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  1. This would introduce a different kind of troll. People would report to keep people in the pre-ranked playlist just because they think it's funny or just didn't like the person. Personally, I hate when games have prerequisites to ranked play, just because I feel like it's a time waster. The only way to get better is playing people who are just as good as you or better.
  2. The pacing is something that I like a lot. Being a fan of faster paced games, it looks really good to me.
  3. They probably thought they would be further along in development than they are. It was said that after the kickstarter they started redoing everything. I don't think it will be fully released for pc in late 2017, let alone console. Also don't forget that WW2 is just the setting, other than that it doesn't affect anything. This game is built to be an old school competitive shooter regardless of the setting.
  4. I saw someone hit a jumping k98 shot. Maybe time to boot up CoD4...
  5. Honestly they are completely different games. Battalion is going for small scale competitive gameplay like CoD/CS. Enlisted, unless I read wrong is going for large scale games like Planetside 2. The only similarity is the setting, the gameplay appeals to different kinds of players.
  6. Not surprised everyone has more experience than me. I've played a few online free-for-all tournaments in Halo 5, and an online launch tournament for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. If you consider climbing ladders in Black Ops 2 league play competitive, then I've played that too.
  7. Just want to know how many of you plan on playing and supporting the game competitively. If you do, I would also like to hear what other games you have played competitively, if any. In my opinion, for any game to succeed as an eSport, it needs to have two things: dev support and fans. Fans meaning players, spectators, or people who just enjoy the game. I like that Bulkhead is basing their ranking system somewhat off of CS because it is a good way for more casual players to become interested in higher levels of competition.
  8. There should be VOIP in this game, no matter if it is on PC or not. Most people only use teamspeak if they are friends playing together, and there are some of us out there that likes solo queuing. Think CSGO, that game would be terrible without VOIP for competitive game modes.
  9. That's awesome! Just joined it.
  10. I think a Discord sever would be a nice way for the community and devs to be able to communicate with each other outside of the forums. It would also be a great way for people to game together if they wish, since you can set up different rooms and have both text and voice chat available. It's easy to setup and best of all, it's free, so none of the budget would be going into keeping a server going.
  11. Battlefield really stepped up with options for consoles. More games need to add customization options for consoles. Most shooters on console only have option for sensitivity, acceleration, and deadzones which is really limited compared to something like CS:GO or Battlefield.
  12. memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=5138 Guy posting about the wigs
  13. I'm interested in what everyone thinks is a skill based shooter. Out of the recent years the only games that I can think of are CS:GO, Red Orchestra 2, and Insurgency. All of these games are 2+ years old. Has there been a skill based shooter that I have missed in recent years?