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  1. It's much harder to get a competitive game made properly than to make a casual game. A casual gamer can play a competitive game casually. A competitive gamer cannot play a casual game competitively. I'm happy that Bulkhead seem to actually understand this and are prioritizing things like movement - something casuals probably won't even notice or care too much about if it's good or bad. If you want a realism mod to be created, why isn't your community modding something like Day of Infamy, Red Orchestra, or Squad? Those games seem to be closer in gameplay to the style you want to play. Why force a competitive focused game like Battalion 1944 into something it's not?
  2. From the latest news post.
  3. Team Rating / Personal Rating I would suggest looking at the World of Warcraft arena system for the team ranking system. It's changed many times over the years and I haven't played the game in a long time, but the changes were made every season due to system abuse of millions of players for season end rewards. This is assuming there will be some kind of season end reward for being a top 500 or top % team in Battalion. This is from memory and is most likely different than what is WoW now but what I felt was a fair system: The team rating should also have a personal rating of each member that contributed to that team. So if your team grinded up to 3500 rating with the same 5, each member should have a personal rating of 3500 and the team rating will be 3500. However, if the team decides to add 2 high level members to carry them further, those 2 would start at the starting ELO personal rating (let's say 1500), and the other 3 would have the 3500 team rating. If this new team grinds to 5000 ELO, the original 3 members should have a personal ELO of 5000, the 2 benched members will have a personal ELO of 3500, and the 2 carry players might have an ELO of 4900. If the season end rewards require a personal rating to be within 300 of the team rating, this would hinder boosting and selling of these rewards. The 2 benched players with 3500 personal ELO would not receive rewards from this team. These personal ELO ratings are only tied to each team and don't affect the solo ELO or personal ELO on other teams. Max Teams I love the idea of being able to join 3 teams. This allows you to play with your serious team, your team of WoW/irl friends, and maybe your late night drunk squad. This is an area that Bulkhead could also make some money for extra team slots - for example, $5 per extra team slot over 3 up to 8 teams max so $25 for players who want 8 teams if 3 isn't enough. Team Customization Team customization options would be fun. Maybe team skins, team colors (2 colors per team for spectator outlines - if teams have the same primary color then the away team will use their secondary color), in-game tag with colored text, about/bio pages, and areas for websites/social media links. A lot of areas for potential cosmetic microtransactions here as well. Leaderboard Definitely would love to see team and solo leaderboards for each region in game and also on the official battalion website. Any other ideas or things you would like to see for the team ranked system?
  4. I like this idea more than straight up spawn advantage. How about taking something from the battle royale games, and giving the winning team some "adrenaline boost" that allows them to move slightly faster? This of course should wear off within the first ~3-8s of the round but would offer a similar advantage. If adrenaline boost cards (single and team wide) were in you could also counter-act this disadvantage by using adrenaline boost cards on your disadvantaged rounds. Single cards could be used to have certain players rush areas as well. If you want to go more of a hearthstone approach with deck building - should each card have a value and teams can have a max value stack of let's say 1000 per half? This would allow teams to customize their stacks to play their style. For example, if a team decides they want to go more sniper heavy, they can put 15 sniper cards in their stack that each cost 30 (total 450) - so almost half of their stack would be dedicated to extra snipers because that's how they like to play. Another team could be more rush focused and choose to add 8 team wide 5s adrenaline boosts in their deck which cost 80 each (640 value). Edit: For public matchmaking this would most likely need to be personal decks so 200 value per person. Allow people to queue up with 5 decks that they can choose during the warmup phase.
  5. I'm not going to argue with you on the Battalion 1944 forums about another game. Just know that DoW in its current state is nothing like what the competitive DoD community wanted. Bulkhead is most inspired by CoD2/4 and taking suggestions from the CoD playerbase. You're obviously more interested in the older CoD gameplay. Not sure why you can't be open to more than one type of fps gameplay as I've played many many fps games since DoD and enjoyed them all for what they were but it looks like you've found the right game here.
  6. I really don't understand your point and this thread has nothing to do with Battalion 1944. If DoW was made to be a CoD style S&D focused WW2 game they would have the new CoD, Battalion 1944, and to some extent CS:GO as competition. The DoW developers were DoD Source players and made a game that appealed to them - the same thing Bulkhead is doing but with CoD2/CoD4. Back in the day, at least for NA (I can't speak for EU), DoD was the 2nd largest competitive team fps game played in CAL (yes, over CoD 1 and CoD 2) so targeting that community wasn't a bad idea on their part. The DoW developers have actually gone away from what the competitive DoD community wanted and currently the game is dead. They've ignored input from the ProDoD mod creator and both the competitive DoD 1.3 and DoD Source communities. They have listened to the realism or casual playerbase and to no one's surprise, the game is dead because they've ignored the people that would dedicate the next few years or more to their game and listened to the crowd that will jump ship to the next shiny new game. No one from the competitive DoD scene has any faith in the development team anymore and most have given up on the game already. Personally I haven't played it in over 2 months now. I'm not here to turn Battalion into DoD as I understand what Battalion is trying to do and I'm looking forward to playing something that is competitive and not broken. Just offering my viewpoint as someone that played competitive DoD for a few years 10+ years ago and was involved in the DoW fiasco earlier this year.
  7. I hope it will be a reinforcements resource to spend on extra items rather than a "on round 4 both teams get 2 smoke grenade cards" type system. This will allow teams to pull off crazier strategies because it will not be as predictable but this may be too much like CS when it's all said and done. Some ideas: Extra bomb (if it will be a single bomb like CS) Defuse kit Different grenades - smoke, gas/fire, flash Piercing rounds for more wall penetration Special weapons as mentioned by others - extra sniper, shotguns etc. Please don't add things for the sake of adding them like flamethrowers, mines, mortars, and portable MGs. Those don't belong in a competitively minded game.
  8. CS:GO peaks at 600-700k concurrent players so it's more like 6 times. Dota2 peaks at around 900k to 1 million concurrent players a day. There's no public player information about LoL or WoW except for what the developers tell us - but they are likely larger than Dota2.
  9. Are you trolling? World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota2, CS:GO, ARMA series, Starcraft 2, Civilization series, and battle royale games are all PC exclusive off the top of my head. CoD and BF are dead on PC because they have been garbage console ports for the past decade.
  10. Match stats and results Top team profiles with match history and roster history Top player profiles with career stats, team and match history Match prediction system with rewards (website points?) to encourage viewership of high level matches
  11. I hope there is nothing random with the card system. Paladins had a deck/card draw system that gave powerups in the early betas and it was awful if you didn't draw well during the match.
  12. For the X-Ray team colors, I think it would be a cool feature to allow teams/clans/squads (whatever the system will be) to pick 2 colors (home and away colors?). This will allow for both teams to have unique colors if they both end up choosing the same primary color to represent them. Another thing to consider is in-game spectating. An area on the main menu that will show high level matchmaking games or even highlight live tournament games would be wonderful. Being able to choose which casters to listen (or not), camera controls etc. makes the spectating experience awesome. I believe Dota2 did this really well.
  13. Would not mind this at all if it is kept strictly to non-gameplay changing cosmetics only. I would suggest adding a store that also sells the cosmetics individually to allow people to buy what they want instead of having to roll the dice for everything. This could be done with an in-game credit system that rewards players credits based on time/performance in matches and also allow people to purchase these credits with real money.