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  1. Hi

    Steve, I recognized your work as Foy before reading that it in fact was. Take this as "you're doing great work!"
  2. I spy jump shots. KingHoward thank you for coming through on your tease
  3. Welcome and see you around, Wilks.
  4. Without searching for a source, I believe that what you may anticipate here would be a derivation from Call of Duty 2 inspiration. Some have said CoD4 Promod. Most importantly each game is its own. This will certainly have its own feel which we all very much look forward to!
  5. Hello, we're still battling it out on CoD2 TR with WRM.
  6. Welcome Nigel. I attend an annual reenactment here in Massachusetts, USA. Complete with German Hetzer, American Hellcat and Sherman. Nice work you all do. See you around!
  7. I just watched vlog 6 over again, and the one phrase that made me smile was "gameplay first, visuals second". When it comes down to it, the gameplay will be what will make this game the success we are certain it will be. My favorite all time game, CoD2, has managed to keep me interested to this day due to the gameplay and mechanics. Visually, it isn't the most impressive. But that doesn't matter because the gameplay is so fantastic. Just because so much can be done now to make things visually appealing...doesn't make it necessary. In fact, the visual aspect is the first thing that will get old and boring after a short time. The gameplay will keep us coming back. You're a great leader with this mindset. ...excited!!! edit: furthermore...glad you are taking your time. No need to release the visual things people are begging to see...wait it out! They are getting it right!
  8. Thanks for posting these. It's late for me to watch but I'm going to want to watch them all this week. Very cool.
  9. ^^Willkommen !
  10. Keep up the good work.
  11. Lovin' the StG hype! I attended a reenactment two days ago, and one of the German actors was firing blanks from a 44. I was a few feet away and the sound/visual was VERY satisfying! Great vid, thanks for the share.
  12. I'm in favor of all of the above, but the most competitive and strategically oriented game type I've ever played is simply capture the flag!
  13. Very aesthetic. And definitely a favorite. Can't wait to see your remake of it.
  14. Hi Repus, this might fit your bill
  15. We have fun bashing KingHoward