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  1. Don't quote me on this but I think by early access people will be able to rent their own servers
  2. pass

    Not legit, do not install. Game isn't available
  3. Vehicles

    It is kind of self explanatory that if they take inspiration from COD2/4 and ET, all 5v5 games in competitive settings, that the game will in fact be 5v5, like others said though you'll have the option to expand on custom servers
  4. An interview with phantasy!

    He's been playing since vCod so dunno if that's really accurate
  5. Beta

    For someone working full time (5 days a week) that's definitely way too low, at least according to gov website, unless you include 8 bank holidays listed in which case 20 could be normal
  6. Beta

    Whilst I agree 25 days is standard for work holidays
  7. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    COD4 had a Carentan re-make in it, wasn't really played but it was in so could work
  8. Revolutionize Competitive Play

    "Mediocre events" such as ESL One and IEM right? Also to use the faceit anticheat you need to pay for premium so if you're doing that why not get in touch with ESEA who have a far superior anticheat and also host their own servers?
  9. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    They don't magically create a separate config file which just enables realism. They first have to develop the mode and integrate it into the game much like masser said. Not as easy as you seem to think it is.
  10. Revolutionize Competitive Play

    ESL > faceit
  11. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    I can't stress enough how much time and effort goes into doing a software release, especially in a small team. Chances are they will simply not have the resources to create a separate mod for the small part of the community that wants realism considering the fact that it's nowhere near their selling point and there's other games out there which cater to this specific crowd
  12. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Please give an example of a single realistic competitive game, just the one example will do
  13. Server locations

    None of that in Battalion
  14. If you backed through the website then it probably redirected you to humblebundle. There are no rewards for buying it there

    It is. The game also needs to be sustainable in order to succeed competitively so...