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  1. Soldier Service Number

    This is a really cool idea.
  2. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    Just a reminder, the ANZ (Australia/New Zealand) Battalion 1944 Discord community is here: https://discord.gg/hg2XBsJ We will have more giveaways throughout the year to support the growing community.
  3. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    Giving this thread a cheeky bump, we are still giving away a full game package We are giving away a full game of Battalion 1944 with Closed Alpha, Beta & Early Access! To enter all you need to do is add yourself to the ANZ Battalion 1944 Community discord channel: https://discord.gg/hg2XBsJ Conditions do apply, see above.
  4. That cod2 rifles mod on COD4 was amazing, don't shit on a game when you havent played it yet. You're basing it off some footage that has already been proved as a bit faster paced & easy compared to the actual game (due to POV's experience in the game compared to other devs). Honestly, play the Alpha & Beta first before you start crying - please. I can tell you 100% that this game is what A LOT of people want AND need. CS:GO lacks quality fun movement & Overwatch just doesn't cater to individual skill as opposed to COD4 Promod. This is what the majority of players want, everyone from the COD competitive community in AUS / NZ will back it and Europe was HUGE at peak for COD4 Promod. The devs have the formula sorted now they just need great execution which I believe will happen. I hope this game becomes HUGE & POPULAR as it is what FPS should be - fun, quality enjoyable movement, skill-based aim and quality competitive play. If what I've mentioned above is not for you, maybe this game just might not be for you.
  5. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    Thats how we all do it down under
  6. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    We are giving away a full game of Battalion 1944 with Closed Alpha, Beta & Early Access! To enter all you need to do is add yourself to the ANZ Battalion 1944 Community discord channel: https://discord.gg/hg2XBsJ(No sharing, liking or email snatching, we just want you to be a part of our channel)Battalion 1944 is valued at $100NZD (pre-order cost)We are trying to build a centralized VOIP/IM community for Battalion so scrims, events, pugs etc are all easy to organize - creating a strong foundation for competitive activity.Conditions / Extra information:Current players in our Discord are automatically entered.Duplicate accounts will be discarded from the draw - those that already have a copy can also opt out / ask for redraw so we can genuinely add someone new to the Battalion 1944 community.Must reside in Australia / New Zealand (we mainly want ANZ players in our discord channel)Gift code will be sent/drawn between April 29th - May 2nd 2017 (Closed Alpha access is apparently May 2017)Gift code will be announced & sent through Discord private messaging featureValue is based on cost of pre-order with Closed Alpha, Beta & Early Access included
  7. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    Awesome stuff jcuz, looks like the discord has grown a little
  8. Call Of Duty (2017)

    They will botch it just like they did with MW remastered. Inb4 supply drop system with cod points, calling card, killstreak and dogtags plastered all across the HUD and the usual trash they add in there for good measure. FPS capped @ 85 anyone? nty.
  9. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    Team players up top, minimap top left with compass surround, ammo and gun down bottom right. Bomb site etc labels available but can be disabled from console commands would be great.
  10. Hi there, A great feature that many tried to create over the years for COD4 was movie-making mods & tools. Unfortunately we never got a complete version of CODTV. I have seen that there will be a spectator mode. > Demo playback /record, /stoprecord, /demo etc. etc. > Free roaming on demos > Filmtweaks through the game Those three are the main things required, the rest can be made through the community mods. These features help with both spectating official matches and can create media for promotion of the game. Three key components to make the game great for both competitive livestreams + the game market itself through the community.
  11. I'm all for it. Pros: Can potentially make the game cheaper and can be put on sale for a larger player base. Can disposable income for making the game better, more content and increase longevity of the game. Provide options / crates for tournament prize pools etc. similar to what Valve does for competitions. Can fund more support for anti-cheat as well referring to the main downside of making the game cheaper / more affordable for players. Cons: Cheaper game, easier to cheat and re-purchase the game. Can deter anti-microtransaction-gamers (if they don't know how to read / research lol)
  12. Competitive Players

    I'd say Cybergamer Australia & Europe will pick it up. With continued updates with maps etc. from loot crate income, this game could last a long time and then potentially a sequel or a modern option may be on the table years down the track. Mod tools will take care of the tweaking for competitive and will also allow for more community maps which offers usually a few competitively viable maps too.
  13. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    Top 100 Top 500 Top 1000 Legendary Field Champion War Hero Well-known Decorated Soldier Veteran Adept Soldier Marksman Gunner Scout Rookie Private I feel a top tier for the best of the best is necessary, especially if it is aiming at a highly competitive audience and the casual gamer. So you have ranks that suit those who play a lot & those that are the best. Also would be great to have options for best stat e.g Top 1% in KD or something like that as a bonus somewhere whether it be on a dogtag or a medal you can wear on your soldier.