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  1. =R9=

    Welcome HellRazor......great to see you here. Your post could have almost been about -|DeD|-, minus the late twenties age range....we don't have anyone that young anymore! Where are you based? Maybe we could sort a few friendly games on full release, we just play for fun and don't take things too seriously, although it's nice to win every now and then
  2. Fidelity

    Well that sounds fair. Personally I'm an old timer and got into WWII FPS shooters initially for my historical interests. So my personal feel is I'd prefer to have skins that are more appropriate to the feel of WWII. When you say switch it off....would that have to be a server side setting or could the gaming state handle that as a client option? But saying that and with my gaming server admin hat on.....I'd potentially be limiting the traffic to my Clans server if turned off server side...so as much as it's not my personal taste, I understand it may be others and I'd have to live with it. Game looks to be taking shape and think we can all see we finally have something to get excited about. Keep up the good work!
  3. Battalion Announcement Vlog!

    Getting so excited now.....some of the sneak peaks in the VLOG and the screenshots above are wetting my appetite further. Great work lads!!!!!!
  4. COD2 Tactical Community Calling

    Hi Whitefeather.....welcome to the forums Also just like Skylab we're still having CoD2 games
  5. Hello everyone

    Welcome Skogr Really good to see more CoD1 & 2 players on here
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome Jason.....looking forward to this game now! From a veteran MoH, CoD, CoD UO, CoD2 and CoD4 player
  7. Just to say hi on behalf of the -|DeD|- Clan (www.ded-clan.co.uk). We're a UK Server based European Clan with members from all across Europe. Formed in the days of MoH and when CoD1 had just kicked in. We're a friendly, mature bunch of players.....with not many under the age of 40! We play for fun and love hard fought games with skillful players. We don't tolerate rude, cheating or insulting players, especially if they pick on new players for not playing a game their way! After all we all have to learn to play a game at some point. Our servers have always fostered a friendly atmosphere....all are welcome, regardless of skill level....but act the fool and you're gone! Over the last year or so we've kind of gone off on our separate gaming journeys but meet once a week for our regular Wednesday night CTF game on our CoD2 Server(running the original FK Mod). Yes we still play CoD2!!! Apart from CoD4, for us nothing came close for us to providing a level playing field 'out of the box'. We tried various games along the way but none gave us that great feeling of CoD2 or 4. Was feeling those glory days of Clan / PC gaming were behind us....all new games seemed to offer the eye candy but with DLC it seemed unless you paid you died a lot. (haha) These games seemed to offer only a short life span....nothing to gel us back together...then a follow up game would come out offering more of the same. Then Battalion 1944 popped up.....a few of us saw it and thought "hello..." If this game delivers on it's promises, eg allows fully controlled dedi servers, mod tools etc then for us at least this could become the next cult game. With a game we can run to our own tastes, new mods along the way to keep it fresh and providing the even playing field as all weapons available to all. We will be hosting a server as soon as it becomes available and hoping the good old gaming days will soon be back! Will we eventually hold Battalion 1944 in the same regard as CoD2 / 4 in the years to come....we hope so....but the signs look good! We are recruiting....we're a Clan that solely plays for fun, non competitive.....so if you simply enjoy skill placed games, having a laugh on Discord / TS and don't take things too seriously then feel free to check us out. Cheers all, KiN P.S: If anyone still has CoD2 installed and fancies being nostalgic you are more than welcome to join us for our Wednesday night games. Check our forums for the server IP / port address.