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  1. {WeB}*Simo*

    Where do you see Battalion in two years from now?

    I hope the game ends up like Enemy Territory or Counter strike, what I mean by that is the moddability of the core game. I want to see custom maps, game modes, silly things like coloured text in servers and custom wavs. It gives communities an identity. For example our server already has removed one shot rifles as our community cannot stand them. The gameplay is great imo, with lots of custom maps [we have a few mappers thankfully], a nice workshop and even moddability that will allow customisation of the game modes (Escort the tank) the game will be very healthy imo. Alot of people are harping on about this and that, but there isn't a current game on the market that does CoD2 aswell as BAT44. It's a great game and we're all looking forward to future updates. The people who are enjoying the game are doing just that, and not whinging on forums/social media.
  2. {WeB}*Simo*

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    I'd like to see an option at least! Having left handed models is a nice sign, so fingers crossed.
  3. {WeB}*Simo*

    Please do something about the FOV for 21:9 Users

    No idea, I only play on our private server - i've heard that before yet people can play 4:3 rez on max fov and have 'an advantage'
  4. Since today's small update, the FOV is now fixed and it's like playing a console game. I'm on 3440x1440 and it's just too zoomed in and makes me feel iffy. It's just needs a max of around 115 even, or 120. Outside areas are fine, but indoors is nauseating. The console trick used to work, then another appdata fix worked but now nothing works. I tried going to 16:9 but the game stretches to my monitors aspect ration regardless of resolution (i can't get black bars). I quit COD WW2 because of the same problem, I'm loving this but it's became almost unplayable. Oh and don't come in and say 105 is enough because you probably don't have a big ass 3440x1440 rez
  5. {WeB}*Simo*

    Ready Up Setting

    So sorry Soldat, What exactly will this do, dump people right into team select? It does feel a bit janky to press M every time, it would be great to just have team-select come up right away.
  6. {WeB}*Simo*

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    It would be cool to have pistol-running being quicker than primary weapon holding like cod did too.
  7. {WeB}*Simo*

    Ready Up Setting

    How do you do that?
  8. {WeB}*Simo*

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    I loved BF1942, but If it IS WWII again, I think it will have some of the rot from BF1. BF1 was a pretty good game, but I think the WW1 theater limited the gameplay. The gameplay was kind of irritating at times. I would love to see some re-mastered 1942 maps, but no doubt they will be locked behind the usual DLC shenanigans that will bleed dry the playerbase over 2 years like BF1.
  9. {WeB}*Simo*

    Which maps do you want?

    Literally all the cod 1-3 maps for the most part. But carentan and that cod2 desert maps with the rooftops would be fantastic in this.