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  1. @ChubbyNinja this tweet have been sent this morning before they meet trouble with codes. An other one from this afternoon :
  2. False start ! Little mistake : Read : Thursday 25th May But hype is still present. CU tomorrow.
  3. @[DEV] James and @[DEV] Tn6 to your home !
  4. to the forum Tone.
  5. From last Update news : Cheers
  6. What TUNA said on discord : they had to move Art team and they lost some unsaved works.
  7. This could help you.
  8. to the forum iTzClippo
  9. No need to check the @xXclusiivE's post history, we just have to read his posts here and we are seeing he is systematically downvoted. If those guys could explain why they are doing it, it will interesting. This is this kind of behavior which cause problem with the current system. This is this kind of behavior which make the forum toxic and less friendly. ------------------------------------------- IPS allows 2 types of reputations : 1 - "Likes" (like Facebook) 2 - up/down vote. This type of vote can be managed in three different ways IMHO, the 1st is what we should have in this kind of forum. (even if the 1st and the 3th are similar ) It is the most basic. Can be anonymous too.
  10. If we were living in a perfect world with only smart people i would vote for the 1st solution (even with hidden vote) but in this world where trolling and bashing is became a priority for some kind of people and to keep this community as friendly as possible i vote for the 3th. This way people who are not agree with other will have to take his keyboard and explain (peacefully) why, insteed to clic only.
  11. love

    Don't cry razor , from the beginning i have got more than 15 downvotes for something what must have been a simple joke ! and @[CM] BigTuna it was not a thread about what is fair or unfair, it was just a joke ! Well doesn't matter anymore, ..... the chain is broken. .... Cya in others threads or other friendly place.
  12. love

    ho indeed it is not you. It is your brother on discord. #pathetic
  13. love

    @ZeakQDo you know the sense of words like Humor and jokes ? You are so 1st degree.
  14. love

    Add a meme (gif) here.
  15. love

    @DukeNukem is unfairly downvoted. He needs your love. Send him a meme heart, Don't break the chain.