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  1. Forum Reputation System

    What's the point in the system? Can you get something of it or is it just to see who "better" than the other. I do understand why ToonBE get downvoted every single time, but why is it there? edit: And yes, i haven't searched for the answer or followed this forum that much.
  2. Last weapon used bind "q" (CS)

    To be fair - FrosteR were a pro gamer in cod4. If CoD4 were as big as CSGO he'd probably earn as much as the astralis team does. Have you achieved something? You will probably just be mediocre at this game.
  3. influence

    After Tuna answered the question, I explained like 30 mins after and that's days ago. Surely he'd have time to answer a simple question - or some of the others might have had. I am relaxed. It does not concern me and I have their trust. It's just the one example I actually asked a question to the DEVs. I see tons of threads/ideas which is never being answered. God I sound like a prick right now hEhE
  4. influence

    Big Tuna answered the question, but missed what the one who created the topic actually wanted/meant. I asked if they'd consider after the question were further explained, but still no answer. That is what I mean. I see a lot of people trying to come up with ideas how the gametype and such could be played. Yet I haven't read if they'd actually consider peoples idea or they just ignore them cuz it's (lets face it, some stupid ideas at times). It doesn't matter if it's relevant or not at this stage. I would just like to know if they consider things or not. It's a nice feature and if you'd play CoD2 (u might have) in a team - the clan name and such were cool as fuckKKkKk They have a pro player channel which they probably get their ideas from anyways. At least I hope so! I am not being butthurt or anything, I just wanted to hear if they actually consider some of the ideas
  5. influence

    I'd like to know which topics and suggestions actually have been used in the making of the game? I'm sure they read the thread, but somehow doesn't answer, when asked if they consider some of the ideas the community are making? e.g. I asked if they'd consider making self-customized colors to the scoreboard, but no answer (yet). I get they read everything and I do trust them in making a great game, but sometimes the threads we're making feels a bit 'pointless' to me. Is it just me with this thought?
  6. Is this something you'll consider or? Are we getting ignored - we need confirmation! #dealbreaker
  7. Well the killfeed doesn't have to be costumized - only the scoreboard. That's what I think he wants. And to be honest, I miss making cool clan names and such with colors. MAKE IT HAPPEN BROS!
  8. What would you do differently?

    Pukiz - my kind of guy. Writes exactly what I think. Some of these question and suggestion seems so dumb to me. pukiz, if i remember correctly. Ur english but played with polish team in cod4?
  9. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    I am a former promod player and even I think the game looks a bit too fast, no recoil. Also I can't see this map be anything else than a public TDM map, but that doesn't really matter, there will for sure be someone who creates some cool competetive maps. Id like to know which ideas the DEVs actually have taken from these forums? Even tho I trust them and it doesn't matter that much for me if they just choose their own ideas, but I feel kinda pointless on these forums.
  10. Fidelity

    I haven't followed this thread that much - I kinda think it's a bit pointless, but anyways. I only read about someone complaining that the skins is not a WW2 theme and therefore should'nt be used, the weather were rainy and such back in november or whatever. I dont mind you guys opinion, but I really doubt any of these comments will affect the DEVs opinion whether or not they want skins or not. Skins give them more money tho.
  11. Fidelity

    Skins = more players, more teams, more money, bigger game, possibly more tournaments etc. Can't see why skins will be a problem for some of you guys?
  12. Gameplay trailer

    Well you never really know with the DEVs tbh, but yes. Thursday is the day they are 'meant' to release the gameplay
  13. Gameplay trailer

  14. Seriously Tuna...

    Next thursday is not soon!
  15. Upcomming news

    Gameplay video next thursday.