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  1. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    it depends on how realistic u want it to be. i personally would love it to be like real life with regards to ammo and maps ie look in the mag / pat ur self down and kneel down get a map out and look at it no leader board unitll the game ends no pop up of who dies so u have to use communication to find out where who and what and injury the game squad has a really good solution to health. no bars no hearts just what u think is ur health with only medics able to see what life you have left
  2. Division Insignia

    I personally like both these insignia's one is the Afrika corps the other is a gorget of a sergeant in the German Feldgendarmerie (military police)
  3. Curse

    Will you be looking to team up with curse to make a Battalion 1944 partnership? This would allow in game overlays and a place for teams to talk or allow for in game chat.
  4. Game Launcher

    Hello, I know we are all waiting for the Alpha to be released so we can get started. However the game launcher, is it or will it be able to be downloaded before the alpha so as to have it there ready for alpha release and also to start bug findings and troubleshooting the launcher ahead of time. This would also give the opportunity to pass us news through the client and allow us to set up profiles in game use our access codes from the kickstarter so its all preloaded. This will stop a huge demand on the server on the first day of alpha. Also clan insignia's how can we get that incorporated into the game we have a insignia ready. Whats your thoughts, Thanks, Fester Tenacity Gaming
  5. Tenacity Gaming Clan

    Tenacity are a well evolving community of like minded players. Our Requirements are: 16+ Years of Age Mic for Curse chat Non Toxic Personality Sense of humour Our goal is to establish a decent sized group of players who communicate on the forums, on Curse and in game, play together on a regular basis and escape the toxicity of the masses. We currently have several teams active in games we play. Tenacity is an open community and providing you are a decent human being all are welcome. Tenacity Gaming – named for this groups never say die attitude, never surrender, but fight to the last.
  6. Battlion 1944 Clan List

    Tenacity Community Clan/Competitive www.TenacityGaming.com we have curse, twitter, you tube and live streamers on Twitch