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  1. Kannon Fodda

    July Update

    In other words anywhere but the official Battalion 1944 forum and website
  2. Kannon Fodda

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Since many don't use reddit, discord, and the devs don't choose to make any announcements on this their own forum (it seems to fall to Razor to copy and paste that stuff), it becomes difficult to follow what might (or might not) be going on. .. But then we've all said as much over and over. But I do await with interest the big update and really do hope that the promised changes in some of the mechanics, particularly on strafe bunny aim down sight hopping, will provide the sense of direction this game needs for the "authentic" experience so promised in the original kickstarter promotions. Bottom line is that it is gameplay (even more so than blingy graphics) and a fun playing environment, that will get and hold an audience. Not big prize money for a few competitions, indeed the real e-sports communities will only be interested (after the initial prize bribery), if there is an active casual player base, otherwise where is the audience and new players for competition. This really is last chance saloon and 13th hour stuff.
  3. Kannon Fodda

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    They are going to nerf bunny hopping. Wohoo. Trouble is too many players have disappeared and enticing them back will be challenging. And unfortunately again, Bulkhead aren't announcing this major news on this forum. Why not just admit it, and close the place?
  4. Kannon Fodda

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    The death knell of this forum began as Early Access arrived and all the kickstarter and alpha stuff was hidden away. OK it was at that point historic but to leave it read only and visible for those who had been part of that process would have been nice. But perhaps at that point we should have seen that Bulkhead were already worried? Perhaps the only reason to keep this forum running is that those who were part of Kickstarter and such like would have a complaint that they would loose their special forum tag? Whatever, the fact that the devs can't post even a link to their news items, updates, or similar in even the "news" area of this forum shows the real lack of respect that they have for anyone here. I don't expect every post or even thread to see comments from Bulkhead, but a little engagement would have been nice. After all those who backed you from the outset were here first and we shouldn't need to chase you around the internet to find out what is going on. It's a real shame. This game could have been so good. Clearly the focus on a niche competitive scene has taken over the marketing ethos and the blinkers are on as to why that has become a deterrent to a player base. I wanted, and still would like to support it, but if Bulkhead don't like us, please just turn out the lights and put us out of our misery.