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  1. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    Well guys I´m out. Been here since the start but it´s time for me to move on. I have seen too much toxic stuff and now I seem to be the target of it. All I did was pose a serious and legitimate question supported by facts to end up becoming the new target. Instead of countering it with facts, people resorted to calling into question my beliefs and reasoning behind it. So much so that they resorted to "worrying" about me. You know nothing of me. Not my family history. Not my nationality. Not my race. Not my political stance. Absolutely nothing. Down-vote me all you like. Opinions do not change the facts of history. Ignore it all you want. I will just chalk this up and learn something from it. Never again will I support a game in development. Open discussions on development mean nothing when it turns into belittling someone.
  2. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    That gets to my point of the hypocrisy. Why is the Nazi flag in if it was the banner of the Nazi party which without the Nazi party the SS wouldn´t have been formed. The Nazi flag is banned in Germany as well.
  3. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    Buts that´s the thing....they are being selective with what they are omitting. I have proven that the Waffen SS wasn´t the same as the rest of the SS: They included Nazi symbolism in the game. Have a look at the reveal trailer and you will see the Nazi flag draped on the sides of the buildings: It´s hypocritical to say that the Waffen SS shouldn´t be in the game because of the actions of the SS but to include the Nazi banner.
  4. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    There´s no desperation on my part about playing as the SS. It´s more about a game that´s supposed to be set in history where iconic battles are being portrayed but certain parts are being left out in the name of "political correctness". Nobody is asking you to glorify the actions of the SS or any other faction in the war. Isn´t killing any other human "distasteful"? Someone please tell Steven Spielberg that somebody slipped the Waffen SS into his movies and into his creation (Medal of Honor series). Nazi flags omitted from the game confirmed...kappa “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell
  5. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    There´s this stigma associated with the term "SS" that people have when they don´t truly know history. The SS was made up of different components.
  6. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    This is a dedicated thread in response to the devs decision to exclude the Waffen SS from the game... The devs stance: My response: The devs response: My response: And my next response to the fact that all sides in the war committed war crimes: Now someone give me a legitimate reason why they are being omitted and please tell me that the Allies didn´t do anything "distasteful" as well....
  7. If you watch Band of Brothers and read more into the history the 101st AB then you will see that Lt. Spiers executed German prisoners of war which was against the Geneva convention. So do we now exclude the Airborne divisions from the game? Or how about we also exclude any of these troops for their war crimes? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II http://listverse.com/2012/12/14/top-10-allied-war-crimes-of-world-war-ii/ A little bit of history knowledge and a lot less blanket stereotyping goes a long way.
  8. I have been sitting on this one for a while. The Waffen SS were the fighting troops of the SS. They were not the black uniformed SS they everyone thinks when they here the term "SS". They were the main fighting forces in almost every battle that you guys plan to use in this game. There were bad things done by every faction in the war. It´s history. No matter how ugly it may be we can´t act like it never happened. COD had them. MOH had them. Who cried out then? They have been portrayed in almost every WWII movie about the European Theatre. Who cried out then? How different would Band of Brothers been if all the battles with the Waffen SS had been omitted from the series? I can tell you this...that would have been a very short series. There´s a new movie called "Dunkirk" coming out...The devs have tweeted out about it....guess who was the force that was fighting the British...the Waffen SS. Is anyone boycotting it? So do we now exclude them from the game because it´s the "politically correct" thing to do? In the same sense then shouldn´t all Nazi flags be omitted from the game seeing as that was the symbol of the Nazi party which was led by Hitler, the man that ordered the extermination of millions of people? You can´t delete history by omitting them and you don´t glorify anyone by including them. Waffen SS (The ones that fought) https://historyimages.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/waffen-ss-in-action-rare-pictures.html SS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniforms_and_insignia_of_the_Schutzstaffel#/media/File:Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-2008-0276,_Hans_Heinrich_Lammers.jpg
  9. So does this mean that the Waffen SS will not be included?