @[CM] BigTuna by DM with a proof of your purchase.
  5. When will we get the key for Steam?

    It depends which tier you bought. Firts, check your purchase to know if you are avalailable for Alpha/Beta or Early Access. But if you didn't received any news about Bulkhead it is may be because you bought EA tier. Currently the game is in Closed Alpha/Beta stage. EA stage should be released in Q1 2018 but we haven't release date yet. We just know the next trailer will be released the 9th january 2018.
  6. Modding requirements

    and ------------------------------------------- for other questions about UE and coding i can't say. I m not a specialist.
  7. IMHO everything is in punctuation : "This (Alpha 0.5) is for Alpha & Beta backers ! (STOP) But sooner than you think, early access backers will be able to play! " They are not mentionning Alpha 0.5 is for EA backers. This is advertisement. They are mentionning EA to create hype and tell them they will get their hands in the game sooner than expected. This is teasing !
  8. NickyHD Battalion 1944 Trailer

    Yep ! and on the forum too ! Cheers.
  9. Can't report bug in game because game won't launch

    Send a PM to @[CM] BigTuna with a proof of your purchase to get an access to the Alpha Zone (hidden) on the forum.
  10. Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

    On Windows = Yes On Linux = cross fingers !! .... and to the forum.
  11. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Quoted from Kickstater campaign. This have maybe changed since the campaign but as they didn't said the opposite (or i missed it), we can expect to be able to host ranked server too.
  12. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    to the forum Slawdawgz, never too late join the fight ! About servers, as we should be able to host our own sessions it will be easy for everyone who want to do it to host servers (ranked and/or custom) in Australia. As others said, nothing new will be announced before January 2018. You have time to read the forum and watch vidéos. Cheers.
  13. Cod ww2 Beta

    They said they come back to the roots. They never said they will be authentic ! EDIT : There were Russian conscripts in the Wehrmacht using PPSH in West front, renamed MP41(r)