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  1. Thursday
  2. Next thursday is not soon!
  3. Gameplay video next thursday.
  4. I hope im not the one with the bad attitude?
  5. I feel like all these threads are kinda useless. Im sure the DEVs already have what they want in mind, and I trust them. They have a former 'pro player group', which I suppose is needed for some good advice. Im just being patient, and letting them do what they think is the best - after all they're former cod2, cod4 and csgo players. And have some pro-players with good advices. Id prefer this game to remind more like cod rather than csgo tho My english is rusty as fuckkkkkkk
  6. Minimap with teammates shown, and enemy shown when seen and when they shoot. I have a feeling thats what the devs will go with.
  7. Im sure they already decided that they want health-regen. Which is a good idea, if you ask me.
  8. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON How much of an 'ex pro' do you have to be, to join the player group?
  9. That might be the reason - backlot sucked indeed. I was with auRic at DSRack with sukramze, felix, guana, antz. I think you beat us on Crossfire - which were you guys favorite map, if I remember correctly He didn't? Such a sketchy guy.
  10. I remember when my team NORDIC-Esports surprisingly beat you guys on Backlot in some cup and Paradox decided to ban me from the invite channel, because he thought i was cheating! Also played against u guys on DSRack Lan. But really nice having cod-pros joining the hype
  11. I have a feeling the DEVs are getting a bit annoyed by all of our "demanding" threads Im sure they wont make economy in the game - which is fine by me. I think they already have their gameplan and will only change 'small' things, that we request.
  12. Wellcome to you! Just curious.. I always wanted to try and make a map, just for fun. What do you guys use to make maps? I know it's pretty difficult if you dont have any experience
  13. @vozER You really don't like the idea it's more like cod4 rather than cod2? Sprint were pretty nice in cod4, but id rather have it as cod2 aswell - but I dont really mind. Melee - i agree. CoD2 were fun to pb. But then again - knife or bash, dont really care. Flashbang makes it more competetive if you ask me. Separate bomb carrier makes the game much more tactical. Also.. you'll be able to drop the bomb, which open up for some quite cool tactics. All in all, im very satisfied and I think you'll come to like the changes whenever you get used to it
  14. Did you play CoD2? For me the game were the best game i've ever played - It was perfect. I did not get the feeling that it was OP having a sniper, while picked up a weapon. I never heard anyone complain about it. It was just part of the game and yet the game had a really high skill gap. And why wouldn't you be able to make tactics, make smart plays - while the enemy or you might have an advantages? I do tend to agree with you, but I think when you try the game, you wouldn't mind the weapon pickup system
  15. I kinda hope it will be like cod2 and cod4 to be honest (depends on the weapons) - that said.. I dont really mind if it's 'you pick up a primary, you leave your primary' like csgo.