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  1. Hey everyone, Grego, current Overwatch player/pro

    aloha there and welcome
  2. How did you found your nickname?

    we started out with a couple of guys, like me regulars in the Gonzobar(best bar ever btw) , all playing mohaa and cod. so there it was, and never left. and yes, im still a regular . the addition 43 is the size of my shoes. RL name is Mark. https://www.facebook.com/GonzobarTegelen/
  3. minimap functionality in core game modes?

    good size, perfect position
  4. Mild Language?

    hahaha yes yes yes, classic!
  5. Happy New Year

    all the best guys and galls for 2017
  6. Mild Language?

    i cant imagine soldiers getting a non-fatal shot screaming "whoopsy daisy, im shot!!!" just kidding
  7. played cod for an hour or so in my life till now, really much more into moh. started with aa, long time ago, nowadays playing the last one , warfighter. so im gonna keep on playing moh wf till this one gets out.
  8. Australian Here!

    aloha Exodus!
  9. Slots management - team oriented

    this is being used in moh wf also, it doesnt automatically match you with a friend, but you have the choice . one can also block this option if he is a lone wolf. works great. downside is that clanmembers are joining up (teamstacking) and are on ventrillo or ts, and thus have the advantage, maybe an idea to prevent this to keep it fair for the non clan players?
  10. how the russians won the war

    damn, was in doubt about your answer Wolf Enstein, probably because of the gap between dutch and english. thought it was hilarious also
  11. how the russians won the war

    sorry, tried to paste a quit funny vid from fb, but i cant get it sorted. might wanna check that out, omg edit: and sorry if this was offensive to you Wolf Enstein, not meant that way.
  12. New team on release of battalion

    nah dont worry BlueSmiley, i was good in moh aa, in warfighter im ok, we will see when the game comes out since we all might be a bit rusty im looking forward so much to a competition or ladder or whatever.
  13. Whats your favorite weapon of World war 2?

    kar, dont need to give that question any thought. although in reality it will give you a blue shoulder, due to its powerfull recoil.