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    In game card system

    The card system is an economy system where you are given a limited number of each class (excluding default). You get 3 of the 5 main classes in the game, and your team shares a pool of 8 grenades and 8 smokes. If you pick a card and die, the card stays on the map for the remainder of the round for either team to pick up. Whichever team picks it up gets it added to their deck for the next round. If neither team picks it up then the card is lost until halftime when you switch sides. The default card gets a free grenade and smoke, the operator(shotgun) class gets a free smoke, and the heavy(automatic rifle) class gets a free grenade.
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    Battalion 1944 Discord Channel!

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    Ranked Pre Reqs

    This would introduce a different kind of troll. People would report to keep people in the pre-ranked playlist just because they think it's funny or just didn't like the person. Personally, I hate when games have prerequisites to ranked play, just because I feel like it's a time waster. The only way to get better is playing people who are just as good as you or better.