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  1. Hi, So I checked the RCon documentation out and noticed that there are a few rcon commands which are not documented, eg `ChatSync`. But thats not what I wanted to talk about. Currently it is impossible to log chat, other than polling `ChatSync` which is suboptimal. Either write a logfile with chat like you do for game events or enable an event based rcon connection. Since the current one uses http, how about Upgrade to ws? or just plain old TCP socket would be fine too. `PlayerSync` only gives steam ids, which require me query the steam api to get the playername. The current situation is a bit confusing. On the one hand, you can get live data from the `LiveLog.json` (Only second precision on timestamp is also not enough) on the other you have this weird request response http api which requires inefficient polling. An example Websocket based API can be found here: https://hackmd.io/s/rJz4eTadG This is an api for gsmanager.de which works for cod4 and bf3,hl,4 List of possible events: https://www.gsmanager.de/lexicon/entry/34-list-of-events/ (not all documented) I hope this gets improved in upcoming versions.
  2. belst

    Admin tool : B3

    shameless plug: https://gsmanager.de will provide battalion support once it is possible to do so.
  3. I have a short question: The game almost takes 1.2gb RAM in the MENU. and about 1.5 to 1.6gb of ram ingame. How can the menu take so much freaking ram??? I could understand it, if you preload a lot of stuff for the game, such as textures, sounds, level geometry and so on. but then the loading times of the map wouldnt be so long. Imo there is something either pretty wrong, or something is happening that is not apparent. Another thing: When the round is over, it looks like the client is waiting for the server to finish loading the map. If so, just tell the client which map to load and then start loading it parallel to the server. If the server is not finished when the client is, the client can simply wait a bit longer in loading screen. but if the server is faster the client doesn't have to wait extra at all. Loading times for this game are ridiculous. It is not like the maps are super huge, or there are like thousands of sounds to load and so on. Most of the time is probably spent unpacking the pak file... Please either split it in more, smaller paks which can get loaded individually, or improve the pak format to allow for partial loading.
  4. belst

    3rd party server management

    We already asked at gamescom and we are currently looking into what is possible: https://gsmanager.de I will make an announcement once we have something unfortunately it is not much yet (basically nothing. lack of logs and so on is a big problem).
  5. belst

    Anti Aliasing

    Hi, is there an option to get better anti aliasing? atm everything is flimmering, even on ultra settings or with AA settings in nvidia config.
  6. Not sure what u tested there. but a server with 10 players on takes up to 50% cpu (htop) and over 500Mb of RAM (also htop) Ram, ok, needs to hold the map and player connections and all that, it is still a bit much imo, but CPU is ridiculous. I could understand that much cpu usage when I'm running bots, but not actual players. CPU is a Xeon E3-1225v2 @ 3.2 Ghz
  7. Server logs with crashes: https://ptpb.pw/crjE.log Archive with logs and crashdumps: https://ptpb.pw/rO_9.zip
  8. A Game log would be nice. Example from ET: 16:52:03 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^0-^7TWC^0|L^1o^889^3L^9M^za^7n^0|\t\2\c\2\r\2\m\0000000\s\2000100\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\0\uci\74\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 16:52:05 say: ^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2*: pour refaire les map appuyer juste sur ready sans voter 16:52:08 ClientUserinfoChanged: 9 n\^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2*\t\1\c\2\r\5\m\0000000\s\4000400\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\38\mu\0\ref\0\uci\74\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 16:52:08 Health_Pack: 5 9 16:52:31 Kill: 9 4 9: ^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2* killed ^0-^7TWC^0|L^1o^889^3L^9M^za^7n^0| by MOD_MP40 16:52:38 Kill: 9 9 37: ^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2* killed ^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2* by MOD_SUICIDE 16:52:40 ClientUserinfoChanged: 9 n\^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2*\t\1\c\1\r\5\m\0000000\s\4000400\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\3\lw\3\sw\38\mu\0\ref\0\uci\74\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 16:52:43 ClientUserinfoChanged: 4 n\^0-^7TWC^0|L^1o^889^3L^9M^za^7n^0|\t\2\c\1\r\2\m\0000000\s\2000100\df\0\dn\\dr\0\w\8\lw\8\sw\7\mu\0\ref\0\uci\74\lc\1\tv\0\sc\0 16:53:10 Kill: 9 4 9: ^2#^4F^7R^1A.^2Green^0Flow^2* killed ^0-^7TWC^0|L^1o^889^3L^9M^za^7n^0| by MOD_MP40 16:53:27 WeaponStats: 2 0 0 21 43 18 54 16:53:27 ClientDisconnect: 2 16:53:27 ClientConnect: 2 It logs what happens on the server. not just what the server does. this way we can see much better what was happening before the server crashed.
  9. Max RAM usage I saw was a bit over 500M, cpu on the other hand, the servers are really cpu heavy
  10. It's funny how u all discuss this change without having even tested it.
  11. belst

    Not Racist just asking

    Yeah, But Wolfenstein is made a by a big studio which has the capacity to create a second set of assets for a german version.
  12. belst

    COD4 to BATT44 sensitivity conversion

  13. belst

    Will it be on Linux?

    Brammertron said in a stream that he is not totally sold on Linux just yet. So keep asking for Linux versions
  14. belst

    Copyright issues?

    No, Remaking a Map is 100% a copyright infringement, even if you start 100% from scratch. I am not saying that those get pursued very often. Just because you can repaint a picture, rewrite a book does not make it yours. If you change a few things those changes might be copyrightable to you, if they are significant enough. Check Derivative work If I were Bulkhead I wouldn't use any "remakes" made by the community in any official fashion. I'd just not risk it.
  15. If you do not need intel features such as vt-d or integrated graphics I would go with a ryzen atm Yeah I know, single threaded performance is not that good on ryzen compared to intel BUT since clock speeds are not going up much anyway in the near future and cpu vendors will focus on more multithreading performance, so will software developers. So many game engines will get optimized for more and more cores so ryzen is a top bet in that direction. edit: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/NH7Cpb this is a above your budget though. Mainly because of the gpu. (this thing is more than 100 Pounds over the recommended price from AMD... thanks mining) Oh, and RAM is expensive aswell