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  1. Game needs something "fun" added to it. Not everyone that plays FPS wants to play serious mode. The great thing about COD4 was, it had a great pub scene (being a huge publish was a mega bonus ofc). At the moment, Battalion's unranked is a waste of time, arcade you can't pick what mode you want, server browser is a waste of time it doesn't even show ping and well its already that dead gg. If you want more players - remove the lack of balance overall, strip back the card system while its still broken. Allow people to play a game without restrictions whilst you rebuild. I said that if it isn't perfect, don't bother with the card system. Instead you carried on to "collect more data" waiting for the "meta" well jokes on you, you haven't done anything with the card system (1 extra card per class??) and look where we are now - if you don't win any of the first 3 rounds you're screwed. If you don't invest cards into the first few rounds you risk lack of confidence and comfort - and you're screwed as well. There is now no interest in this game in AUS and its a damn shame. We had all the old teams come back just to see a broken game that was unplayable when it counted the most. You're limiting players from just having a bit of fun, which you need them to do in order to get players to play the game lol. The rest are too late for changing, so I won't bother listing. Maybe your update will bring some back but its doubtful unless you get something amazing going.
  2. @[DEV] KingHoward Thank you for responding properly and professionally. You've made some very valid points. There were many times where the peekers & jump advantage were OP. Towards the end of the beta sessions, not so much once we adjusted. I will have a more accurate opinion once tested of course. The main issue I have is that we're taking away the reward for being accurate. If you can manage to aim sharp enough to hit someone while in mid-air & sometimes a moving target too, shouldn't you be rewarded? Because it isn't as easy as it seems, especially with one bullet to do the job. I feel the way this problem was approached was rushed. We haven't had polished animations/fluidity yet so some of the movement can cause problems and obviously not enough time to adjust to the game to know whether it is a huge problem or not. Its currently hard to peek a small amount often having to try re-adjust to get a small area of view (so we don't stick out versus a jump strafe strategy) - I have video to show if needed. COD4 was much easier for this. People have only played a few hours and are quick to complain (like I'm doing atm xD), yes they had an advantage but mostly because we don't know the prediction area yet (where the most common spot to flick to) and our mouse sensitivity is still being adjusted to.
  3. ^ Completely agree. Lean is ALSO broken. We could tell from the get-go. Firstly, its twitchy and secondly sometimes you peek heaps and sometimes only an elbow is peeking yet its the same peek angle.... obviously we don't want some broken twitchy peek that doesn't expose players enough but that can be balanced once played with. Thirdly, lean is too fast - needs that slow transition like cod4 so you can get into lean position better - holding an angle better and essentially not be so open to a jump strafe shot. These are ALL impacting the jump strafe issue addressed by the community. But you've approached it all wrong. The whingers shouldn't be dictating your decision. We've been here since day-dot and a large majority of us have put an excess of 2000-3000 hours (most likely more lol) into COD4 Promod (the most balanced in terms of movement - what a coincidence) yet most of our opinions get belittled by stupid remarks regarding post count or hours played. We know our shit. Instead of looking at all the alternative values, you've just gone and implemented a RNG mechanic that essentially robs the more accurate player of a kill in favour of the player that is not as accurate getting rewarded for "luck reg" or LOL RNG! 4 hours of playing won't get these BETA players sharp, especially versus cod vets and people from Alpha. So why implement such a waste-of-time mechanic over polishing the core values, speed & animations of the game? We've got bugs like dying when you're around the corner or behind a statue. Animations that need smoothing. A card system which is more important that has been sourly ignored - especially when you're trying to replace it over classic S&D which can be easily balanced overall. You've shot yourselves in the foot in the way you've approached this and completely hypocritically done a 180 on the whole "waiting for the meta" comment you've been throwing around. You just changed the meta. You didn't just smooth out some gameplay, you changed it completely with a new mechanic. As CryptiK said, its now who gets to the pick spot first. You know they aint going to jump strafe with a kar or sniper any more because you're going to have to wait to land before you shoot because of this new mechanic. Thanks for removing the reward for actually being an accurate skilled player. /sarcasm Also, you may not have noticed but this feedback hasn't been provided earlier (especially from the aus community) because you continue to unprofessionally respond to feedback from our community with stupid remarks. Thanks for hindering our ability/interest to provide quality honest feedback, truly genius.
  4. Well pubg eventually got vaulting on UE4 so.... surely its possible. At the moment, the lack of mantle is causing problems.
  5. ^ I think more people would be turned off by the broken card system and the unpolished animations which in turn actually effect the problem they're trying to solve.... thats my view anyway. The jumping animation & height is broken because they are compensating for no mantle - I'm not sure why it isn't in there because we all know and love mantle from cod4 to get into buildings instead of crouch jumping - thats just sickening and cringe, maybe its buggy I don't know. But inn turn, all of it is making jump strafe broken. All I'm trying to point out is that there is another problem causing what they're trying to solve. If people get more than 2 days to play the game, they will get better and used to the jumping animation even though it is broken. Players can't adapt to the game if they aren't playing it, yes. That is why the players needed more time to get better & adjust to it. The jump height is too high, so those from cod2/4 background are aiming much lower than the usual level of jump strafe in turn getting wrecked. Once I got used to it towards the end of each beta day, it was easy to counter with a quick flick. These are good devs, yes, but at the moment I have 0 benefits of supporting their decisions - they obviously don't care enough to respond professionally to honest feedback. So I might as well play Devil's Advocate. @aziconcazi Yes, it did have inaccuracies - not major but there. But that we couldn't contest because the devs were airheads from Activision / Infinity Ward. They didn't give two shits about making the game better. We should be promoting and rewarding accuracy, especially in mid-air versus a small or moving target. It takes skill to be that accurate. Why should we be introducing RNG and inaccuracies? We shouldn't be rewarding inaccurate players with kills in mid-air because their aim was off or because they got "luck reg"
  6. DEMZZ

    Jumping ironsights

    But if you can accurately hit a pixel-peeking player, while in mid-air, shouldn't you be rewarded? Just wait till people learn the angles better & hopefully lean gets slowed down initially so we can soft peek a good angle instead of twitchy leaning
  7. ^ + most haven't played more than 4 hours of the game and are quick to complain. Now as for this situation, why doesn't Brammer ask all these players about their aim.... "You won't get that from 4 hours of playing. If you even played that?" because I know for a fact that people aren't predicting the jump animation yet - one because its currently broken - and two they haven't played the game enough! (ooft 20 hours to get sharp) And three - its sooo much different to cod2/4 so we don't expect it to be so high. How can you change a game so excessively without "waiting for the meta"? Because thats the same damn response I got just for criticizing the card system as being broken. We've had alpha weekends to test other drastic changes and closed beta weekends - now - to change something so important that WILL affect the META is just bullshit. Its bad timing with Early Access around the bend, polish the animations, jump height, add mantle and SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Now if you don't know the reason why I'm so disgusted in general, you won't because the Alpha feedback discussion thread is unavailable. If you want to respond unprofessionally, I can act just the same. I have 0 benefits for being genuinely supportive/nice as I was prior. Hell, at this rate the META is going to be 2-3 carbines per team with default so really jump strafe is going to be important for those guns. They are unaffected, so I guess it helps them but its going to mean, if you know they're playing default, they're more likely to jump strafe, go for the head because their animation is broken & hard to hit. If the cards overall are less likely to be played due to the META, then the cards are going to be less likely to be effective which means we might as well all play default if we want to be extreme about it - at least we can abuse the jumping animation & broken height yeah? What happens if the META dictates that there should be less one-shot or sniper cards? Then why bother, the META might be that the carbines are better off and we might as well all jam on those. Again, FIX the animations & jump height, add mantle, clone the cod4 jump animation / size (that was both easy to hit & viable for jump strafe). That should be the first move before playing the inaccuracy game.
  8. - Include mantle - Reduce jump height - Fix the jumping animation - make it a predictable action, because atm it looks strange - Potentially slow down jump strafe speed by 2-5% - Clone COD4 promod movement & move on from this problem Result: No inaccuracies created & jumping is balanced.
  9. DEMZZ

    Beta feedback - Guns, maps and more

    inb4 the belittling response.
  10. DEMZZ

    Soldier Service Number

    This is a really cool idea.