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  1. Suh Dudes.

    Welcome to the forums, Jben .
  2. Hello World!

    Welcome to the website, Caden .
  3. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the website, Wildguns, Keith, Vygote and Hektorr .
  4. Battalion 1944 Community Discord

    Sounds like a good idea, Dog, I'm sure there will be players who prefer joining a smaller group for some frag time.
  5. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Lots of new troops again . Welcome to the website Jumq, Ronei, Brian, Mark, Anton and Michael .
  6. Hello battalion gamers!

    Welcome to the website, Gundown .
  7. cake cake cake cake cake

    Welcome to the forums, Cake .
  8. Sup?

    Hi Wizz, welcome to the website .
  9. Welcome to the forums, Maul .
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the website, Enkie, Nikiforus and Kookyy .
  11. Damn nostalgia

    Welcome to the website, Wheeee .
  12. Bakers

    Damn right, lads, I read the post title and expected to see this....
  13. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Sounds like a good compromise to me, Wheeee .
  14. Thanks for the info, Skitelo .
  15. Yep, that's the joys of playing a new game which has been genuinely created in the style of the old-school shooters. Custom mapping and modding is available to the community and this leads to the game being played for years to come . "......and ‘Wartide’ our new competitive game mode." Does anyone know what this new game mode consists of?
  16. Never thought i'd see the day

    Welcome to the website, Huffy .
  17. Hey

    Welcome to the forums, Hayden .
  18. Hi to everyone!

    Hey Fabio, welcome to the website .
  19. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Lots of new troops in the barracks . Welcome to the ranks, Divisor, Marc, PING-on, Bagpipe, Daan and Doug .
  20. You'll be able to add whatever you want, via "Steam" workshop mods and skins for "BATT44", Mazh. You could even add your Clan symbol/tag to the uniforms. That's superb, Ryan, I really enjoyed that "very French" version .
  21. What about "lean on" while walking?

    The point, though, with those older "Wolfenstein" games, is that you could lean, but not shoot while doing so, Vozer. I don't mind that at all. That's the first time I've seen that type of "lean" mechanic, Lyseeq, I've never played "CoD Promod". It's actually the best version that I've seen so far.
  22. How many Maps will be in the full Game on release

    Welcome to the website, Sugar Cane .
  23. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Hi, Frylich, welcome to the website . I can't stand this feature in any FPS game, except in the rare instances where a game has it, but without being able to shoot while leaning, as in "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" and "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". No matter how you try to implement this feature in-game, it will always encourage camping and also encourage those fraggin' for themselves, as they strive to rack-up their kill count. Enforcing slower movement while leaning will achieve nothing, as most players who exploit this mechanic rarely move frequently during a frag. They simply set up in one of their favourite camping spots and only move if there location is compromised, thereby endangering their precious "k/d ratio". I'm sorry to say, Razor, we will see it again. I'm just hoping that we can somehow disable this gameplay-wrecking mechanic on our own servers.
  24. Looking forward to early access

    Hi Anders, welcome to the forums .