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    July Update

    In other words anywhere but the official Battalion 1944 forum and website
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    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Since many don't use reddit, discord, and the devs don't choose to make any announcements on this their own forum (it seems to fall to Razor to copy and paste that stuff), it becomes difficult to follow what might (or might not) be going on. .. But then we've all said as much over and over. But I do await with interest the big update and really do hope that the promised changes in some of the mechanics, particularly on strafe bunny aim down sight hopping, will provide the sense of direction this game needs for the "authentic" experience so promised in the original kickstarter promotions. Bottom line is that it is gameplay (even more so than blingy graphics) and a fun playing environment, that will get and hold an audience. Not big prize money for a few competitions, indeed the real e-sports communities will only be interested (after the initial prize bribery), if there is an active casual player base, otherwise where is the audience and new players for competition. This really is last chance saloon and 13th hour stuff.
  3. Kannon Fodda

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    They are going to nerf bunny hopping. Wohoo. Trouble is too many players have disappeared and enticing them back will be challenging. And unfortunately again, Bulkhead aren't announcing this major news on this forum. Why not just admit it, and close the place?
  4. Kannon Fodda

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    The death knell of this forum began as Early Access arrived and all the kickstarter and alpha stuff was hidden away. OK it was at that point historic but to leave it read only and visible for those who had been part of that process would have been nice. But perhaps at that point we should have seen that Bulkhead were already worried? Perhaps the only reason to keep this forum running is that those who were part of Kickstarter and such like would have a complaint that they would loose their special forum tag? Whatever, the fact that the devs can't post even a link to their news items, updates, or similar in even the "news" area of this forum shows the real lack of respect that they have for anyone here. I don't expect every post or even thread to see comments from Bulkhead, but a little engagement would have been nice. After all those who backed you from the outset were here first and we shouldn't need to chase you around the internet to find out what is going on. It's a real shame. This game could have been so good. Clearly the focus on a niche competitive scene has taken over the marketing ethos and the blinkers are on as to why that has become a deterrent to a player base. I wanted, and still would like to support it, but if Bulkhead don't like us, please just turn out the lights and put us out of our misery.
  5. Kannon Fodda

    I want my money back!

    If you subscribed to the Kickstarter, you won't get money back. That is the gamble of being a Kickstarter backer. You might get a product, you might not, it might be what you hoped for, it might not. Unfortunately for me, my first foray into the world of Kickstarter crowdfunding, was both for Battalion and also Days of War. It's taught me a harsh lesson of not to part with my cash, so easily especially as via Kickstarter I've paid out so much more for this game, than it will ever be sold for via Steam
  6. I don't expect everything to be set in stone. Things evolve. But I hope it is helpful to compare Battalion as it exists today, compared to what was originally envisaged when we first started this journey and were invited to join the Kickstarter. By looking at this perhaps both players and Developers can establish whether expectations are being met, and why some are happy and others are not. Please take a look at the Kickstarter listing and in particular watch the official video. Let's try and compare what was offered and what we have, this might help understand what is working and what is not: A word frequently repeated in the video is "authentic". It's used in many contexts, weaponry, maps and environment, sounds, replication of classic fps like Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor. In particular we get statements from Howard Pilpot "authentic down the barrel experience" There is reference to nostalgia but in high res technology. In some respects I consider they have delivered. Sounds seem good. Graphics are OK (and no doubt will be optomised even more). The game doesn't need unlocks to play so does rely on player skill, rather than time served. But there are two key areas where the game is not delivering on the original promises. Maps. There are plenty of references to Carentan and Bastoigne. There is a whole video scene with Joe Brammer talking about St Mere Eglise. Copyright on previous games may make it difficult to replicate the maps we knew from the original CoD, MOH or whatever, and in many cases those game maps were interpretations, rather than the real thing. But the maps we have now are really a series of things in a style of the Normandy or other environment, but do not even pretend to be some of those well known scenarios. Movement. This is the biggest challenge. It is the love or hate that I see have become the deal breaker for players. Joe Brammer talks of using mo-cap to make animations "genuine, authentic and just way more real". Howard Pilpot refers to "authentic down the barrel experience" The video also refers to stripping out overpowered abilities. So here lies the problem. In the trailer video players are firmly planted on the ground when shooting, even if they are also walking or running. There is absolutely no indication in the video of jump kills, bunny hopping and such like extremes. Let's repeat the word "authentic" and ask ourselves whether the strafe jump pin point accuracy gravity defying leaps we currently see in Battalion are "genuine, authentic and way more real"?
  7. Kannon Fodda

    Kickstarter Game vs Early Access Game

    I was never expecting (or wanting) a realism game. CoD 2, CoD 4, etc aren't realism. But the movement mechanic we have now has moved far past the capabilities of authenticity. The physical height and distance of single and repeated leaps and bounds is far beyond the capabilities of an athlete. I get that the devs have taken the game they have built in a certain direction. That may have been what they intended, or it may have evolved. It is also their right to do that with their game. Battalion in it's current form may well represent Bulkhead's interpretation of the classic games they played years ago. It may be that they weren't playing the vanilla versions of those games and were parts of the modding communities that existed so that they were used to different game behaviour. Unfortunately those of us who are "whinging" are doing so as what we are being presented with is not our recollection of those classic games. Yes in the standard versions of those classic games there was some bunny hopping and dolphin behaviour, but it wasn't the technique for whopping the opposition. It wasn't something that you could retain tremendous accuracy whilst bounding around. It was frustrating to be on the wrong end of the classic bunny hopper, but it didn't stretch the incredulity that the casual player was immediately deterred. I suppose the question was and is one of whether Battalion 1944 was intended and designed to be a game purely for competition and thus a specific enthusiast, or should it be aimed more generally at the masses? It did seem from the Kickstarter that they wanted to appeal to all. I haven't the skill to play competitive (my user name is an accurate summary of my inability). I had hoped to see a game that by stripping out all the kill streak perks and such like that accentuated the good player over the bad, and took things back to basics, meant I at least had a point and shoot chance. But with the mechanic as it is, that has no reference to authenticity, I and many others stand no chance at all. At the simplest of levels that makes the game a frustrating, and disappointing experience.
  8. Kannon Fodda

    Game's Dead guys..

    I have no idea why Reddit or whatever would apparently have precedence over this forum, this forum being the space the devs set up for their community. The question is where should those who have concerns, and suggestions state those views, if not on the game's official forum? It may be disheartening to see criticism of something you've worked on for a very long time. Unfortunately the internet has often become an antisocial place full of keyboard warriors, but if you can look beyond the vocal minority who are prepared to express a view, you can see a trend. Many who buy early access don't understand what they are buying. Selling it cheaply also results in many buying in who perhaps shouldn't. We know there was a very difficult time as the game started early access due to servers, but then many AAA titles on full release have had disastrous server problems. So that isn't the problem. Ultimately this comes down to whether or not you, as a player, like a game, and the style of play. There has become a heavy focus on competitive e-sports. Long term that might aid marketing of the game, but gaming communities need to adopt the game for it to become popular, and surely to become a successful e-sports title the masses would first need to be wanting to play? The question is therefore, what is the target market / buyer / player for Battalion and is Battalion, as it stands today, meeting that expectation? With many games after the first few days of initial launch there will be a drop off of player numbers. The question for the devs must be if this is something they see as within tolerance, or indicative of wider problems?
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    Basic Strafe Jump Tutorial

    And unfortunately this video tutorial demonstrates exactly why there is a problem with the jumping capability in the game that is becoming so off putting to so many. At a standing, or walking pace of this video, and especially carrying a weapon in both hands it's impossible anyone could make a 6.7m jump. The maximum athletic long jump record is just under 9m. But a standing jump is 3.73m. I know it's a game, so there can be some licence in movement. It's not supposed to be a realism, and thus has some "arcade" environment. But Battalion 1944 has a conventional setting. It's not a futuristic sci-fi fps in a low gravity environment. We have weapons with basic sights and such like. Character movement needs to appear to have some semblance of what your brain is telling you to expect otherwise there will never be real anticipation and skill from opponents, except from those who are capable of separating fact from fiction.
  10. Kannon Fodda

    OTT Jumping

    Unfortunately if the bunny hopping currently prevalent in the game is not significantly toned down there will be too many players put off. Of six friends who played tonight all were of an opinion it was a problem. One took one look, played less than a round and rage quit for an immediate refund. Another after less than two rounds had had enough and said he loved the game concept but would wait until it was more mature before trying again. Only a couple of us remained after three rounds. The mechanic may work for the true competitive e-sports scene. But it will not have appeal for the mass market. It's not a realism thing, it's about being able to understand and have some prediction of how a player avatar can be able to move. Some jumping ability is needed, simply to be able to get on to or over certain things (the number of times one seemed to trip on a pebble in Battlefield 3 and 4 was silly). But the height of single and repeated jumps whilst players retain absolute accuracy is incredulous. Yes by all means have quick scope, quick prone and similar movements, but such movements then need a penalty so they are one way only and not immediately repeatable.
  11. Kannon Fodda

    More clothes, guns, better animations, better AO

    If you look back at the stretch goals from the Kickstarter there was a desire to bring in the Brits, Russians, and even a behind enemy lines (resistance). That would have added more weapons and uniforms. But those goals weren't met. Perhaps when Battalion 1944 is in a successful full release these things can come as an expansion pack ....
  12. Kannon Fodda

    Should We Remove Jump Shooting?

    No but it needs to be nerfed somewhat. Bunny Hopping with SMGs is a problem. Characters are jumping too high and too frequently. Need to find a way so that it can only be one jump and then a pause, and with less energy in that jump. But jump shooting, provided it is a single jump does seem to be a legit tactic in this type of game even if in real life no one would dare try it. In fact that is the point, it is a game, and nobody in real life would run around in any way like we do.
  13. I suggest you read this FAQ, particularly the bit headed "ABOUT KICKSTARTER & HUMBLE BUNDLE PACKAGES"
  14. Kannon Fodda

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    Jump shooting isn't really the problem, if it were only a single shot. But once it becomes bunny hopping, especially for those armed with the machine guns, skill has gone out of the window and it becomes a lottery. On the receiving end of this, it seems the jump height is excessive, particularly if it can instantly be repeated. Some means to nerf any immediate second jump would go a long way to provide balance.
  15. Kannon Fodda

    Filter in server browser

    From the latest news post on steam:
  16. Kannon Fodda

    You will all be happy with the price? Are you?

    Yep the chests available on the current Steam package is cosmetic skins. So they don't effect gameplay. That has been the ethos of the game from the start. But new skins shouldn't be exclusive to those who didn't back from the outset of the game. Beta effectively was a very very short phase, due to the changing development timescales. But I would understand those who bought into a beta specific package whingeing on that. Even so, those who backed the game early on should have known there were risk as to how development would go and realistically we were never going to get a financial package to match the game value. Many Kickstarters include a reference in the game credits., does anybody even look at that s**t? So we forked out to fund a game that may or may not be what we hope for. The biggest problem is the apparently numerous who haven't got their game keys for early access despite their earlier pledges. Some blame may lie with Battalion, but as a fiend has said to me, a lot rests with the user who "deluged with spam mail" (not really the case) has ignored stuff needing proper response.
  17. Kannon Fodda

    You will all be happy with the price? Are you?

    When I bought into the Kickstarter it was to enable development of a game that I saw as long overdue. Whilst I looked forward to the rewards, and particularly that I would have access to the game, and some of the testing development phases, the real thing was that I was funding development. I was never going to get that back in tangible rewards. What I am seeing is the expressions of interest amongst my friends, which I had always hoped for, which might get us back to killing each other online I knew crowd sourced stuff was a risk, a gamble. The end product might not even arrive, so many of these things fall by the wayside. It might have been completely pants (look at the other game that was started at the same time. As it is Battalion has taken longer to get to Early Access than the original schedule. Am I upset, no. Some of the rewards for the kickstarter (and no doubt humble bundle) are an incentive to encourage early funding. As a game from an independent studio, this was never going to be an AAA title, commanding AAA game prices from the public. Look at arguably the biggest game on Steam, PUBG, and see what that sells for in early access, and you'll know Battalion which has a much lesser awareness won't even command that pricing, yet. I would however suggest that, depending on the early backer tier, if there is new content created for those who buy in late, such as skins, it should be available to early backers automatically. OK perhaps we hadn't bought into that, but at such early backing days, the early access and similar rewards perhaps hadn't been thought about, so wasn't on offer. But the goal posts moved during the development process, and that is to be expected. If Bulkhead do need to monetise packages, then that stuff should be available to all, for additional purchase, without need to buy an unneeded game key, not just giveaway to the select newcomers.
  18. Kannon Fodda

    Is it possible to edit the maps?

    I would suggest that if there are invisible walls they should be reported to the devs as bugs to be fixed accordingly.
  19. Kannon Fodda

    Server Browser Filter

    The server browser needs a lot of work. The amount of time spent last night by friends and myself searching for our server was silly. It needs filters and / or a-z ordering for the server name, map, game mode, player count, ping, etc
  20. Kannon Fodda


    This will be a gametracker thing, for them to setup their web monitoring stuff, but may also depend on the Battalion servers having the necessary hooks for the gametracker things to query.
  21. Kannon Fodda

    Submachine guns too OP

    I'd have to suggest that it isn't SMGs that are OP (people don't die at my hand), its some of the rifles, especially with the speed some players (not me) can refire. Or perhaps it is just the health that needs a bit more ... What works for one, isn't necessarily going to work for another.
  22. Kannon Fodda

    Sprint system

    Ideally sprint speed should vary with the weapon in your hand, and even to reflect the weight of anything slung over your back. And then there would need to be a delay (animation), whilst you unsling that heavy machine gun. Not sure how complex it would be to even think about it, but it's perhaps also getting a bit too realistic, beyond the more arcade feel the devs have been looking for?
  23. Kannon Fodda

    Outdated graphics?

    The quality of the gameplay is more important than graphical bling. Casual players might like the bling, and if they have invested in a higher end system will expect it. But even the better players tend to turn a lot of the settings down. Not only does that improve performance, even on the fastest systems, but get rid of the bling and usually the player avatars and other key stuff becomes easier to see. In a way I think turning the bling off is gamesmanship, but if you were a developer you should be striving for something that is equal at all levels of hardware. So why go to the trouble of put the bling in in the first place?
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    will there be "hardcore" version?

    The number of times I got one shotted last night by rifles and suchlike showed the base game is already effectively "hardcore". The only big difference with what some people would consider "hardcore" would be an absence via server side setting not just something players turn off, would be no crosshairs, no regen health and no minimap spotting. That the players settings allow you to do a lot of that suggests that when servers are available for clans to run themselves, "hardcore" server settings would be achievable. Of course whether the game plays well in such a mode is difficult to forecast, after all the alpha / beta and early access testing is optimising the current modes.