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  1. Medic

    In the meantime I think squad might be enjoyable for you I think they have medic classes there
  2. Medic

    Game has auto regen making the medic obsolete
  3. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    Never hurts to offer, doesn't mean they need to accept
  4. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    What if those random people are perfectly qualified/capable of helping and are willing to do it for free?
  5. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    I'd be happy to do Polish (both Polish and English at a native speaker level)
  6. When is the next beta?

    Half 8
  7. Beta Release

    CSGO makes the bulk of their money off the back of microtransactions (sales of the game aside) so that's kinda invalid
  8. Beta Release

    The player base will be far larger with a 15 dollar price tag and microtransactions than 60 dollars and no microtransactions
  9. Better hurry up!

    Mechanics & feel > graphics
  10. Don't quote me on this but I think by early access people will be able to rent their own servers
  11. pass

    Not legit, do not install. Game isn't available
  12. Vehicles

    It is kind of self explanatory that if they take inspiration from COD2/4 and ET, all 5v5 games in competitive settings, that the game will in fact be 5v5, like others said though you'll have the option to expand on custom servers
  13. An interview with phantasy!

    He's been playing since vCod so dunno if that's really accurate
  14. Beta

    For someone working full time (5 days a week) that's definitely way too low, at least according to gov website, unless you include 8 bank holidays listed in which case 20 could be normal