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  1. Sabes

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    everyone is waiting for next EA stage aka DoW 2.0 which I hope is an improvement because the UT4 engine they used from 1.5 years ago was terrible.
  2. Sabes

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    I will be BF1 ( shitgame ) with ww2 guns ... boo f**king hoo!
  3. Sabes

    Performance Issues on Derailed

    Hate to state the obvious but your GPU is trash upgrade to a GTX 970 or 1060 at least!
  4. Sabes

    30 man servers needed

    This is not a realism shooter where massive amounts of noobs are hiding everywhere so stop trying to make it one... If you want mass world experience get a Hell Let Loose.
  5. When a game goes from a player population of 16k+ to under 1k playing globally you know something is wrong.
  6. Devs actually dont give a s**t about the AUS Community yet if you go US West or EU regions the search is like 10-30secs max
  7. Aussie mm servers are trash, laggy and the search system is still bugged to the s**t house since day 1. So at the end of the day I dunno how these Devs expect to turn heads with the Aussie eSports scene.
  8. Sabes


    Pretty much this as there is basically no point hiding in your own smoke because the enemy player probably sees something different from their POV making smoke grens F**KING USELESS!
  9. Crashing with old config still happens * sigh devs * -if you got a custom config you need to change it from version 13 to 14 CFG is located in Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Battalion\configs\custom -check voip and binds -reset video settings if you got fps issues ( enable or disable texture streaming ) If all else fails "verify integrity of game files" by right clicking on game in steam, go to local files section and it should be there. THESE F**KING Devs are trying to send us all nuts I swear!
  10. Sabes

    Battalion weird lag

    Are you playing on the shit mm servers or private hosted ones?
  11. Sabes


    Ranked matchmaking is going to be a nightmare for the Aussie competitive gamer if they are going to be hosted by same provider which is currently running the ranked/arcade MM servers in AUS. The last 7 days of fooling around in MM ( unranked/arcade ) I've experienced random rubberband lag and if a enemy lags while moving fast or jumping in the air they randomly teleport/warp which is straight up awful when you trying to shoot them with a kar98 or scope. I also play scrims and pugs on private servers which don't have the same issues. Im not on a s**t connection either im on 50/10 mbit. Devs need to have a talk to the Aussie Server MM Host A S A P or look for another provider fast!
  12. Sabes

    Nvidia ShadowPlay

    Top idea or something like overwatch where it saves your frags of the game etc so you can simply upload stuff to youtube etc.
  13. The guy deserves to be hired by BULKHEAD devs. Top f**king effort!
  14. Sabes

    Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    By the time this game hits retail in early 2019 I'm sure it will be a decent to play once most bugs are eliminated and when the community mappers come together to make some more maps.