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  1. OK I thought maybe I did something wrong. I will mess around with it and see if I can sort it out. I will let you know if I find a fix. Thanks
  2. I got things up and running with your help, thank you again. I have one other question. When I join the server and its empty and I get ready the round immediately ends. What setting do I have to change to stop this behavior? Thanks
  3. Got it thanks. I will get this uploaded tonight and give it a shot. Thanks so much.
  4. That would be great! I have the server settings setup already so I am just looking for the .json file. Thanks again.
  5. I really Like these settings. I am coming from the tactical COD2 community myself. Any chance of a file download so I can run the same settings on our server? Thanks
  6. Nice work. This is a good way to check if our servers are running when not near a PC with the game installed.