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  1. pukiz

    Dedicated server's

    Maybe not but if they don't have the files then do they have any choice?
  2. pukiz

    Dedicated server's

    Just because they have Linux servers doesn't mean they have Linux files
  3. pukiz

    Dedicated servers support

    Even if it's only Windows you can run it on linux using wine
  4. pukiz

    Dedicated server's

    As far as I know server files will be for Windows at the start, if you wanna run these files on Linux you can use wine (I've done this before) https://www.winehq.org
  5. pukiz


    Do you mean ladder?
  6. pukiz


    There are already stairs in the game
  7. pukiz

    Hey devs!? Console commands?

    All console commands will be the equivalent of what you can find in the menu (r_drawdecals 0 is similar to turning off foliage in the menu)
  8. pukiz

    Game download when the beta is finished

    Been said by the devs multiple times plus there's the fact that Battalion is already on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/
  9. A cod player thinks jump shooting is game breaking, seems legit
  10. I found that as well at times
  11. pukiz

    Grenade Cooking

    No, grenade cooking will not be in the game
  12. pukiz

    Are skins the way to go?

    All paid DLCs do is split the community, nobody forces you to purchase skins
  13. pukiz

    Humble Bundle

    Check all spam/promotional folders, if not contact one of the devs
  14. pukiz

    Aim Down The Sight

    You can already set this
  15. pukiz

    Humble Bundle

    A new key will be sent which you will redeem just like the alpha/beta key