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  1. Colours all the way
  2. 2. We are not a 'WW2 CSGO clone'. This keeps cropping up around the forums but it's simply not true. Our game plays totally different to CS, however CS is one of the longest lasting classic FPS with elements that should be at least considered for discussion. We've looked at old school FPS game to create or own game (albeit with a bias towards CoD2/CoD4 Promod as a base point for certain design decisions). The most important thing to remember is that Battalion is it's own game, with that classic FPS feel we all know and love.
  3. My point is that they aren't doing what you say they're doing?
  4. They literally said this very week that that's exactly what they aren't doing
  5. Wouldn't that give you negative votes tho? means you got 2 down 3 up
  6. PS4 will be later than PC so late 2017 at the earliest
  7. You probably read that from community members and not devs though so it's worth taking in with a pinch of salt really
  8. Nothing wrong with doing something new. It's called a unique selling point.
  9. You almost go it right as well Sergeant
  10. Don't get the i7. You will not get any performance benefits over the i5 with very few exceptions one of them being BF1 which is able to use the threads and even then the performance increase is negligible. You are better off saving some money and going for the i5 7600k which in fact overclocks better than the i7 and putting the saved money into a good GPU or SSD. Unless you're planning on doing lots of rendering stick to i5 https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/intel-core-i5-7600k-review-benchmarks
  11. The misinformation in the original post is real. Most notably when developers say "skins" I seriously doubt they mean anything other than gun/knife. A player model would most likely have to be created by the modder, similarly to ET/COD and anything else in existence.. Also the recoil won't have recoil patterns as far as I'm aware so don't really understand that point at all. @scaR summed it up nicely +1 to him.
  12. MR10 is max round 10, as in max 10 rounds per side
  13. Didn't you already create a massive economy thread before? The whole idea of making this a skill based game is that the guy who shoots first wins, better aim, better reflex, better reaction time - it's pretty basic
  14. Not the best idea for Battalion, this sounds more like an RPG where you spend ages hunting crates and shit.. No thanks