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  1. Are we being heard by the developers?

    I don't know how much users are on reddit or steam following Battalion but with more than 12000 users registered on the forum, IMHO it is enought to get a bit more attention and interaction. They made a good support/communination while Alpha i can't understand why they stopped since EA. Just my 2 cents.
  2. teamkillscore is bugged

    it gives 5 points ! The objective is not to encourage the teamkill but "punish" it (-5) or make it neutral (0).
  3. Are we being heard by the developers?

    I have got the same feeling. Even if they are reading, they do not communicate enought on the official forum. (I told it yet) I was surprised few days ago to read a loooong post from @[CM] BigTuna (even if he is always replying to my DMs) on reddit trying to excuse some @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON' answers while at the same time i m not seeing interaction with us here. Other exemple (posted 1day ago) : It seems he is not interested to hear our voice here. Sometimes, it looks like we are talking in a vacuum and they "neglect" us. It's frustrating. I do not asking a full communication but sometimes a word telling "we are aware about your problem and working on it" or "try this, try that". This way regulars users have some keys and can communicate official words to the members when they meet a problem resolved/answered yet.
  4. Game's Dead guys..

    ?????? UE4 is not the problem here. UE4 is strong enought to allowed better graphics and better movements. Take a look at these animations (from Hellblade) : We could also expect better graphics specially if they use photogrametry as they told it. But graphics is not thier priority. (IMHO, it is a mistake and i hope they will improve them)
  5. Hi guys, I think to create a "Tactical" group on Steam for battalion in the same spirit of this club : to regroup teams and players. All players are not following the website but all players are on Steam. Just like the club, each team leader (or a representative member) will get administrator power. What do you think ? Good idea ? bad idea ?
  6. teamkillscore is bugged

    Well, may be a solution to play FFA without crash !!! lmao !
  7. Game's Dead guys..

    The point is : People are get in while it is clearly indicated "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and they are "raging" because .... it is under construction. It is like players joining my server and raging because we enforce some rules, but if they read the server name before to join they would not be surprise. The problem is people are not reading, the problem is they are not even able to read. ... and the worst is we can't do anything about it. The game is not dying, the common sense is dying. ..... Burger, Tacos ??!!! I would like nems ! It is possible ?
  8. On dedicated server, it is not possible to decrease the score for a teamkill. teamkillscore=-5 doesn't work, .... it gives +5 instead to -5 ! teamkillscore=0 gives +5 points
  9. No problem with the bomb on my server. We are able to plant/defuse. That's strange. This is the only thing which doesn't work ? If i m right you change your laodout. You should check in this direction too. May be something wrong with new files and old (don't know if they change them) - just an idea.
  10. [509th] Tactical Gaming

    Your welcome.
  11. Pc

    Can be check it here : https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/battalion-1944/15646 IMO, your GPU is too old and not enought memory to run the game ... and you need more RAM.
  12. How to set max players

    MaxPlayersPerTeam= X (X = number of slots divide /2 - if you want 10 slots in your server the value must be 5, if you want 50 slots it must be 25 ....) check all sections of the defaultgame.ini, it appears several times.
  13. ServerName

    this is talking about gametracker but the problem is the same Devs have to modify value in protocol query to display the server name instead of serverID. This is something you can't handle yourself.
  14. I can not choose a region

    No need to bump this thread just take a look at the forum :