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  1. I just want a solid game with smooth game play and a UI system that is not overdone. Capture the Flag, TDM and detonation would be enough to keep me happy, also the possibility of adding a Resistance Faction for detonation like the French Resistance would be a welcome change to the military genre. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thanks for the Kudos everyone, Canadian I am Dog ......Maybe we need Canadian Soldiers in Battalion 1944 to save the day eh!
  3. Thanks for the kudos everyone, just thought I would get the Modding Community Forums started
  4. What is important to me is the Tactical Team based game play, primary ranking should always be objective based and how your team works together, K/D should be secondary.
  5. MOOSEHEAD all the way!
  6. I use a Razor Orbweaver instead of the keyboard, you can adjust it to fit your hand and I find it more user friendly once you get use to it
  7. One of the best tools in the industry, Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture, render and share your work. Substance Painter also allows you to create your own Smart texture and more, you can also share your created textures with the Substance Community Here are a few renders of my texture work using Substance:
  8. The game is OK if you like objective based delayed spawning.
  9. Mine was the 28th Dog
  10. Same here
  11. Well done Hex1c
  12. Just did and it got my attention for about 10 mins, not for me I guess, I will continue playing DOD:S until another WW2 game is develop and released. Thanks for the link Wolf Enstein.
  13. No problem Dogster Gaming is about Community and joining your friends on TS for a little Ass Kicking, those who believe their game is the only one out there are ignorant and should not comment on other peoples choices, I have played many games to see what it is that draws me in and found that FPS is what I enjoy the most, I like the simplicity of WW2 games and I will always promote a level playing field for all to enjoy. PS: sent you a friends invite on steam M8.
  14. It's the "Day of Defeat Source" version of the game that's really caught the imagination of the Wolf ET Community, Shotgun. Is there a servlist we can access to find the best servers for Brits and Europeans to frag on, bro? Here you go M8 ... order=DESC